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hi just 2 questions do you guys install hot water with no charge are they in ur packages and driveways are they inclidld also?
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Continuous flow hot water is standard and the driveway is paved, also a standard inclusion. I have built with Celebration Homes.

Hi Celebration Homes. We are considering building our first home with your business. One of the main concerns we have is cracking of the white set plaster walls. Could you please advise how celebration homes is able to ensure cracking does not start (especially after the 6 month maintenance period), and what action you take if cracking does start to become apparent? Thanks.
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Hi Gary, Thank you for your question! We have tried to call you over the last couple of days to answer your question in more detail, however we haven't been able to reach you. Please feel free to call our office on 9202 2300 and speak to our Building Manager, Gorjan, who will be able to answer your question. Many thanks, Celebration Homes

Hi there, just asking if you do also demolishing the existing house then build a new one? Coz i like your Keaton house design About the demolition permit etc.. is it included in your services or do i have to get it myself in council?
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Hi Jhen, Many thanks for your question :) We don’t do demolition work at Celebration Homes, but we can certainly assist our clients by either referring them to a recommended company or organising quotes directly through the demolition company. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

We have a two year old Celebration built home. I would like to know why the tiles are all cracking straight down the center of them? This is happening in all the rooms that are tiled, ensuite toilet, kitchen, main bathroom, laundry (so far).
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Hi, thanks for getting in contact. This is definitely something we would like to organise an inspection of. If all of your tiles throughout the home are cracking, this is unusual. We would like to organise for somebody to attend as soon as possible. Please call our office on 9202 2300 and ask for our Service Department. We will let them know to expect your call.

How long does it take you to build?
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Hi Musu, thanks for getting in touch. We are proud to say that when you build a Celebration Home, we’ll tell you when your home will be finished, and we’ll stick to that commitment. In fact, our homes can be built in as little as 24 weeks, making us one of the leaders when it comes to construction timeframes. And we’ll keep you in the loop from start to finish so you’ll know what to expect. We can happily provide proof that we build in 24 weeks - if you would like more information please just give us a call or send us an email.

Hi! I'm in the process of selecting a builder for our first home. I'm after some honest feedback about Celebrations Homes. Does anyone have recently built with them and would like to share their experiences (good/bad) for example, pre and post built customer service, construction time/delays, workmanship and quality of material used, additional costing charged, any on-going maintenance issues with the house and your personal recommendations. Best Regards!
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Hi Areeb, As you may be able to see from my recent post, Celebration Homes met all the criteria and time frames quoted. I have heard horror stories from friends who have built with OTHER builders and can honestly say that from day one until handover Celebration Homes have been extremely professional and all trades used were of the highest quality.Hi Areeb I started my dealings with Celebration Homes after visiting the display in Cobaki Drive Lakelands. The sales consultant Gordan was outstanding and continues to be so friendly and helpful.My home has just reached lock up and to date communication is frequent and relevant.There are always extra costs if changes are made to a chosen floor plan or features. That is a personal choice decision. I was able to walk through some same design houses at different stages of completion. I did this prior to prestart and it was so useful and enabled me to make adjustments that better suited my needs. Do hope this is useful.

Is a garage door opener standard in your homes?
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it was in the home I built, double garage tooThe door opener was a standard with the garage door, also a double garage......Hi mom2tdlrs, Yes a garage door remote is included with all our garage doors. This is provided at Key Handover meetings. If you didn't receive your remote or have a query about this, please contact the office on 9202 2300 for further assistance. Thank you.

