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I have used Worldcare several times over ten years. In 2019 I shall be visiting Houston for one month, March and Portugal for one month, September. May I take out comprehensive cover for two single travel periods?? Regards, Christina
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Hi Chris, if get in touch with our call centre on 1800 008 614 they will be able to help you out. Regards, nthony

Hi there, I have just purchased Travel Insurance from you today. At a cost of $2900.00 which is all good, But I read that if you have had Worldcare Travel Insurance before you can get a 10% Discount. It would have been really nice if someone in the Sales Team would ask if you have had Insurance with Worldcare before and offer the discount. Im not complaining just giving some constructive criticism. We have found your medical team and sales people very helpful in all other ways.
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Hi Dianne, thanks for the feedback. Can you let me know where you saw this? I'll look into it. Regards, Anthony.Hi Anthony Thanks for the response. I saw a comment on this website regarding the discount. Please fine attached C & P cherub79 4 reviews 3 likes VERIFIED CUSTOMER Pleasant experience reviewed 24 days ago I have actually used Worldcare about 8 times for single international trips and always buy comprehensive travel insurance. Out of the 8 times, i have only claimed once due to illness and was paid out reasonably quickly without hassle. Worldcare is underwritten by Allianz Insurance. I know my experience with Allianz for car insurance has been less than satisfactory but the experience with travel insurance has been good so far. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is because previously you could zero the excess for an additional $25. Now the excess is $200 and you cannot reduce it to zero. Finally, if you have purchased with Worldcare previously you can also call up the call centre and ask for 10% off the premiums. They will usually check if you have previously bought a policy with them and give you a 10% discount without any promo code required. Insurance claim made Yes 1 like Share More 1 comment Worldcare Travel Insurance Allianz Partners D. WORLDCARE TRAVEL INSURANCE 20 days ago Hi, thanks for the review, it's appreciated. Regards, AnthonyHi Dianne. I've found out that we do provide a promo discount, but you would receive this as an email a few months after your return travel date - it's not an ongoing thing as such. Regards, Anthony.

do you do medical insurance only?
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I previously with Worldcare insurance was because could have zero the excess for an additional $25. Now the excess is $200 and you cannot reduce it to zero. Finally, I have to decide to move to Fast Cover Insurance for my past few trips because they allow to reduce to zero excess . Hope your company can will change the mind to make a comeback of have zero excess like before.

Medevac - Hello, I hear you do helicopter medevac. I am going on a cruise in June, South Pacific, leaving from Auckland. I live in Perth Western Australia, I will be taking insurance out in Perth. If I need to be airlifted from the South Pacific cruise will my insurance fly me to Perth or original departure point? If flown to Auckland if treatment was required and then applied will my insurance then cover to get me to my home town of Perth? Thank you
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Hi Carlz, thanks for getting in touch with us! For this kind of query it would be best to have a chat with our team on 1800 008 614 to ensure you get all the information relating to the product that you need. Kind regards, Matt.

I want to cancel my travel insurance because i dont get holiday from university. Do i get refund?
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Hi, that depends on when you purchased it - please call our contact centre on 1800 008 614 and they will be able to help you out! Regards, Anthony.

Just wondering on the process of claiming lost items overseas? What is required for proof of ownership - are photos of item sufficient? Do you cover replacement value?
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Hello Tam, you can view what we cover in terms of lost items in our PDS - pages 60, 62 and 79 - https://travel.worldcare.com.au/File/Download?docType=PDS Regards, Anthony.

Hi just reading the fine print , I want to take out Comprehensive travel insurance with Allianz , can you tell me if I would be convered if I have to cancel my trip . Thank you
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Hi Patsy, if you look at Page 52 of the PDS - https://travel.worldcare.com.au/File/Download?docType=PDS you'll see what is covered by the cancellation part of the policy. Regards, Anthony.

Does worldcare comprehensive level cover natural disasters like volcanic eruptions?
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Hi Celine, thanks for the question. This depends on the time when you bought a travel insurance policy. If the eruption was a known event (ie. you bought insurance after a travel advisory was issued), this would not be covered. However, if this occurred unexpectedly, this would be covered depending on the policy you have. Regards, AnthonyWorldcare says: when booking the insurance, did you know about any natural disasters etc. at your destination or had the government travel authorities informed travellers of any problems in the country of destination? If yes, then they would not reimburse you for any costs or inconveniences arising from a natural disaster. Hope this solved your question. Dickie

Hi my mom is applying a visa to visit here in Australia, one of her requirements is the health cover while she’s here. Is there any policy her that will suits her?
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Hello, thanks for the email. This depends on her visa type and conditions and where she is coming from. Allianz Global Assistance does offer Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) for a number of visas - you can view these here - https://allianzassistancehealth.com.au/en/visitors-visa-ovhc/visas-we-cover/ Regards, Anthony

