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Hi Guys, Can anyone let me know if the timber laminate ‘Nordic Brown’ by Surfaces by Hynes is available in any of the display homes ?
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Hi Vipul, Thank you for your inquiry. This is not a supplier we currently use. Please contact them directly for further assistance. Kind regards

Hi Metricon, Can you please provide a contact for the managers of the site supervisors for Northern Region builds? I am getting sick of chasing our Site Supervisor for updates on issues with our facade which should have been completed weeks ago but still find myself every week having to chase for vague answers. I no longer have the time or patience and would like to escalate the matter.
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Hi Renee, Thanks for getting in touch. We're sorry to read your comments and would like to follow up on your concerns. We have sent you a private message requesting further information so we can locate your file. Renee, we look forward to hearing from you. Warm regardsHas Metricon provided the requested contact details?

Hi I built with Metricon 11 years ago and my kitchen pot draws are coming apart from the Blum hinge and cannot find replacements anywhere the same please help we’re can I purchase some from
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Hi Joyce S, Thank you for your question. Given the time that has passed, we are not in the position to provide this information as the suppliers may have changed over time. However, our Service and Warranty Team would be able to further advise who can be contacted at: ServiceandWarrantyMelbourne@metricon.com.au - Please be sure to include your full property address and reference number in order for them to locate your file. Our Service and Warranty team look forward to hearing from you. Kind regardsThank you for your reply but if you can’t help how are the service and warranty going toWe’re do I get the reference number from please

Hi Metricon homes, Could you tell me the colours of the cabinetry used in the kitchen and in the master ensuite of the Metricon Bourdeaux home in Greenvale, VIC please? Thank you
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HI Mel, Thank you for your question in relation to our Greenvale display home. Should you be a current Metricon customer, please contact your appointed representative who will be able to provide the details. Otherwise, our supplier Laminex/Formica, can be contacted for further assistance. Thank you

Can you please provide the external colour of the La Pyrenee house in Melbourne. Are the moulds a darker shade?
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Hi Sally, Thank you for your interest in our paint colours. Currently, all of our paint is supplied by Dulux. We suggest visiting their website for inspiration and selections - https://www.dulux.com.au/ Alternatively, visiting one of their stores located across Australia may assist with colour matching and selections. However, should you be a current Metricon Customer, please contact your representative who can assist further. Thank you

Hi I’m hoping you can tell me the the tiles used in the bathrooms in your new bayville display in Dee why.
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Hi Jody, Thank you for your question. We are currently looking into this with the relevant team and will get back to you as soon as we can. We thank you for your patience during this time. Kind regardsHi Jody, Thank you for your recent contact to Metricon. Should you be a Metricon customer, please contact your current representative who will be able to advise. Alternatively, our supplier National Tiles would be able to assist further. We suggest visiting one of their showrooms across Australia or simply by viewing the website - https://www.nationaltiles.com.au/deals#page=1 which showcases their full range of colours & styles. Kind regards

What is the price range of your KYTON 24 (ELK). House only
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400kHi Osahon, Thank you for your interest in our Kyton 24 home. As our business covers a large area of Australia, pricing to our homes can vary from region to region. For further assistance, please kindly contact 1300 METRICON ( 1300 638 742 ) and a member of our friendly team will put you in contact with your local New Home Advisor. The Team looks forward to assisting you. Kindest Regards, Metricon

How it take you guys to give a building contract
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How long to get a contract? Too long. It took a year.Hi Rohit T, Thank you for your recent inquiry to Metricon Homes. Due to the nature of building, no two constructions are the same. It is difficult to put a time frame as there are multiple steps that need to be considered and can vary depending on location and other aspects of the build (home design, planning, selections, council/developer requirements etc.) If you are looking to build with Metricon or require further information, kindly contact our friendly team on 1300 METRICON ( 1300 638 741 ) Kind regards

My email being ignored after building my house with Metricon Who Should I contact?
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Check your Metricon building contract dispute process and send their nominated person for disputes a formal letter explaining the issue, what you require done, and by when. If they do not respond appropriately within a reasonable time then get legal advice or contact the fair trading office in your state for next steps. Share your experience on social media and the ACCC, particularly if you feel Metricon is not behaving appropriately. Recently over the course of a promised 42 week build that ended up taking 85 weeks this delay cost us an extra $85,000 in rent and interest. After serious defects were identified 2/3 throught the build by Housepect, initially Metricon ignored many emails of ours. Check your contract that Metricon are actually obliged to respond to your emails. In our contract they were not obliged to do this! We were forced to email, fax and post our defect rectification request notices to Metricon's nominated person to ensure we complied with the dispute notification and resolution process terms in the contract. Good luck.Hi hijih k. Thank you for your question. We are sorry to read your feedback. We have sent you a private message providing the email address of our Customer Care Team who are in the best position to assist. The team kindly await your email so we can look into this for you. Warm regardsHI hijih k, Thank you for your email to our Customer Care Team in relations to your asset protection. As communicated, we are looking into this and will provide the response as soon as this becomes available. We thank you for your patience during this time. Kind regards

Hi, How can I trust your ABC brand when they are having many quality issue ? Are you guys using a same staff for ABC build or what are the benefit to choose your sister concern company ??? if you can please guide us as a first home buyers. Thanks, Rasesh
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Metricon is not ABC buildABC is a 'value' brand of Metricon using the same building licence as Metricon, according to their website, therefore customers should expect the same quality issues as with Metricon. Have a look at the 1 and 2 star reviews on this website. Treat the 5 star reviews here cautiously as many don't look real or look incentivised. Check out the home one website and face book if you want to see Metricon's attitude to quality and customer service once the building contract is signed and they have your money. Be wary of their standard template social media 'spin' responses here!Thanks mate , It's very helpful for many first home buyers and give bit knowledge to avoid this kind of tricks.

