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Secretlab Omega

Latest review: Recently I had been looking for a new desk chair. I do a fair amount of work at my pc, and I also spend time at it gaming when I'm not working. A couple of friends of mine had pointed me in the

Bathurst Racer Chair

Latest review: I have been looking at a few different chairs for my work office and after I used my friends chair that she had at her home office it was so comfortable and when she told me what chair it was I went

Matt Blatt Replica Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Premium GD-KIT-011

Latest review: Also known as the Iconic lounge chair to MB, there are a lot of bad reviews of this replica Eames lounge chair here. Some aren't even from Matt Blatt which is a little unfair to MB given it says MB

Wilkhahn 184 In Office Chair

Latest review: After years of problems with a bad back, this chair and a sit-stand desk provided a very good solution. The chair was first brought to my attention by an osteopath clinic, which described the chair

Herman Miller Mirra

Latest review: Super comfortable, has saved my back. Would not go back to a cheap chair. Have also had an aeron which is good but the Mirra is better due to the higher

HAG Capisco 8106

Latest review: The chair is expensive, and it definitely looks different, but so far I have been finding it very comfortable. I think I have sat in about 15 different positions in the chair and that is about half

Ikea Markus

Latest review: I was looking for a new office chair, and after a lot of researching (Googling), I came across several posts on gaming forums and also on Whirlpool. And this chair came out as being the best bang

Herman Miller Aeron

Latest review: Having read all the positive reviews about the Herman Miller Aeron - Remastered chair I purchased one about six weeks ago. Nothing but frustration, discomfort, and sore back since. The major problem

Equip Therapod Classic Posture Standard Back

Latest review: Therapod Contemporary vs Classic 2017 updated review - I have come back to amend my 2013 review. I bought the contemporary chair in June 2017. I have one at work - bought in 2007. I wrote this

Ergolux Racing Seat Office Chair

Latest review: Once out of the box, it becomes clear you have to put the chair together. With a few screws & a couple of Allan keys (I love Allan keys) it took probably an hour to assemble, then to sit on.... nice,

Matt Blatt Replica Eero Saarinen Fibreglass Tulip Chair - Wool Cushion

Latest review: We have literally just bought this Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair replica today from Matt Blatt. But I basically completely taken it apart to rebuild it so I feel like I know this chair well and have some

Eames Group Aluminum CF-035

Latest review: The office chair I've been using for a couple of years now finally gave up on me so I had the chance to pick up a new one last week. So far, I'm pretty satisfied with this chair. I particularly like

Ergolux 8 Point Heated Vibrating Massage Office Chair

Latest review: I work at a desk and a comfortable chair is essential. So when I saw this, a good looking office chair that has a massaging function and a butt warmer (for those cold mornings) I thought my dreams

Luca (Aldi) Ergonomic Office Chair

Latest review: I just bought 2 this chair, but only use 2 months for my children but the seat base inside foam is gone, look like sit on the wood

Ergolux RX10 Deluxe Gaming Office Chair

Latest review: I've been looking for a good and affordable "gaming" chair for a while. My issue is, I'm happy to pay upwards of $500 for an excellent chair but do not want to spend that kind of money if the chair

Ergolux RX8 Deluxe Gaming Office Chair

Latest review: This chair was easy to assemble and initially comfortable. After a couple of weeks one of the plugs for the casters collapsed and the cast or fell out. It took me weeks of getting nowhere with Logan,

Humanscale Diffrient World

Latest review: Whoever designed this thing clearly had never seen a human back or had some very strange beliefs about human anatomy. The back rest constantly reclines back so you end up spending most of the day

YS Design YS46PU Preson

Latest review: Hi ,i bought this seat just over 12 months ago.It was 1 of the most comfortable seats i sat in ,when i was looking to buy a seat.Slowly the seat cushion has sunk ,and now to the point of you are

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