Hi we are building with celebrations signed up end april just been informed that there is a price increase on the home of $9,000 and as we are out of 6 mth price guarantee we have to pay it..sounds a lot not happy at all..apparently we are the unlucky ones who's file has been picked up .not happy at all anyone else had similar issues????
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I didn't have that problem I had already half built my house at the 6 month point, but they do say all that type of info when you sign, if you don't put your own clause in there you have to follow what you signed. It's unfortunate but inflation and price increases do happen and if you agreed to it at the beginning it's something you have to stick by.Hi Joanne1, Celebration Homes offers a 6 month price hold period for all our customers. Unfortunately in your case land titles were delayed an additional 4 months by your land developer which prevents us from beginning the Pre-Construction process on your home.This scenario applied to all our customers in a similar situation. We have also backdated the price 6 months from the current rate so as not to pass on the full price increase to you.Hi Joanne. I am in a similar situation.. Could you let me know how did you go about it.. Celebration homes has asked me to pay a $7000 price hike.. its such a shock to me and also so disheartening as its not our fault the titles where delayed

Hi All, I am hoping those have built with Celebration Homes can confirm whether this builder agree to late penalties clause in the building contract? I am told by my sales consultant that Celebration Homes do not agree to penalties for late delivery of the agreed scheduled in building the house. My concerns is if the builder - for some reason - unable to complete my home in the time frame and I have to pay for interest on the loan and at the same time having to pay more rent to wait for the house to complete. Without any reasonable protection clause to protect client from late delivery due to unexpected circumstance, I can be out of my pocket for many months. Thank you for your feedback, Kip.
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Hi kip.Ichiban, Celebration Homes commits to a 24 week building timeframe for our customers. This timeframe refers to the time it takes to build a standard Celebration Home from slab down providing there are no unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to labour shortages/staff strikes that prevent us from conducting normal operating hours onsite, external third party supplier product shortages, extreme weather such as heavy seasonal rains, storms, or natural disaster. As per the Standard HIA Lump Sum Building Contract, we legally have 35 working days to commence works onsite from when all necessary approvals and requirements are met (Such as but not limited to: relevant local government approval, land ownership confirmation & formal finance approval) We then have 200 working days to complete works from the scheduled time to commence works. We would like the opportunity to discuss this further with you so we have tried contacting you to help you understand building timeframes.Celebrations took 30 weeks to build our home.

Hi there have just completed settlement just wondering how long do we wait for construction to commence? Kind Regards
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Our settlement was completed Aug 2013, Slab went down Oct 2013 and completion was mid April 2014. The key is the date when the slab goes down as it will be up to 26 weeks from that date.Thanks Ni :)Hi anxious client, Congratulations on your settlement and building a new home. The timeframe from settlement to commencement of construction can vary for each individual client as it will depend on requirements like land surveys and titles, finance, etc. If you'd like to email info@celebrationhomes.com.au and provide your job number, we can look into this and give you a better indication of timeframes for your new home.

Hi celebrations, i was shocked to read alot of the reviews posted online. Why are more of the posts negative than positive as it does not give current customers much confidence in your service??? im currently building and while i have been fustrated with delays most of them have been caused by super slow brickie, weather & christmas holidays not celebrations themselves.
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Hi Dee, Thank you for your question. We encourage you to visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CelebrationHomes where you can read our client reviews and progress of their building journeys. We've also asked our clients to share their building experiences on www.moretocelebrate.com.au which is a real time gallery showcasing what it's like to build a Celebration Home. We hope that the reviews on these websites will provide you confidence and peace of mind that Celebration Homes is a trusted builder.

Why is there no meeting with supervisor until lock up and cabinets etc have been installed
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Hi I clark, At Celebration Homes we commit to our Construction Coordinator team as the primary point of contact through the entire building process as this has proven to be the most efficient and organised way to coordinate our home builds. Throughout the building journey Construction Coordinators are in constant contact with Site Managers and filter this information back to clients on a regular basis. This allows our Site Managers to focus their attention on quality control, and ensuring a high standard of workmanship from trades; as well as keeping to construction timeframes. Please feel free to post any more questions you have here or also on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CelebrationHomesSite managers to focus their attention on quality control and workmanship. I believe its all about money and production not much attention is given to the above.Celebration is just a name there are plenty of other builders doing a far better job.We are paying extra for nothing some of the ed tradies they use are absolutely useless they are not qualified artisans.I would personally not recommend anyone to build with celebration.

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