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peter C.
peter C. · CG LTZ (2006-2018)

Hello there we have 2016 ltz diesel and have just cleaned the throttle body cleared the code and a couple of drives the code comes up again am I up for a new one or is there other contributing factors thanks

Tapiwa · Captiva CG (2006-2018)

Where can l get radio codes for my captiva 2014 model

jhonczedrich · Captiva

Does the instrument cluster of 2010 model fit into a 2009 lx model? Is it a straight swap? I want to upgrade it to a newer version where it has the headlight indicator

John · CG Series II 5 (2011-2013)

I have recently cleaned the EGR valve and throttle body of my 2.2L diesel captiva and now I can't get the motor to fire up properly. It will run very roughly on about half throttle pedal position for a short time before stopping. I've performed the diesel priming process many times, and even loosened the injector lines to allow air to escape. I can't run the recommended throttle position learn because the motor wont idle. Is there a specific EGR valve programming sequence I need to perform? I'm getting codes: P0405 - EGR valve position sensor low input; P0487 - EGR system, throttle position control circuit malfunction; and P0087 - low fuel rail pressure. Thinking the pump may not be getting enough supply from the fuel tank and lift pump, I checked and replaced the fuel filters which are due for replacement at 120,000Km (9000Km early) and bled the system. Still no better on attempting a restart. I should add that it was running fine before removing the EGR and cooler, but there was a bit of carbon build-up on the valve and throttle body that I discovered when replacing the intercooler hose.

Ghasem T.
Ghasem T. · CG Series II 7 CX (2011-2013)

Holden Captiva 7CX petrol:
no power in fuse 'PKLP LH-10A and PKLP RH-10A'fuses are okay no issue with. the issue is there is no power into fuse also, no light into dash cluster; no speedometer, RPM gauge, fuel gauge, temp gauge..... no any symbol sign at all!! also radio not working neither!!
Any ideas, please?

Takka A.
Takka A. · CG Series II 5 (2011-2013)

ABS, traction control, anti-skid and descent control lights illuminated. Sometimes turning off. Checked wiring and was some damage to insulation, have taped.

Mark C.
Mark C.  

This is most likely a faulty wheel speed sensor. Either check for any codes using an OBD2 scanner or just replace all 4 sensors. They’re cheap and easy to fit.

Adam · CG LTZ (2006-2018)

I have a vibration and noise when turning sharply at low speed around the rear diff area. 2016 LTZ, Any ideas

steve · CG Series II 5 (2011-2013)

Rh rear and RH front park lamps have no power to them.. under bonnet fuse box ..prk LP RH and prk LP LH both have power to the fuse , but the other prk LP RH* has no power.. Globes are fine, tested them with a probe ..

Alannah middendorp
Alannah middendorp · CG SX (2006-2018)

Will a 2013 turbo fit on a 2007?

Andrea T.
Andrea T. · CG Series II 7 LX (2011-2013)

Can someone please tell me what the engine light with an arrow facing down on my dashboard means
Thank you

Ness · CG LTZ (2006-2018)

when I put my foot down on the exhilaration pedal it makes a noise like a electrical toy car but when I take my foot off it goes away? its only when im driveing not when im in park it's like a zing noise. is it the turbo?

Rhys J
Rhys J  

Hi Ness, did you sort the problem, it sounds like the noise mine has just started making

malia m.
malia m. · Captiva CG Series II (2011-2013)

Please help. What is a EGR cooler problem?


Not a mechanic......these vehicles have the EGR system to meet the US emissions standards. What it means is that the engine runs cooler and can clog up with carbon unless regular long runs are used to raise the operating temp of the engine and burn off that carbon! There is an EGR cooler fitted as part of the system which is basically a Heat Exchanger with the inputs being Exhaust Gases and Coolant, with the intent to cool the Gases and force more through, (I believe). All things are possible so a Leak or Blockage can occur. Always expensive.

malia m.
malia m.  

Thanks for that. I maybe wrong but I better start saving for a new car. Toyota it is

Shane W
Shane W · Captiva CG Series II (2011-2013)

Hi my daughter has a 2018 diesel all the lights on dash lit up and car stopped had a look under bonnet the earth wire from fuse box harness melted what would cause this to happen ? She has been quoted $2500 to fix this.

mjay3171 · Captiva

Holden Captiva 2010 Turbo diesel, where can I find the transmission fluid ? And how would I fill up the transmission fluid without pumping it in ?

Murrel B.
Murrel B. · CG Series II 7 LX (2011-2013)

Where is the transmission dip stick situated

Bobtail Dobermann
Bobtail Dobermann  

Like many Holdens they do not have a dip stick for the transmission, I believe the transmission fluids are checked by unscrewing a bolt on the side of the transmission. They do not want people to be able to fill or check their own transmission levels. So they need to be done by a service center a real pain.

Karen · Captiva CG Series II (2011-2013)

Navigation screen blacked out on 2012 Holden Captiva. Would this be a fuse issue?

Colleen S.
Colleen S. · CG LTZ (2006-2018)

I picked up my newer Holden Captiva CG LTZ MY18 on Wednesday. I usually keep the Car Radio Code in my manual handy shouId ever have a service and the mechanics disconnect the battery. I don't want to have to take it to a Holden Dealer and pay $33 for the code. I am wondering if it could be 117011 which is sticky taped to the front of the manual? Could someone let me know please if they know for sure? Thanks

Kylie T.
Kylie T. · Captiva CG (2006-2018)

2007 has gone into limp mode how do I reset the code

Bobtail Dobermann
Bobtail Dobermann  

I would recommend to take it into a mechanic, with this lemon it is not worth the risk and if you are unlucky you could end up spending thousands of dollars.

Craig M.
Craig M. · Captiva CG (2006-2018)

I’m trying to find a wiring diagram for the stereo. It’s the split system. Camera connects into the navigation unit in the top of my dash. Need to know what wire goes where on a new system. Ac and camera affected.

Allan B.
Allan B. · CG Series II 5 (2011-2013)

What stops engine fan not to work while car is running


Problem maybe your gas is to low, mine was the same problem

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