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D Mitchell
D Mitchell · WK Limited Petrol (2010-2024)

Im considering buying a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Petrol for my wife to drive & would like some feedback.

Reliability is the concern.

Beck B.
Beck B. · Grand Cherokee WH (2005-2010)

I am chasing after immobiliser key reader part number 56040638AW, 56040638ax or 56040638ay. Dealership has told me it's buggered can't be replaced or repaired might as well crush the entire car!! Please help

Peter C.
Peter C. · Grand Cherokee WG/WJ (1994-2004)

2003 wj grand cherokee. starts after a couple of turns with key

Tracey W.
Tracey W. · Grand Cherokee WK (2010-2024)

Hi all.
Have 2015 Jeep GC overheated, replaced thermostat. Took for test drive overheated, but when I went around a corner or braked fairly quickly temp dropped almost immediately for a little while. Took breather off lots of steam no water, but no loss of coolant except from overflow tank. Any thoughts? Could this be an air lock issue?

Chris H.
Chris H. · WK Limited Petrol (2010-2024)

What is the correct max bracked towing capacity of the 3.6 petrol grand cherokee.

Chris H.
Chris H. · WK Limited Petrol (2010-2024)

Max braked towing capacity, some dealers say 1600kg, others 2200kg. Which is correct. Chris

Joe · Grand Cherokee WG/WJ (1994-2004)

Hie is it possible to my convert my jeep 4.7 petrol engine with a 2.7 or 3.1 Diesel engine?

Hunting Quad
Hunting Quad  

Don't do it, the 4lt and V8 are by far the better and more reliable motors

Ted N
Ted N · Grand Cherokee WK (2010-2024)

I unfortunately let all the brake fluid out of my 2012 WK. On bleeding it I had poor pedal and brakes, was told to take it to agent as they had the software to bleed ABS system. Paid for the work but was informed that the master cyl needed to be replaced as the brakes were still the same. Fitted with a 2nd hand one and still no rear brakes,
Any ideas

Norman T.
Norman T. · WK Laredo (2010-2024)

when towing a caravan what mode do you use and what about the Crouse Control can you use it am in Australia


Hi Norman T I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD diesel with 8 speed g/box, and tow a 3tonne + van and when on open road use my cruise control and travel at 90km/hr and find both car and van travel very well and have also levellers fitted.
I travel at this speed so that if traffic wish to pass, they do not require excessive speed to pass my long car and van. The cars transmission automatically selects the appropriate gear on the fly, 8-7- etc when on level roads or up and down small undulations with me being able to assess if I am comfortable with that current situation at that time. Obviously, if there were strong crosswinds etc, I would not use cruise if car and van were being adversely affected. This works for me and I do not get as mentally tired. Van and car are fitted also with stability control. Hope this assessment helps.
PS: The Jeep will change down in cruise to assist braking effect within reason to hold the set speed(within reason)

David W.
David W. · Grand Cherokee WK (2010-2024)

Hi have a 2011 jeep grand cherokee 3lt v6 diesel. I've replaced the front crank case oil seal 3 times and it keeps leaking oil. The timing ring gear has about 5mm sliding back and forth play on it so can oil pass between the timing ring gear and the crank.

Dudley · Grand Cherokee WK (2010-2024)

How do I view the oil temperature in a 2021 grand cherokee night eagle?

Dave · WK Overland (2010-2024)

Hi l have Jeep Grand Cherokee wk overland 2018 l am having trouble towing a caravan it’s jayco sterling caravan roughy 2800 kg 21 ft long. I can’t stopping it from swaying side. I had a srt Jeep had no troubles traded that in to buy the overland thinking it would be better. Has anyone got any information to make it better thanks Dave


Nothing to do with the car. Check how the caravan's weight is distributed.


Yes l am looking into that as well. but l towed the same caravan with Jeep Grand Cherokee srt model 2014 and l had no trouble with the sway

Blake R.
Blake R.  

Weight distribution.
Bring luggage weight in caravan forward.
You want ~10% trailer weight on the towball (so about 280kg in your situation)
Also, the Overland has a higher towball height. Check you drawbar angle, you may need to adjust the trailer hitch, trailer wheel alignment, or fit a weight distribution hitch to prevent sway.

richard little
richard little · Grand Cherokee

i have a wk2 2014/2015 jeep grand cherokee fitted with mopar tow assy i cant get my caravan lights to work , they work only intermittently brake light are ok , indicators are crap any suggestions. do i ned to take it back to jeep to something configured


Maybe an auto electrician? Or Jeep. Could be the caravan not the car.


Check your pins on the caravan's flat adapter. ( probably 12 pin) You'll notice each pin has a split down the middle. Very carefully with the blade of a Stanley knife, prise each pin slightly apart a little so it fits snugly into the adapter on the car.

Maria · Grand Cherokee

My Jeep Cherokee 2012 Jet model went in for its 120,000 service yesterday and I was advised the rack and pinion is leaking and that I will need to have it replaced and the cost would be $6k-$7K. The car has never been off road and I was been working from home since Covid March 2020 in Vic. How long can I drive it around with the leak and has anyone else experienced this issue and what was the cost please.

tony s
tony s · Grand Cherokee WK (2010-2024)

does the 2012 wk2 diesel have a transmission cooler



Si D
Si D · Grand Cherokee

What is the best fuel to use in grand cherokee overland 2013 my13 3.6l


I always use 95 , it gives great mileage and good pickup to car. Unless you car is recommended for 98.

Malcolm M.
Malcolm M. · Grand Cherokee WH (2005-2010)

Hey probably a dumb question but I have just recently brought a 2008 grand Cherokee Laredo WH and I’m trying to find parts for it what’s the difference between the WH and the WK and why can’t I find anything when I search for the WH


Try WK1,thats what the yanks call it

Derek W.
Derek W. · Grand Cherokee WK (2010-2024)

Hi, has anyone done an exhaust upgrade on 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee S-Limited? Wondering if it is a custom job or are there bolt on options? Thanks

Brian M
Brian M · Grand Cherokee WK (2010-2024)

2015 3.0 litre Diesel Engine, Engine oil has recently started getting hot. Normally ran at 88 degrees, but now goes into the 100's before i pull it up. Ambient temp is only 25 degrees. Only 110k on the clock. Any thoughts

Blake R.
Blake R.  

Thermostat failure can cause higher oil temperatures.
Oil temperature is safe well into the 120 degree range. Don't be too concerned. Monitor coolant for oil as engine oil cooler failure can also occur.

Janice Sturgess
Janice Sturgess · Grand Cherokee WH (2005-2010)

My 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee WH has developed a fault in the ignition immobiliser which means it mostly refuses to start. (Runs great once it does randomly fire) Ordered parts 3 months ago through Jeep and one had to come from USA. Now been told there were none in stock and it has to be manufactured and may not come through until well into 2021. Any one have any options re how to get the car on the road reliably again. (I have had Jeeps for 20 years now to tow our horse float. So it is risky to head out with the horses on board if the car is not functioning properly.)

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