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Panasonic SD-2501
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017

Bread MakersPanasonic SD-2501

4.5 from 238 reviews

Latest review: Love this breadmaker- does a perfect loaf every time! The quick loaf is great & takes less than 2 hours. You can also use the pizza dough setting to make your own bread rolls or cheese & bacon rolls

Panasonic ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter RKR Series

Split System Air ConditionersPanasonic ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter RKR Series · includes 7 listings

4.2 from 150 reviews

Latest review: This air con has been nothing but faulty and frustrating! It seemed to work fine for the first year then after that, the heating system starts shutting down automatically. I have raised this several

Panasonic NN-SF574S

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-SF574S

3.5 from 231 reviews

Latest review: I bought the Panasonic Flatbed Microwave Oven (NN-SF574S) because I needed a microwave quick, and I thought Panasonic was a brand that I could trust, how I was wrong. This microwave is very noisy,

Panasonic ECONAVI AERO Z-TKR Series

Split System Air ConditionersPanasonic ECONAVI AERO Z-TKR Series · includes 7 listings

3.8 from 77 reviews

Latest review: This 5kW Panasonic has very good energy efficiency (i have monitored it) and it heats and cools quickly. My only complaint is the buzzing noise coming from the outside unit. It appears to be only on

Panasonic NN-SF564W / NN-SF564WQPQ

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-SF564W / NN-SF564WQPQ · includes 2 listings

3.5 from 97 reviews

Latest review: Firstly, this microwave is noisy and then got noisier after we started having issues with it. 2ndly, the functions are very average, their are no reheat meal options. It does not heat or reheat well

Panasonic 407L Bottom Mount

Bottom Mount Fridges / RefrigeratorsPanasonic 407L Bottom Mount · includes 2 listings

4.2 from 28 reviews

Latest review: This fridge is only good for a small family. When the fridge is too full, it’s still maintain a reliable temperature in all compartment but it might make a lot of noises.the only thing I dislike is t

Panasonic SD-ZB2512

Bread MakersPanasonic SD-ZB2512

4.5 from 20 reviews

Latest review: We are very happy with this breadmaker. It works perfectly and looks nice on my benchtop. We use it at least three times per week. Making Sourdough is so easy. Most complaints I read are as a result

Panasonic NN-ST665B

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-ST665B

3.6 from 46 reviews

Latest review: The front surface of the microwave has become faded after about half year and the plastic cover started to loose. This is not expected for a product only purchased recently despite I only use it once

Panasonic SR-DF101WST / SR-DF181WST

Rice CookersPanasonic SR-DF101WST / SR-DF181WST · includes 2 listings

3.4 from 31 reviews

Latest review: I bought it 2 weeks ago... the rice cooked so well but So much water stocked at the lid so i need to put paper towel inside to dry while cooking and no alarm if

Panasonic Inverted Ducted

Ducted Air ConditionersPanasonic Inverted Ducted · includes 8 listings

4.0 from 16 reviews

Latest review: I bought a little AC for my tenant room. I'm happy with overall brand. It runs very quiet and make room pretty cool. I would recommend this product to my

Panasonic Econavi NA-FS85G3WAU / NA-FS95G3WAU

Top Loading Washing MachinesPanasonic Econavi NA-FS85G3WAU / NA-FS95G3WAU · includes 2 listings

3.0 from 40 reviews

Latest review: When the machine goes, it's great. Have had the machine for 5.5 years. The lid had to be replaced because the plastic hinges cracked and the machine wouldn't work unless it was closed properly.

Panasonic NN-CD997S

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-CD997S

2.6 from 59 reviews

Latest review: With all the functions my son, who is vision impaired will be able to cook more for himself. Being able to do this with confidence will assist in building his self image and

Panasonic NN-CF770M

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-CF770M · includes 2 listings

2.5 from 74 reviews

Latest review: We had an old sharp which we replaced should have kept this model take ages to heat our gas job is better. Would take twice as long as old model to

Panasonic NN-ST64JW

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-ST64JW

4.0 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Bought this in January 2019. Good unit and very powerful. I love the butter softening function. No more liquid butter! Just preset the weight of butter and the microwave automatically softens it

Panasonic AERO RZ-TKR Series

Split System Air ConditionersPanasonic AERO RZ-TKR Series · includes 6 listings

3.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Had one of these installed 6 months ago. Cooling is acceptable. Heating is atrocious. The unit is likely built with cheap plastic, so as it heats up, it cracks constantly. As in, every 30 seconds.

Panasonic NN-ST776SQPQ

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-ST776SQPQ

2.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: The blue coloured LCD is a real shocker. Unless you are with in a meter of it you cannot read it. Even the press buttons are dark and hard to read. I'd like to replace that microwave with something

Panasonic NN-CD58JS

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-CD58JS

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I was curious to try all the modes as I could as I've never had a combo oven before. This microwave does everything just so well and just as the manual says. The convection feature does fish

Panasonic ActiveFoam EcoNavi NA-120VG6WAU / NA-120VX6WAU

Front Loading Washing MachinesPanasonic ActiveFoam EcoNavi NA-120VG6WAU / NA-120VX6WAU · includes 2 listings

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: We got this machine in the boxing day sales. Great value for a 10kg. It's such a huge improvement over our old Electrolux 7kg which it replaced. The 10kg capacity means you can throw large loads at

Panasonic SR-ZX105KSTM

Rice CookersPanasonic SR-ZX105KSTM

4.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I was in the market for a rice cooker which wouldnt cost as much as a tiger, but didn't want the cheap target ones. When there was a 20% off deal for good guys ebay I decided to buy this, it was

Panasonic NN-DS596B

MicrowavesPanasonic NN-DS596B

4.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Fantastic product. Does everything. I don't think there is any other Microwave that does as many types of cooking that this can do. It's expensive, but it does everything. My only gripe is no Instant

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