I believe that your travel insurance policies generally cover rental vehicle excesses but it appear that your polices do not recognise motorcycles as rental vehicles. Is this correct?
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Hi Jan, that's correct. On Page 9 of our PDS (https://travel.worldcare.com.au/worldcare/File/Download?docType=PDS), a rental vehicle means a campervan/motorhome that does not exceed 4.5 tonne, a sedan, coupe, hatchback, station-wagon, SUV, four wheel drive or mini bus/people mover rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company or agency. Regards, Anthony.

if my flight is delayed and i miss another Airlines flight in other country am i covered for new ticket costs incurred?
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Hi, this depends on the situation - see our PDS here https://travel.worldcare.com.au/File/Download?docType=PDS on page 57. Regards, Anthony.

Hi At what age does the age penalty begin?
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Hi - there isn't an 'age penalty' as such, but your age will determine the premium based on risk factors etc. Feel free to get a quote at https://www.worldcare.com.au/travel-insurance/ Regards, Anthony.

Does your travel insurance cover the period of time prior to travel for cancellation due to death or illness if a family member or personal illness or accident?
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Hi, thanks for your comment. This really does depend on the situation (who the family member is, if they live in Australia/New Zealand, etc). It's best to call our team on 1800 008 614 as they would have this information at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony.

Hi, my parents are here in Australia for a visit but i would like to take them to Bali for a couple of days then back to Australia. I would like to know if you have any policy for them? Cheers, Jenny
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Hi Jenny, thanks for the query - it's best to call our team on 1800 008 614 as they would have this information at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony.

Would your travel insurance cover the possibility of needing to return to Australia should either of my elderly parents were to get critically ill or pass away?
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Hi Liz, thanks for the query. It does depend on the situation. Page 33 of the Product Disclosure Statement (http://www.worldcare.com.au/Images/ProductDisclosureStatement.pdf) says c] If, during your Journey, your Travelling Companion or a Relative of either of you: • dies unexpectedly; • is disabled by an Injury; or • becomes seriously Sick and requires hospitalisation (except arising out of a Pre-existing Medical Condition), we will reimburse the Reasonable additional cost of your return to Australia. We will only pay the cost of the fare class you had planned to travel at. Otherwise, please contact the call centre on 1800 008 614 and they would have this information at their finger tips. Regards, Anthony.

Hi! I will be travelling to Australia on 26.1.17 and my husband will join me on 29.1.17. I will rent a car from 26.1.17 - 8.2.17 but I anticipate that I will be doing the driving from 26-28 Jan, after which my husband will be doing the driving from 29.1.17 to 8.2.17. I would like purchase insurance for the main purpose of getting the car rental excess cover. Is it possible for me to buy the travel insurance for the duration of 26 Jan to 28 Jan and my husband purchase the insurance from 29 Jan to 8 Feb. I presume this would cover the car rental excess charges for the entire duration of our stay? Thanks
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Hi, thanks for your comment. It's best to contact our call centre or email them (details here http://www.worldcare.com.au/connect-with-us/contact-us/) as they would have this information at their fingertips. Having said that, buying 2 comprehensive individual policies does include rental excess but read the PDS for more details. Regards, Anthony

Hi, I tried to get insurance for my parents on your website, but it only allows to go back to the year 1944 and no earlier. Does this mean you don't insure for an 81 year old?
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Hi Berny - I've just checked the Worldcare Purchase path and I could go back to 1931 - however, there will be an age loading applied. Have another try on the website, or call 800 008 614 if you are still having problems. Regards, Anthony.i went back and it still only goes up to 1944, I'll try to call later in the week...

Why is there an extra charge of $200 because I am 1 year older??
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Hi, thanks for the question. Premiums do vary across particular circumstances and I can't provide comment on your particular case - however, the call centre will be able to help - 1800 008 614. Regards, Anthony.

I am an Australian permanent resident and I got a job offer in USA for three years. I have been asked to cover my insurance while in USA the following: 1. medical benefits for accidents ($100,000/accident), 2. repatriation of remains of $25,000, 3. medical evacuation $50,000 and 4. deductable not to exceed $500 per accident or illness. What will be the best insurance company?
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Hi Luka, Dam Dif Ino. Avant aclu. I cannot imagine why you might feel that I would be of any help. The comments I already made should have indicated that I am locked into a very small corner of the travel insurance market. Sorry but I can't help. Robin.Look up at least 3 alternative Travel Insurance Companies and compare their quotes. Old TimerHI Luka - I'm not sure if any travel insurance policy would cover you for this scenario as they normally cover for leisure travel. I'd suggest contacting your employer to see what their other employees have. Regards, Anthony.

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