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How the trouser fabric feedback?
1 answer
Hi Neeru, Please can you elaborate? I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to trouser fabric feedback? Very best, Jessica

Hi, just wondered if the sizes have changed recently.. Bought 2 size M shirts a few months ago that fit great, but a recent purchase of an M has me swimming in the shirt? Please advise. Thanks.
1 answer
Hello, thanks for reaching out. We haven't changed our sizing although our fabric has changed slightly so depending on when you placed your last order, this could be why you're noticing a difference. We have easy exchanges and returns so please send us an email at info@thefable.com.au and we can find a solution for you :) Jessica

Hi there! is the white spot or rose quartz colour transparent?
1 answer
Hello Lana, Dalmatian isn’t transparent however we recommend wearing a nude bra with Rose Wuartz as it has a degree of transparency. Very best, Jessica

Hello, I love your shirts! When is your spring launch please? I’m heading over to the UK and wonder if they will be ready by then? Thanks
1 answer
Hello Kate, Great to hear you're enjoying our shirts. Our Spring launch will be available mid August. At this time, our current collection will be replenished and our t-shirt and new shirt prints will be released. I hope that's helpful. Best wishes, Jessica

Hi. Do the shirts require ironing? Best. Shannon
1 answer
Hi Shannon, Most of our customers don't iron our shirts. After washing we recommend removing them from the machine or basin quickly then hanging them on a hanger both to dry and store. This will result in minimal creases and remove the need for ironing unless you are after a very polished look. Very best, Jessica

Because I wear some 14 and some 16 shirts i would like to order both sizes- but how hard are the returns please ? Thanks Ruth Thompson [email removed]
1 answer
Hello Ruth, Thanks for reaching out. We have an easy returns policy and any shirt which is unworn with tags still on can be sent back within two weeks for a full refund. We do ask customers return the shirt at their own cost. You are welcome to order two sizes if you are unsure. As a general rule, we recommend customers size up if they are unsure. Let me know if we can further assist. Jessica

The width size and length size of shirt that equals a size 10?
2 answers
Hello Vikki, Our Small shirt equates to a size 10. Please let me know if I can further assist. Kindest, JessicaI wanted to know the length of the shirt as well.

I'm 6 feet and find most shirts too short...I note that some of your reviews say that your shirts are not too long....and I can't see the length in your photos....???
2 answers
Hi Maz, thanks for getting in touch. Our shirt length is generally considered average by most of our customers. In order to ascertain whether the length is right for you we would recommend taking the length of a shirt you already own and comparing the measurements to our sizing chart. Please let us know if we can help further. Our measurements can be found here https://www.thefable.com.au/pages/faq Kindest, JessiaMmmm I have now measured shirts in my wardrobe and the ones that wear are 76 cms even they are a tad too short. Thank you for your reply Maz

Can you advise if your fabrics change colour (ie go darker) when wet? If so, can you advise which colours are the least noticeable?
1 answer
Hello Peta, When our shirts are washed, while wet, all darker shades ie Deep Sea, Blue Royale, Midnight Black, Poker Face will go a shade darker until they dry when they will return to their original colour. I hope this is helpful. Kindest, Jessica

Will you be making plus sizes in the future?
1 answer
Hello Deirdre, Thanks for getting in touch. We don't have plans to expand our sizing range at this stage however I will be sure to let you know if we do in the future. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful in this instance. Kindest, Jessica

I need some nice shirts for work. I work for a sports team that don’t have business shirts for year-round wear for women, so I need to have them embroidered with a logo. Do you think it would be possible to have your silk shirts embroidered? They seem like a beautiful light weight solution that would travel well, and no ironing required is a dream. Thanks for your help!
1 answer
Hello Lana, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we're not in a position to embroider our shirts for customers. Although this is something we may look at in the future. The fabric is light weight and does travel well and are often worn in the workplace so could be well suited to your purpose. You are of course welcome to arrange your own embroidery if you're interested. If you have any specific questions regarding the shirts please let us know.

How does your sizing work? I have never seen XL as 56 cms bust!!!What gives please? Your site sizing definitely says all measurements are in centimetres. XL = 56 bust - that is TINY! Please explain
1 answer
Hello Sharon, Thanks for getting in touch. Just to clarify, 56 cms is the bust measurement taken from the shirt laid flat, from one armpit seam to the other. Most customers find our sizing to be standard for Australian shirting. If you are typically an XL or a size 16, our XL will probably be right for you. The best way to determine your size, if you are unsure, is to take some basic measurements of a shirt you already own and compare them to that of our shirts. I hope that's helpful - please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. Very best, Jessica

Need to return a top which is too small but can't locate the ticket that I am supposed to compete and send to you. Please help. Patricia
3 answers
Thank you for getting in touch, this is no problem at all. Would you mind returning the shirt to the below and letting us know if you would like to exchange to another size or have a refund. You can email us at info@thefable.com.au if it's easier. Attn: The Fable, 120 Bourke Street, Suite 113, Woolloomooloo, NSW, 2011. Kindest, JessicaThank you for replying to my enquiry. I am returning both items description lace trimmed kimono and croc insert top as they are both too small. I would like a refund for both items Many Thanks Patricia Clarke.Did you receive the items that I returned and have you arranged a refund? Patricia Clarke

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