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Boxer Brief (Longer) and Trunk (Shorter)
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Highly considering buying a pair to try, but I’m undecided on shorter or longer... what’s the best way to determine which suits best? I wear a lot of footy shorts and don’t want them to hang at the bottom. Thanks
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G'day Daniel, the main reason I went for the longer option is because my thighs rub when I walk as a result of being a bit overweight, if and when I loose the weight again I will then wear the shorter cut underwhere I hope this helps with your decision?Hey Daniel, Martin is an expert :) Maybe try the shorter one then, if that doesn't work, then go the longer option under our First Pair Guarantee? Regards Greg

The claim is that they are made (mostly) from bamboo. Is that viscose rayon made from bamboo or mechanicaly and enzyme processed natural fibre?
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Do the white's stay crispy white, in other words do they wash easily, or is it safer to go with coloured?
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Hey Penny, Whites are always dangerous no matter a t-shirt or underwear. They do stay true to their colour but if you're worried I'd recommend taking the safe option and going with a colour. Hope that helps! Greg

why can i never seem to get alternate colours like the red or the nice blue colour I've seen advertised????
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What are the little bags for?
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Hey Toby, They are used to ensure hygienic delivery to you. They are designed to be multi-use bags. They are also made from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Greg

Why not any red colour items?
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I live in England. Can you tumble dry them
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Hi Richard, I do not tumble dry mine just hanging them up dries them quite quick, plus don't own a dryer.

Find them really comfortable but why no 3XL on the order form ??
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I'm a big guy do they have them in 5xl? [email removed]
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I have medical problem - ileostomy bag required. I am in line for a 3X fitting-- is there any "room" for output ? Plan to buy several if suitable. regards enn
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Hi Enn, Thanks for getting in touch. We're not sure on this one, but we do offer a First Pair Guarantee. So you can buy a single pair, try them, if they don't work for you, then we will refund you in full. We'd be really interested to hear the results once you've tried as we can then look to anyone else in a similar situation. Thanks Enn, Greg

Do these stop chafing on the inner thigh areas?
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Yep, only early days but totally smooth sailing so far! I’m a builder and I average about 20,ooo steps a day and haven’t had any chafe at all...Ok thanks. That's my biggest concern atmYep these are amazing - moved over from tradies boxers and chalk and cheese difference - It really does feel like you are wearing nothing - i run 3-4 times a week 5-10kms each time and no chafing or riding up at all

I’m looking for underwear with the strength of lyrcra bike shorts for wearing under motorcycle jeans, underwear is moving and cutting into skin but bike pants don’t, but comfort and breathable pants would be best, so do step one underwear travel up your leg or do they stay firm around leg?
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I ride horses in them. Both stock work and competition and they have been great.Hey Macca, I use them riding a mountain bike and they are great. I can't say however how they would on a motorbike, as there is quite a lot more force going on, but we do offer a First Pair Guarantee, so you can buy a pair, if they don't work for you, we will give you a full refund within 30 days. Let me know if you have any other questions. GregI wear them on motorbikes. I ride an average of 6 hours a day. For me the leg parts ride up and becomes super annoying. This happens after wearing them a few times. When they are brand new they are great. But after a few weeks, not so much...

Are they a special kind of Lycra because cotton is better?
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It is a blend of bamboo,viscose vent, polyamide & spandex. very comfortable

Why is there not small and extra small for us small build people im a 30 to 32 inch waist.?
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Hey Tel, I know quite a few people with a 30 waist who have worn the smalls very comfortably. We do offer a First Pair Guarantee, so you can buy a pair, if they don't work for you, we will give you a full refund within 30 days. Let me know if you have any other questions. Greg

I'm a believer! Do you ship to UK and if so what are the prices for bamboo!
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Hi, I’m searching for soft long leg boxers that also have a soft material over the eladtcated waist so it doesn’t dig in. Does your fabric cover the waist band also?
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Hi Ursula the fabric doesnt cover the waistband on the pairs I have, some ordered about a year ago and some just last week.

I bought 7 of the trunk pairs for my husband, but the waist elastic would fold down when wearing them. As he had worn two pair, I bought 1 pair of the next size up for him to try and he thought they were better. I then exchanged remaining 5 pair to the next size up. Alas it has not stopped the problem with the waist band folding. He is a fit, medium built man, with no pot belly at all. Just wondering if you have any ideas for this problem? Otherwise he loves the fabric and the comfort.
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I found this also but recently purchased some of the longer ones and found this solved the fold down problem. Not sure why but it did.This may sound crazy, but hoist the waistband up higher They aren't hipsters. I had the same issue and this fixed it straight away.This may sound crazy, but hoist the waistband up higher They aren't hipsters. I had the same issue and this fixed it straight away.

The US has penalised companies for advertising fabric as bamboo when it is actually rayon, possibly made from bamboo, but manufactured through a chemical process involving hazardous materials. https://www.triplepundit.com/2016/01/ftc-fines-nordstrom-jcpenney-false-bamboo-labeling-enough/ Are Step One briefs made from fibres created directly from bamboo, or made from rayon?
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I don’t see an answer to this question, I too would like to know if the fabric is in fact bamboo and not a rayon fabric. i know you would need to incorporate some sort of other material for stretch but would like to know what percentage would be bamboo. Thank you.

How long do they last? Does it ball up or get thin/wear out so after a few months you need to replace them? Ie how do they wear?
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I bought 7 pairs 3 of February 2018 and all 7 still look and feel near new.Hey John, Thanks for reaching out! Like anything, it depends on how often you wear them and how you care for them. As you can see by Carl's response, he has had them for about 7 months and they still look and feel near new. Personally, I have pairs that over a year old and they have held up really well. I always wash on cold and line dry them. It's definitely not recommended to put them into a dryer. Happy to answer any other questions you have! Brad6 months and they are rubbish! Worn and balled up holes. I have Bonds from 10 years ago thag have held up better. I am so very annoyed I wasted my money!

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