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Latest review: Great online auction website, accurate description and pictures of goods but best of all; professional and friendly customer service from the people assisting with any enquiries and pickup of


Latest review: Terrible company to deal with no customer service Staff have no idea what to do Other staff lied and told me one thing and then they changed the next day. They sold me a car that had finance still

Catch Deal

Latest review: ACCC has found them guilty of selling refurbished phones as new. they did this to me 3 times. repeatedly asked for a reimbursement but they refused. here is the email they sent me. You purchased a

Alliance Motor Auctions

Latest review: "Personal opinion" Went to purchase a Lexus & was told I can make a fully refundable deposit no conditions or terms*, so I made the deposit via my credit card. When checking the service history of

Southside Auto Auctions

Latest review: the guys at Southside auto auctions did a great job getting me into a car that I really needed they picked it out as I lived in a different town an I honestly couldn't be happier great service, great


Latest review: I received my combo fridge seals from Airtight Seals straight away by express post and the instructions were correct and I fitted the seals as advised. No problems, good

Pickles Auctions

Latest review: Call they don't answer Pay for item day before pick up send a tow truck he's sent away haven't received payment yet. Send remittance as a regular buyer. Never deal with again after 20 years of buying


Latest review: I took a chance on ioffer and order some designer replica bags. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amazing quality. I have found the more you pay the better the quality will be. I ask


Latest review: not very good picture on the cars they sale, so they can rip you off, Dishonest advertising,and don,t give very good information BE AWARE OF THEY , are very cunning, and will rip you off any time ,


Latest review: This online store claims to have great products at unbelievable prices. I found the product quality to be terrible and the cost of postage actually exceeds the product cost. It seems to sell goods


Latest review: Same issues as the other Reviewers: payments for bids packages are readily accepted and processed however when it's time to redeem and pay for "winnings", they suddenly have problems accepting


Latest review: Looks the same as always - I would be happy if they changed the front page. What is great though is the speed - definitely faster than most, considering that was their greatest weakness. Now the

Travel Auctions

Latest review: I have used this company a lot and have always be happy with them but itappears now the game has changed.I have bid on four auctions lately and did not win any.I was contacted and offered a set price

Audioland Online

Latest review: Was confused with all the Series that Samsung sell. Called these guys up they explained every model and series. Bought a Samsung 65" led TV which suited my need. Paid and within a Flash it was


Latest review: If you have issues with your items and need assistance, the customer support will not help or simply ignore you. I currently have an issue thats a few weeks old which i am still chasing once a

First State Auctions

Latest review: I have been attending these auctions for the last couple of years. Some great jewellry. They (mostly) have a reserve price (even though they say otherwise). Last year my friend purchased a $5600

Auto Auctions Guildford

Latest review: Have purchased two cars over 10years. Selection of near new cars under warranty keeps gettiing better. The place to go

Breen Auction Group

Latest review: They plant their own people in the crowd to put fake bids to raise the price on junk items. The best example is to bid 85 dollar coffee machine when you can buy them for 50 at any super

VIP Auction

Latest review: This company tried to steal £118 from me. I opened a case with PayPal insinuating unlawful activity but PayPal denied my case. I appealed and won my case. Sophora Media ( trading as VIP AUCTIONS )

Tender Center

Latest review: Our ipod was stolen from a locked cabinet, they did not even bother to inform us. We only found out when we queried why the lot number had disappeared from the vender account. They kept fobbing us

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