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How do I get a return number that is asking me to have to be able to return item
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Hi...I bought a sofa bed from Ozsale on 5 March 2018 and it's leg has snapped off. MY ORDER DETAILS: Date: 5/3/2018 Order Number: 25550438 Total Paid: 423.95 Shipping Address: [address removed] I have pictures. The quality is really poor and as it is in our holiday unit it has barely been used. Two people sat on it at Easter and the wood that the leg is screwed into collapsed. I have photos. Can you please supply a phone number or email address I can contact you one? Is it under warranty...it is really poor that it has only lasted a year and that was with it hardly being used? Thanks. Best regards Meredith Irving. Mobile [number removed] email: [email removed]
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How to delete items from my cart.
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the minus sign getting the quantity to zero if it's not working try from a different browserJust exit and cancel and then start a new orderHey Jill, yes you can use the minus sign to remove the item from the cart. However the item will be automatically removed from the cart after 15 minutes of a non active session. Thanks.

I just Placed a wrong order on Ozsale. How can cancel this order and refund the fee? Dhifaf
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Hey there Dhifaf, please do provide us with the order no for the cancellation. Thanks

I received my puma shoes and they are a size too big can I return them and get a size smaller sent I was surprised they were sent from the UK I am presuming they have to be returned there thanks
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Hey Brad, sorry to hear the shoes you received were too big. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer exchanges as we do not keep stock of the items. You can however return them for a refund into our warehouse in Sydney. To return a product, please visit My Returns via your Account and lodge a Returns Request. Alternatively, please click here: http://www.ozsale.com.au/MyAccount.aspx#myreturns . Please remember to state the reason for your return and my returns team will approve your returns request and will email you with the instructions on how to return. Do reach out to us if you need any further assistance and we will be happy to assist. Thanks.

Hello, I'm trying to track my order number but it doesn't seem to be working. I received an email 10 days ago advising my order (28843886) had been despatched. At this stage I haven't received it and the link in the email to track it doesn't seem to be working. Can you please advise what is happening with my order. Thank you so much for your time and assistance.
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Hey Toni, thanks for reaching out to us here. I've just checked your order and its just cleared customs today. This will then be handed to Australia Post for the final delivery. I've just emailed you with the details on how you can track this order. Thank you.Oh that’s great. Thanks for your prompt reply & great service. Have a great day. Toni

I also entered the wrong address to my order and did some change throught contact us but still dont get any reply yet? Can you help me out. Thanks My Order Number: 29076515
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Hi Ann, I'm sorry but I do not work for OzSale so am at a loss to see how I can help you. Suggest you try to contact them again directly. Good luck.Hey Ann, thanks for reaching out to us here. We have now updated the delivery address for this order. Thanks.

I have had several orders from you. The tops usually fit. I have purchased two dresses size 10. One is too big and the other too small. How can I return them as have no invoices but you would have a record of what I bought.
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Was definitely me that wrote the message as have purchased several times from you and two dresses don’t fit. Do not have invoices as you don’t enclose any with items and as am elderly find it very difficult to know how to return. This will prevent me from buying again. Jeanette.Hey Jeanette, sorry to hear this but you can request for a return request by heading to your OZSALE account, head to My Accounts, My Returns and create a returns request from there. You returns request will then get approved and an instruction email will be send. If you're not able to do this, then do provide us with the order no or your email address to your OZSale account and I will assist you with the return. Thanks.

Why i can't place an order if I am not on the facebook?
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I use the appHey Vicki, you can alternatively head to our website at https://www.ozsale.com.au, create an account and start buying from us. You can do this even without a Facebook account. Thanks.

How can I return items without an invoice
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Hi Jeanette, sorry I can't be much help as never had call to return anything up too now. Surely you might have had a confirmation or dispatch email and that usually has an invoice attached. Good luck with that !Hey Jeanette , you can create a return request from your OZSALE account under My Accounts, My Returns. The returns team will pick your returns request and will email you with the details on how you can return the item to us. Thanks.I have tried everything to contact my accounts and as soon as I enter my email address, they say they already have that account, which is me but can’t get to it no matter what I do. I wish they would contact me so I could tell them, what I think of their operation.

I have done my order for first time and its my daughter’s bday dress after reading the reviews iam lil Concerned if the item wil Be delivered on time or not .. i usually order from Shein and its a excellent online website , , always delivers before delivery date which is commendable ! Also lil concern about the quality ! Hope i dont have a. Bad experience .
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I order huggies nappies they are coming from oz warehouse and ment to be here 2 weeks ago i wont ever use this website again and when a tracking number given its doesnt exist or cant be found atm please try again. I also love shein how great is there prompt service and no isues with anything ! Maybe get yourself a back up plan chickThank you Cody for you message ! Wil def have a back up ! Much appeciate hun !Hey there Yashapandey, please do provide me with the order no and I will provide you with an update. Thank you.

on your website I noticed that you now have a new sale of unq clothing and the exact dresses that I ordered(28547659) are for sale again with them supposedly arriving next month,i don't understand how this could be as according to the answer I received from you the gear from their last sale was still to arrive.could you just reorder them for me again from the new sale as I really have given up on the original order ever arriving ,thankyou.
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Hello Dougalmcdoodle, thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that you are without your order. I apologise as we are unable to place orders on behalf of customers.

