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Smeg C9GM Series

Latest review: This oven is very spacious and cooks well. It produces a very even result. The hotplates work well and the area around them is easy to clean . Door is nice and wide to access

Smeg TRA90

Latest review: Love this oven. Cooks well. Has double fans. Cooks evenly for a large bake. The gas cook top is excellent. Ezy to clean. A trouble free oven. Would buy this again. Bought at Harvey Norman as a

Smeg SFA6309X

Latest review: I have had this oven for 3 years and it has exploded twice during the pyroletic clean. Luckily for me the repair company has replaced the glass for free both times with no hassle, but even they are

Smeg SA9065X / SA9065XS

Latest review: Edit to add: SMEG customer service were really good. I received an immediate response from the company after emailing them and two days later, I have a new glass door, free of charge. I did lose

Smeg SFA6304X

Latest review: I purchased my Smeg oven a few years ago. Smeg have sold me, I will never look at another oven again. It is fast, cooks evenly, fans are quiet, cleaning is easy just wipe it out. Once you get use to

Smeg C6GMXA8

Latest review: The oven came as a part of a renovated kitchen and unit we purchased (not the original purchaser). The unit is probably around 3-4 years old. The timer stopped working, some segments on the display


Latest review: Love my new Smeg oven, especially the metal handles, no plastic on this oven... Major positive is the small burner at the BACK of the stove top, just where you need to leave a simmering pot for a

Smeg SFA7390X

Latest review: Smeg sent a technician very quickly even though I wasnt sure how old the oven was. We bought the house a month ago and suddenly oven stopped working. Ive contacted Steve from smeg and he quickly

Smeg SFPA6925

Latest review: As a committed gas oven girl, I was determined to replace my deteriorating oven with a newer gas model - until I saw this! Love at first sight and having used it for two months, I am also in love

Smeg SFPA6395X

Latest review: I called Smeg and they gave me the electricians number to call to arrange a service which was done within days. The electrician could not see why the oven was leaking. I wrote the review on this

Smeg SFA4920M

Latest review: We bought this oven in black, to complement our SMEG Victoria free-standing oven. We are new to the idea of a combi oven, which incorporates both microwave and conventional cooking techniques, but

Smeg SFPA6390X

Latest review: You will see an earlier review (DMB 7 June 2018) by me of problems with our new SMEG oven. When that review was posted on ProductReview.com.au we received an email that day from the SMEG National

Smeg TRA93P / TRA93BL

Latest review: I love this oven, except I cant figure out how to control the temperatures in the 2 ovens. I either have it too hot or not hot enough. Get in touch with Smeg, well I did, I am still waiting for a

Smeg A11X-7

Latest review: It’s a fabulous oven, lovely flat hot plates. The oven is easy to clean, as are the gas burners. We have bottled gas burners and electric oven. My only problem is the amount of time the cooling down o

Smeg SFPA7395X

Latest review: First the bad. The controls were designed by a deluded person who was once scared by a computer. The 'knobs' are essentially joy sticks where you have to navigate through menus each time and none of

Smeg SOA330X

Latest review: Just bought this oven and I am blown away that the grill that is supplied is for a 600mm oven. The oven is 750mm, the grill element is 750mm but the grill tray is for a 600mm oven and just sits on a

Smeg DOSPA6395X

Latest review: May need a electronics degree to operate but will get used to it. Its a good one. cooks quick and reasonably even. The design is great. not too many knobs to confuse whats already there. The size

Smeg FS61X / FS61XNG8

Latest review: We have recently purchased a smeg freestanding oven and have had it for less than a month. From the very first day we turned it on it has made a very noisy vibrational sound, I contacted smeg


Latest review: We bought the oven brand new 6 years ago. Since then, we’ve replaced our oven clock twice (both times out of warranty), costing us $550 each time, including the technician’s time and expertise (no

Smeg C6CMXA8

Latest review: Firstly it is my first day with this oven but really it only has one wire rack to cook the food on now I tried the shelf but found the food cooked on one shelf but not the other so I had one

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