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Nissan Pulsar N15 (1995-1999) Questions & Answers

Karen B.
Karen B. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)


Eri Liv
Eri Liv  

No idea what your saying

Tom A.
Tom A.  

OD = Overdrive. Button on the side of the shifter :)

Xani P.
Xani P. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Hey so I have a 1999 sedan and it’s randomly just turnt itself off whilst driving, The only re occurring thing for each time was all the days it turnt off is during a hot day or during a turn? Help?

Tom A.
Tom A.  

Have you unlocked your radio? It turns off after 5 minutes as a security precaution to stop them from being stolen.

Donis S.
Donis S. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Whare does the fuse that controls the fuel pump located?

Tim G
Tim G · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Why is this car so good ? It's virtually indestructable !!!

Kye · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I can't open front passenger side door. Doesn't seem to unlock properly

King K.
King K. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

How do u reset the airbag light on 95 Nissan pulsar

Don hampshire
Don hampshire · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

N15 pulsar can I get the radio code from the vin with out pulling the radio out?

nandana g.
nandana g. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

What is the colour code for 1996 Nissan pulser car(silver colour car)

ARN's V.
ARN's V. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Nissan Pulsar 1997 hatch , N15. How to replace windscreen washer water pump? Is is difficult?


Take it to the local mechanic.

Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Just bought a 1998 Nissan N15 series. Got told blinkers were working before previous owner changed alternator due to car dying. But now they’re not working. Anybody have any ideas on what it could be. Put the old one back in and still nothing. Whether that would be the problem or not, just needing some light shed.


hi if the globes are blown then the regulator on the alternator is supplying an over voltage exceeding the standard amount this may cause the lights to blow also it can cause other globe's to blow too .(this was the same issue on a Toyota Corolla which experienced the same problem ).
try checking the Output voltage of the alternator on the battery terminals if its around 15v or over then that is the problem.
if the globes are not blown check signal fuse if its blown could be just a spike when alternator connected that is just a matter of replacing the fuse I think it would be either red 10amps or blue 15amps. if not check indicator relay
put hazard switch on if you hear it clicking it's not the relay
have a crack at those causes it would give you an idea what it mite be last is a long shot but a wiring issue but I don't believe it would be that because it hasn't been tampered with.
good luck post us what u find out

Niranjana · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

do you have pulsar fn 15 engin and electrical service manual pdf


I do have an N15 motor as for the service manual download it on line
that would be your best option

Craigc · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have a N15 pulsar what when you drive it and go through the gears it over reds what would that be that be there gearboxes buggin or clutch cable


mostly likely slipping clutch
put it on 3rd and try taking off if it just revs out and practically doesn't move then u need to replace the clutch
I had mine done cost around $650
good luck

Peter K
Peter K · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

where is the turn signal relay


not sure exactly but it would definitely be RHS or lhs around the kick trim or upper section.
best way to locate it would be to turn indicator on and listen where the sound comes from and if it's not working at all look in owner manual sometimes they display the location of the relay but definitely the service manual would

teresa.fisher.50 · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

I have a 1998 N15 Pulsar, needing a new radiator for it but it's impossible to find one.

Is it possible to put the radiator from a 2005 N16 into my 98 N15?

Matthew D.
Matthew D. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

My temperature needed and my fuel gauge needle are both stuck on high mark and won't drop back to their normal levels

Linkin M.
Linkin M. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

My car won't go over 40km while it's on a hot road it has stalled sometimes and had problems startin after been driven please any help

Linkin M.
Linkin M. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

My car won't go over 40km on a hot day on the road but will on gravel it has stalled sometimes while been at lights on a hot day or after the day has cooled off a bit any help please


my guess would be either the ECU or ignition coil as it gets hot its breaking down and not supplying spark or the fuel pump malfunction under load when accelerating try checking the problem with a plug in diagnostics reader when it's hot and the problem occurs it may give some indication.

Jordan W.
Jordan W. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

Hi all, just wondering whether anyone else is having the same problem as me where I can't find an Oil Pan/Sump/Crankcase Gasket? I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find one, any ideas?

Snoopy · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

What are the lights on the left front on the dashboard


Don’t remember sorry car is not with me now

Martin W.
Martin W. · Pulsar N15 (1995-1999)

what causes the back wheels to camber

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