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Latest review: Having used other products like this for caravaning, and then using our JOOLCA OUTING shower there is no comparison. Would never go back to anything else. Top rate product. Well done to the

Rinnai Infinity Range

Latest review: I have called four times today and had two return calls "to see what I Wanted" and all I want to do is book a service Call! How hard is

Vulcan Freeloader Gas Hot Water System

Latest review: My HWS started dripping rusty water and thought "that's it" time for a new HWS. Discovered from documents left by previous house owner that my HWS was over 18 years old and not once did it falter.

JR Gas & Water

Latest review: JR Gas provided excellent advice, service and installation. My initial queries were responded to promptly with very helpful advice. Servicing was on time and very professional. I subsequently decided

Quantum Energy AC4 Series

Latest review: Installed mid 2016. Started infernal noise late 2018. Out of warranty after 2 years. $120 for technician to tell me it will cost $1100 to replace the compressor which comes with a maximum 1 year

Thermann Gas Continuous Flow

Latest review: This unit is very efficient at delivering hot water within 15 Seconds.There is little water temperature fluctuation unless another person opens another tap.Overall i would say this unit is the best

Rheem Stellar/RheemPlus 5 Star

Latest review: Had a problem with pilot light going out rang Rheem and they sent a repairman the next day. He knew what the problem was straight away and it was fixed in half an hour. Otherwise the water heater

AquaMAX G390SS

Latest review: Come out very hot so use on low setting save heaps of gas all ways had hot water just keep going and going out side unit didn't get much rust and could be happier with it lasted more then the normal

Dux Prodigy 4

Latest review: Replaced our 14 year old Dux with Prodigy 4 as the new unit was the same size installation was easy plumber was on site only 30 minutes . The unit serves our household of 3 adults and a 3 year old

Dux Prodigy 5

Latest review: Cannot fault the installation,supply and performance of my unit.Only had it installed March 2019.No problems whatsoever as you would expect,being so new.I would expect 10 years minimum just like my

Bosch HydroPower

Latest review: In March last year (2018) we had a failure in the heating coil in our Bosch 10P instant hot water service (after 20years of faithful service). I rang Origin Energy's replacement service (first

Rheem Continuous Flow

Latest review: Please ban Rheem from answering questions in this forum... No hot water and the temp of the (cold) water flashes up instead of the preset temperature. Last time I called Rheem, they got a plumber out

Bosch Pilot Ignition

Latest review: We had this hot water system installed by Ember Plumbing yesterday replacing an existing Bosch 10p which was over 14 years old. Cant complain with the old Bosch system lasting over 14 years. Value

Chromagen Eternity 26

Latest review: Ive had the unit for 10 years now and installed 2 remotes for convenience still going strong hasn't failed touch wood thou im not sure if this has made a difference to the life span but the unit is

Dux Prodigy 3

Latest review: With 2 kids under 3 years the demand for hot water is high at home. The Dux is doing it's job very wel We are extremely satisfied and recommend Dux products to

Bosch Optiflow Professional

Latest review: Like other reviewers, we have found the time to heat impossible. Our bathroom tap is right next to the heater - maybe 2-3m of pipe, but it takes 30 seconds to get hot water. Same problem with going

Thermomate Gas Hot Water Heater Portable Shower Camping LPG Instant 4WD Outdoor

Latest review: We moved in to temporary accommodation until our new house is built only to realize there was no hot water! What I mean is the electric hot water heater had been removed leaving only the water

Smarttek 6 Smart Hot Water System

Latest review: Absolutely brilliant! This is our 'all the time' shower and it is wonderful! Recently had a problem on a Saturday afternoon with the unit not heating and rang the help line. Wonderful service and

Rinnai B26

Latest review: I'm pretty sure we bought this around May 2018, and after getting it, I really really missed my old one. Our plumber recommended this one as he used it for his home and he liked it. But I think

Rheem Rheemglas 300135

Latest review: I had a Rheem 135 litre internal HWS installed just 3 days ago . The Internal tank was already cracked when installed and it has been leaking water all over my laundry floor . Despite numerous

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