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Chill Chest

Latest review: Very simple - stacks well also with other components taken along. All elements stack into chill cases as well and they stack well on top of each other providing stability when travelling with them in


Latest review: I bought the International Sim for a recent South-East Asia cruise. I was charged for messages which were never successfully sent. I had so little internet access I could not activate my data


Latest review: I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing travelsim. I could not use the data at all, while overseas. I still have the full balance. How can I get a refund on

Atomic Beam Lantern

Latest review: Just the ants pants for me I have a campervan I tow behind my motor bike and sidecar and it gives great light for the van. Would recommend to

IT Luggage

Latest review: 1. How functional and well designed is the interior of the suitcase? well designed for maintenance 2. How often have you used your suitcase and what kind of conditions has it been subjected to?

Atomic Beam Torch

Latest review: This torch is extremely bright and I thought I purchased a gem of a torch. Put it in my pocket and walked with it for about 2 hours one night. This resulted in the button breaking and the rubber


Latest review: Very professional and quick to solve issues and find solutions. I use it for bank verifications and their team was very quick to assist in getting me a solution. Works great


Latest review: I bought a 4G data bundle to use in France and it never worked properly. The connection was 3G and not 4G as promised, very slow and very unstable. Worldsim's customer support and tech support were

Outdoor Connection Brampton

Latest review: Great professionals, staff super friendly to top it off! The products are very good quality and also was offered to change items once we got wrongly the first one. Very

Australia Post Prepaid TravelSIM

Latest review: I purchased 2 prepaid travel sim cards recently for a trip to the UK. I got a message in Singapore (the airport) which is like a welcome (I was going to be 4hrs late so I needed to send a text

Jayco Camper Trailer

Latest review: We purchased our first camper recently and absolutely love it. Our 2002 Penguin 13 ticks al the boxes, easy to tow, much faster to set up than campers with slide out beds, it’s basically a 13FT C

Windsor Rapid

Latest review: Took it out to the river free camping and it handled the conditions excellent, towed really well, plenty of cupboard space and set out quite well, fold out ends very easy to

JB Caravans

Latest review: Picked up our Extreme in May 2018. Everything was perfect, everything working. Have now done thousands of kilometres and have had nothing go wrong. Would buy another. They simply are Just

New Age Manta Ray

Latest review: We bought an 18ft ER Manta Ray caravan from New Age mid 2017. Ever since we have had repeated issues with brakes, wiring and other features. The reverse camera has never worked. When they went to fix

A'van Ovation

Latest review: We have a M5 lowline motorhome, we are very happy with it. We did have a problem with the electric bed, Pakenham lock tighted the grub screw and have had no more trouble. Love the layout of it.

Majestic Knight

Latest review: Had a majestic pop top for a year thought it was a good van till we decided to trade it in. Water damage in both wardrobes. We didn't know till we took our clothes out you really have to check the

A'van Aliner

Latest review: Easy to two, Reasonably easy to erect but seals do not provide full seal. Had to have all replaced after 8 years. Water unit broke and Avan do not sell the part. You have to buy a complete unit, and

A'van Aspire Hardtop Series

Latest review: I am know expert in towing a van but find this a good van to tow and set up. I would not hesitate to recommend this van .Buy one

Garmin eTrex

Latest review: I have found that the Etrex 10 is all you need in a GPS. It has all the features of the big brands without all the whistles and toots. If you take the time to set the Etrex 10 up correctly it will

A'van Cruiser & Cruiseliner

Latest review: Easy to tow and extremely fast in erection. No canvas and very watertight. Caught in an eastern coast blow in Byron (in my earlier 2003 model) and had to pack up in rain. Didn’t open up van for six w

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