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Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel

Garden HosesHoselink Retractable Hose Reel · includes 7 listings

4.8 from 1,950 reviews

Latest review: This hose kinks all the time and my mother is unable to use it as it reels in too quick and strong. I also didn't receive the screws that attach to the wall. I never received a reply to my email, I

Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits

Garden Maintenance ProductsVegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits

4.4 from 146 reviews

Latest review: Received so fast. Grandson set up large unit in an hour, no issues! Very pleased with instructions. So easy to do. Can't wait to see veggies growing. Thank you so

Hoselink Hi-Flow 25m Auto Rewind Hose Reel 3425

Garden HosesHoselink Hi-Flow 25m Auto Rewind Hose Reel 3425

4.8 from 21 reviews

Latest review: Seen this product on the internet and thinking of replacing one of the fittings of my existing retractable hoses that lately burst and spewing water for hours before it's been noticed. I order the

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Garden ToolsFiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

4.8 from 17 reviews

Latest review: Light, easy to use and splits most of my logs easily. The really twisted tough stuff requires a heavier maul such as the Fiskars Isocore (8lb head). Fiskars easily wins hands down over other top

Seasol Seaweed Concentrate

Garden Maintenance ProductsSeasol Seaweed Concentrate

5.0 from 14 reviews

Latest review: My viburnums were looking tired and wilted (I think my neighbour was ripping leaves off them, hence why we planted them in the first place, for privacy). After 2 applications of seasol, my viburnums

Fiskars Xact 4 Prong Weed Puller

Garden ToolsFiskars Xact 4 Prong Weed Puller

4.5 from 15 reviews

Latest review: I have used one of these for years and can say that they do work. However I have noticed that the weeds do re-grow at times, from seeds or bits of root left. I have found that planting grass seed

Maze 245L 2 Compartment Compost Tumbler

Compost BinsMaze 245L 2 Compartment Compost Tumbler

4.2 from 15 reviews

Latest review: A well designed composter and the 2 compartments work very well. Well made and designed. I used the youTube video to help me put it together which really helped. I would recommend not filling it to

Slasher Organic Weedkiller

Garden Maintenance ProductsSlasher Organic Weedkiller

3.3 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Shake the bottle spray it on and it turns the weeds to jelly in a few hours, I don't even remove them as on woodchip you can't see them within about 8 hours. Brilliant product. Did I mention shake

Yates Weed 'n' Feed Liquid Hose-on

Garden Maintenance ProductsYates Weed 'n' Feed Liquid Hose-on

2.5 from 98 reviews

Latest review: Found product easy to use. My hose connections another story. Bought at Big W. Size larger than supermarkets for the same price. Worked as described. Can't wait to see the results. Will use

Maze 12L Bokashi Indoor Composter

Compost BinsMaze 12L Bokashi Indoor Composter

2.6 from 65 reviews

Latest review: Review: The Bokashi indoor system is great for unit living. In fact I have bought two one to keep composting and the other to start new compost. It is simple to use and I keep mine out on my

Ryobi ONE+ 18V 3.5L Sprayer Console

Garden ToolsRyobi ONE+ 18V 3.5L Sprayer Console

3.0 from 26 reviews

Latest review: With high hopes, after owning several ryobi 18v tools was disappointed after the first 10 seconds. Have tried different amp batteries and still no luck. Not sure what the pressure should be but it

Urban Composter

Compost BinsUrban Composter

3.3 from 19 reviews

Latest review: I've read a few comments here about the quality of this product. I've had mine for several years now. I always add a few sprays of the compost accelerator & have had no problems at all. No leaking

Yates Baythroid

Garden Maintenance ProductsYates Baythroid

3.7 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I sprayed my entire 350sqm lawn following the instructions using the Yates Baythroid Advance formula now available and wow.. the next morning since coming out, the lawn has Hundreds Of dead African

Joraform Big Pig 270L Rotational Composter

Compost BinsJoraform Big Pig 270L Rotational Composter

4.1 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Purchased December 2009 for home use started rusting out 4 years ago on the hinge and consequently we nursed it along to date. Unfortunately it has now reached it’s used by date. We now ask the q

Hortico Weed Killer

Garden Maintenance ProductsHortico Weed Killer

3.0 from 21 reviews

Latest review: This is an excellent product. It lasts for ages and I have had nothing but success every time I use it. The only work you have to do is simply measure out the correct amount of concentrate and

Hoselink Ned Kelly Starter Kit 2250

Garden HosesHoselink Ned Kelly Starter Kit 2250

3.6 from 12 reviews

Latest review: I have insane water pressure 900kpa from all my garden taps I have been through 20 years of leaking hose fitting, fittings blowing off, you name it. The Ned Kelly and Hoselink System has 100%

Solo Backpack Sprayer

Garden ToolsSolo Backpack Sprayer · includes 3 listings

2.9 from 16 reviews

Latest review: OK, so I have owned and regularly used - weekly - a Solo 425D backpack sprayer for many years, all without trouble. About six months back I decided to purchase a second sprayer for the use of

Scotts Lawn Builder All Purpose

Garden Maintenance ProductsScotts Lawn Builder All Purpose

3.5 from 10 reviews

Latest review: I have used this product on my Kikuyu lawn a few weeks back. However, within a couple of days, most of the lawn become yellowish and eventually brown...!! Contacted the company (quickly got a

Aqua Systems Wireless Weather Station

Garden ToolsAqua Systems Wireless Weather Station

2.9 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Tried all things to get the system to connect to external sensor. Clearly this is a common problem. As here is no one to ring for trouble shooting I have to return for

Yates Weed 'n' Feed Granular

Garden Maintenance ProductsYates Weed 'n' Feed Granular

2.2 from 49 reviews

Latest review: I bought 1 bag of the weed'n'feed granular and I was quite generous with how much I sprinkled over the weeds (since I've read it's not supposed to be that effective). It sat for a couple of days and

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