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Victa Classic Cut VCS467

Latest review: This mower I bought to replace my 36 year old 2 stroke Victa. I wanted a 4 stroke. This is so much quieter and easier to push. Starts 1st go and cute well. So far very reliable.. it's a

Victa Mustang

Latest review: Very happy with the purchase. Starts practically first time every time. My only negative is that it is extremely heavy. If you’re after a robust mower that’ll last forever then look no fur

Victa 82V 1687892

Latest review: Returned the first to Bunnings due to broken wheel, before using it. Returned 2nd with broken height lever noticed while assembling. Not sure if this delivery got dropped or something considering the

Victa 82V Power Cut 883241

Latest review: A lawn mower is quite a large investment and as such, this will be an in-depth review from a Bunnings employee who owns not one, but two of these fantastic mowers. First of all, this is the future

Victa Corvette

Latest review: I'm disappointed that we choose this mower. It is very heavy to push and difficult to start. I wouldn't recommend it for ladies or older people. More times than not I can't get it started which is

Victa Commando

Latest review: I have just purchased commando 675 motor is ok but my problem is the catcher only half fills up and it starts dropping grass every were and when you pull the catcher out there is always grass stuck

Victa 82V Rapid Trimmer 1696788

Latest review: I have owned several whipper snippers and have been regularly frustrated at their unreliable starting. However this cordless beauty is superbly quiet, is powerful enough for any job around our half

Victa Ultralite

Latest review: Having bought only ever Victa mowers in my life, I have been irritated and disappointed by my recent purchase of the Ultralite. The clippings build up extensively in the front of the catcher. The

Victa Easy Walker with InStart VAMD486

Latest review: After about 14 or 15 months the easy start became hard start, and eventually can't start. With no manual start, choke, or fuel tickler, just can't start it any

Victa Masterseries Mulchmaster

Latest review: This mower has made me so much monny the mulching is just exalent there is no job this mower can not do better then a honda mower hands down power price can side thow and mulch wet or dry honda

Victa 16" Razor Cut 881878

Latest review: Purchased from Bunnings, and mowed once ( very small area ) and all ok. Second time , after few mins, wheels locked, could not go forward. Took back to bunnings, and was told mowers have been coming

Victa VBE1500

Latest review: Diana picked this up this morning, left outside her favourite rich house on 10th Avenue. The armature was intact and it wasn't jammed, though no voltage. I thought the switch, though that was fine

Victa VRX

Latest review: Purchased to mow a predominantly level grassy block of about 5000 sq.m. Had my VRX for four years, it now looks like something from the fury road as I stopped putting parts back on. The Briggs and

Victa MV1200 Mini Vac

Latest review: This my 2nd Mini Vac, the first being the Victa Vac 500 which was of superior quality. The current model has a number of issues and not worth purchasing. 1. After using a new bag for a few times the

Victa SPX

Latest review: Four year old now , still going as I bought it . Thought I might shout it a new cutter belt. But no I turned it over as it was only worn on one back edge from the idler pulley . Go another 4 years

Victa Vforce+ 40Volt

Latest review: unbelievable that a battery powered chainsaw has so much power. dont have to muck around with mixing fuel, i have 2 batteries and i can fill my gator tray full of wood. Ive cut 16" cuts. Its light

Victa Pace

Latest review: I purchased this mower as it was well priced but soon realised that the expression "you get what you pay for" is true.it really seams very heavy and hard to move around especially on thick grass.i

Victa 82V Blower Kit 1687893

Latest review: This blower is fantastic and powerful yet light enough to carry around. Replaced a corded blower which was heavy and inefficient. This victa is a positive change. Cordless technology is the future of

Victa V-Force

Latest review: I've had this mower for two years now and during that time I've had three batteries. At first I thought the poor battery performance time was due to a faulty battery...not so. The longest the battery

Victa Mastercut

Latest review: I have many different mowers. I am a contractor. The 460 Victa fills a gap as a lightweight easy to manoeuvre and rugged mower. The two stroke is rugged and reliable but needs to be operated in a

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