Hello I just placed an order and it’s being sent to the wrong address how can I change this?
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Go to their site, click on My Account, click on "Contact Us" put in the order number and explain the problem.Hello Georgie, thank you for your message. Please drop us a message with your order number and preferred address and we'd check if this can be amended.

Who else has been treated appalling by this company and not received refunds. Was informed to contact Fair Trading by their customer services, Aaron Prasath after they deactivated my account and refusing to provide me refunds for faulty merchandise returned.
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That did not happen to me, I've never had a problem getting issues sorted out with Ozsales. If you received an item that was dead on arrival, you are entitled to a refund (unless you changed your mind, or you broke it, or it failed after receipt - in which case warranty provisions are applicable). Refer the matter to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), as that would be against Trade Practices Law, or ask to speak to whoever is in charge at Ozsales, and advise them that you will be referring the matter to the ACCC. Regards.Thanks for your message. Previously, they weren’t too bad to deal with. Unfortunately, customer service and their Returns Department are hit and miss. I will definitely be informing ACCC of their conduct and failure to refund for faulty merchandise returned back to them. I will also be taking it up with my bank too. At least PayPal is starting to recover some of outstanding refunds.

I placed an order on feb 7 and according to your website it arrived on the 18th feb,since then no updates and it still hasn't arrived.have messaged you many times and been told information ranging from its being packed as we speak to it would be arriving before the end of last month ,both untrue.all I want to know is if it will be arriving at all because it seems to me you have no idea about where it is and are stringing me along.surely it cant be that hard to find out where it is ,especially if it arrived on the 18th feb.the order number is 28547659.hope you can finally help me with this as I am losing patience and only want to know IF it will be arriving at all.thanks.
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Hello Dougalmcdoodle, thank you for posting this question here. I have checked and have found that your order is still pending. This order is meant to be packed and dispatched directly from our supplier's warehouse. I have checked with our team and have been advised that the stocks have not arrived yet. Our managers are currently in dialogue with the suppliers to get better understanding on how we can have this issue resolved. However, we have not been provided with a date as to when the stocks will arrive. Given this long delay, would you like to have this order cancelled?well if it is actually going to arrive and really that is all I have been after a definite yes or no I will wait.however if it drags on indefinitely then I will be wanting a cancellation and refund,thankyou.Okay, in that case, would you want to wait for another week to see if there is any changes with the supplier's stocks before deciding to keep the order or cancel the order?

Has anyone else had their account deactivated after chasing up outstanding refunds and told to contact ACCC?
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Hey Beckstar, please do provide us with your order details and we will look into this for you. Thank you.I don’t wish to purchase anything EVER AGAIN from your Company. So reactivating my account is frivolous!!!!! I just want the money owed to me from all the returned items that have been posted back shortly to your Company. De-activation of my account and refusing to issue refunds for returned items that were faulty, damaged, incorrectly supplied or not as described is very POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and demonstrates UNSCRUPULOUS conduct. So, why would I want you to re-activate my account?

Who else has or still is experiencing issues with getting your refunds for items returned to either Ozsale or BuyInvite (same organisation)?
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Hey there Beckstar. I'm sorry to hear this, could you please provide me with the order no for me to assist you further. Thank you.Interesting how quickly you respond on this site, but not your own site....well let’s see if you will rectify things, as I have attempted for months to do so....my outstanding return refunds for items that have in fact been returned to your company are numerous. So perhaps I’ll give you just a few and see whether or not I actually will receive my refunds back into my bank account. There is no way on earth I will accept a STORE CREDIT! Especially after cancelling my account and being hostile, rude and unprofessional. So let’s see if you honour resolving and actually refunding me for items returned after receiving faulty, damaged or not per order/description!!!! RT1642485 RT1686251 RT1682388 RT1680581 RT1680580 RT1680579 RT1666090 RT1666089 RT1664469 RT1663842 RT1663841 RT1659603 RT1652139 RT1650926 RT1650918 RT1316440 RT1330021 RT1278246 RT1499294 I look forward to receiving my refunds (NOT STORE CREDITS) in a timely manner. Your accounts Department have been contacted about my outstanding refunds multiple times. So I trust that this will be resolved immediately as they had ample time and opportunities to rectify the above. Thanks

Hi, I just deleted an old address from my Oz Sale account but I can't seem to add a new address. I've just ordered as well and have messaged you regarding delivery address via the contact page but I'd still like to update my address on my account for future orders. Thanks.
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Hey Katie, sorry to hear you're having issues updating the address. Please do provide me with the order no and I will assist you with this. Thank you.Hi, my order number is 28978574. ThanksThanks Katie for the order no. I have now updated the delivery address for this order. You can view this changes by logging on to your account and head to My Orders. I have also updated this address in your account. Thank you.

Hello..i got wrong parcel.i want to return and apply for refund now.The wrong parcel is with me,what to do??
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Hey Reema, sorry to hear that you received the wrong item. Please do provide me with the order no and I will assist you with the return.

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