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Commonwealth Bank Low Fee Student
Latest review: They waived the annual fee every year i was a student and when I was no longer a student this year they continued to waive the fees provided that i spend at least

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate
Latest review: I have been using this card for some time and unlike my other credit card (St george) I am impressed with the service and the staff who have been helpful and polite. I only use this card for travel

Commonwealth Bank Essential Super
Latest review: I rolled over my super to commonwealth becase it was doing terrible elsewhere and they gave me clear options of what would be best for me well explaind easy to understand and it works fine for me

Commonwealth Bank Pensioner Security
Latest review: This is a free account for pensioners, with a set amount of free transactions. Commonwealth has the most amount of branches and ATMs, which makes them the most accessable in Australia. This account

Commonwealth Bank Low Fee
Latest review: Easy to use. Love the online and feel secure and love there fraud squad. I am a Google play user and purchase a lot of things with this card on Google Play. I was buying a family member some Apple

Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard
Latest review: My account got hacked for 3 transactions by Ola Cabs. Had to file for Police Complaint and really push Commonwealth to have my money back. I called Commonwealth everyday to get active results. Very

Commonwealth Bank Diamond Awards
Latest review: This used to be a good value card for people that had a high monthly spend. Not any more. CBA reduced the rewards points for the AMEX over the last few years, and are now removing the AMEX option

Commonwealth Bank Low Rate Gold
Latest review: I changed to this card in March this year, choosing to consolidate two cards into one. This Low Rate Gold cards has a reasonable credit limit, low interest rate and low annual fee as well. There are

Commonwealth Bank NetBank Saver
Latest review: CBA Netsaver used to have a decent interest rate but somehow it declined to .5%. If you tell the bank that you want more they will give it to you but why should you have to ask. They must assume that

Commonwealth Bank YouthSaver
Latest review: When my son turns 18, the bank does not notify that he's no longer entitled to interest in the account. We have no idea and only realised no interest paid for the last 18 months when the statements

Commonwealth Bank Mortgage Interest Saver
Latest review: The CBA MISA account is the worst offset account I have ever used. It's not 100% transactional - you cannot direct debit from this account and every single time you make a withdrawal it has to be

Commonwealth Bank Awards
Latest review: Just purchased a book of 6 village gift cards for my son for Christmas and they only last 6 months. Just crap, I would have thought to have an expiration date of at the very least 1 years worth.

Commonwealth Transaction Accounts
Latest review: This account is ok but if you don't get the deposits of $2000 it a little disappointing we get charged for being loyal to the

Commonwealth Bank Personal Loans
Latest review: Wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy as I was approved for a loan then declined 2 days later I was very d

Commonwealth Bank Term Deposit
Latest review: Even after taking in documentation to prove that my father is dying, the bank will not allow him access to his term deposit account. Vietnam veteran who has been a loyal customer to commonwealth bank

Commonwealth Bank Platinum Awards
Latest review: If one travels overseas, the CBA cards which offer complimentary Travel Insurance are the best. The Gold card is good for three months of travel, the Platinum card for up to six months, and Diamond

Commonwealth Bank Life Insurance
Latest review: Every year when I receive my renewal notices, there will be at least one mistake. One year I received 12 copies of the renewal notices for 4 policies. Every year I receive my renewal notices, every

Commonwealth Bank Travel Insurance
Latest review: I just had a call to the claims line and the operator seemed as though she couldn't wait to get me off the phone. They answered almost immediately (which is a positive), but almost seemed like they

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card
Latest review: Was charged 11 1/2 months later for an overseas transaction, but my concern is how do you know it hasn’t already been deducted from your money card? ! Filed a dispute with combank but did not hear a

Commonwealth Bank GoalSaver
Latest review: Not sure why but CBA keeps tweaking the rules on this product to try and screw you out of a meagre bonus interest rate. 1. Used to allow 1 unpenalised withdrawal each month (now it is zero) 2. Used

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