Hi, I signed up with Metricon and payed initial deposit of 1500$. I have decided not to go ahead with building currently as the current land value is really less and we will need to save up enough money to think about starting the build. Currently our land is not titled yet and no work has been done. We have contacted the sales team numerous times and we are either being not answered or kept redirected. Can Metricon please refund the initial deposit payed. We did not even have colour appointment. Thank you Kind regards Priyanka
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Hi Priyanka, Thank you for your question. We have sent you a private message requesting your personal information so we can locate your file and look into this further for you. We do hope to hear from you. Warm regardsThank you. I have sent a pm to you with my details. Kind regards PriyankaHi Priyanka, Thank you for providing us with the requested information. We are currently looking into this and will provide a response as soon as we can. We thank you for your patience during this time. Warm regards

Hi there , I bought an old house got it demolished and have two blocks now , I already initiated with a bulilder who made the drawings (two houses)and got them approved by the council in 7 months . If I have to change the builder can I still use those drownings and approval or they are that builder’s property & I have to get new drawings and approval with new builder. Would be really thank full is answered Regards Rohit Rohit2605b@yahoo.com
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Hi Rohit, Thank you for your question. We are unable to speak on behalf of other builders, but we recommend contacting your builder directly for further details on their copyright. Warm regardsThanks for your kind reply. Regards Rohit

My quote says fixed site cost but also says Important note subject to second feature survey and soil report does that means it can change
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Hi Maninder S. Thank you for your recent inquiry to Metricon Homes. Should the final soil report differ from those set out in the site costs inclusions list, additional charges may apply and are subject to the engineer's final design. This will be presented during the preliminary contract or contract signing appointment. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact our friendly team on 1300 638 742 (1300 METRICON). Kind regards,

Building Vantage48 (Designer range) and contract signed in Oct 2018. Question regarding the staircase inclusion based on"Designer Inclusions" booklet. There are two bottom wooden steps which are wider than rest of the threads(steps) shown in the picture. I need to know what is included and what is out of scope. Do we have to pay extra to widen the steps or is that standard?
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Hi Hansika L, Thank you for your question regarding the staircase. We have sent you a private message requesting your personal information so we can locate your file and assist. We kindly await your reply to our PM. Warm regardsCould you please provide a direct email where I can send my details? I need to include an attachment explaining my query but I cant do it here. ThanksHi Hansika L, Thank you for your reply. We have sent you a private message with the relevant email address. The team kindly await your email in order to assist. Warm regards

Hey My house will be finished within one month, and I would like to know more about toxic air in the new house. How to dissipate the toxic air, e.g. formaldehyde? and how long would it take? thanks Ben
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Hi Ben, Thank you for your recent question to Metricon. Formaldehyde does not persist for long in the environment. When it is present in the air, most of it degrades to molecular hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Should it be a concern, we suggest opening up the doors and windows which will help to lower levels in the home. Kind regards

Can I know the color theme used externally and internally for Bayville Melbourne display home? What’s the flooring color used in ground floor of the house?
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Hi Shil, Thank you for your recent interest in our Bayville display home located in Melbourne. The external colours are as follows: Exterior render - Dulux Rakaia Interior paint – Dulux Wairakei We hope this information is helpful, for any other build related queries, please contact our team on 1300 METRICON (1300 638 742) Kind regards, Metricon

Hi, We are in process of deciding brick vaneer/Hebel for our 49sq double storey house in a Melbourne suburb. What compliance/requirements we should be aware of before engaging an external supplier to install say air conditioning on Hebel wall without risking the structural warranty??
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Hi Mohit P, Thank you for your question regarding Hebel.. For Metricon customers, increased energy efficiency and acoustic qualities offered by Hebel products are highly beneficial. We recommend using Hebel as an external and internal building product because it’s efficient, stable and provides a high-quality finish while maintaining the look and feel of solid masonry. For more information regarding compliance/requirements for your specific location/home design, please contact your Pre-Site Manager who is in the best position to assist. Kind regards, Metricon

Hi, what is the max slope Metricon builds on? We have a 5m front to back downward slope with the build area to be over a 3m downward slope. Would Metricon build on this?
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Hi John F. Thank you for your interest in Metricon Homes. With our new Split Level Living Offering, there is an amazing selection of modern home designs customised for unique topography of the land. We suggest speaking to one of our Split Level Living Experts via our website https://www.metricon.com.au/melbourne/split-level for a free (no obligation) consultation or contact our friendly team on 1300 603 615 for further information. Kind regards, Metricon Homes

I haven't signed the official contract with metricon(which normally after the Colour and electrical appointment). I had given my initial deposit of 3000. Would I get a refund if I am not planning to proceed with Metricon?
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The land has not been titled yet. Its expected to be in July 2019.Hi Ljoy27, Thank you for your question. We are sorry to read you are not planning to move forward with your Metricon journey. We have sent you a private message requesting your personal details, so we can locate your file and look into this for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regardsHi I have sent a private message. Thanks

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