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Apple iMac Retina 4K 21.5 inch

Latest review: recently purchased from jb hi fi and love it. worth every cent. I watch all my movies on the screen and its very clear and the operating system is very

Apple Magic Trackpad

Latest review: I got this trackpad to try it when it first came out. I haven't been using a mouse since. The thing that annoyed me the most about a mouse was the noise it was making when being dragged on the table.

Apple iPod Shuffle (4th Generation)

Latest review: My kids bought it for me for father's day. Was surprised by how easy it was to use.Now I'm walking around the house singing like an idiot and I think they're regretting buying it for

Apple iPod Touch (6th Generation)

Latest review: Brilliant device simple to use and just all out amazing. Lots of storage to download what you love! You can download anything on there and i could see only one flaw about it. That flaw is the screen

Apple iPad (5th Generation)

Latest review: I love this iPad due to its flexibility on being so small and slim line, that I can take it anywhere with me. It’s so easy to slip into my hand bag or hold on my hand (in a case) and take to uni. It h

Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

Latest review: I use this for artwork, studies and leisure activities. It’s great to use, apps work smoothly especially with the Apple Pencil- Apple is very innovative and continue to develop b

Apple AirPods

Latest review: These earphones are extremely good but cost a lot of money. You can expect that i guess but i don't want to empty my wallet like i did. I would recommend buying if you have the budget. Sound quality

Apple iPad (6th Generation)

Latest review: I purchased this iPad over a year ago now , I have no complaints what do ever, I recommend it highly. I am a big fan of apple, all products are built very well and have full

Apple iPhone XR

Latest review: Fast, screen clear, big screen BUT when using apps such as snap chat and instagram a portion is cut off due to the front top speaker blocking the image. It’s also slightly muffled when talking in the

Apple iPhone XS

Latest review: The iPhone Xs Max is a great phone, gives you that amazing camera to shoot beautiful photos, amazing video and breathtaking slow mo videos. The whole design of the phone is nice, and the larger

Apple iPad mini 4

Latest review: I upgraded from an IPAD2 which was working perfectly after 2 years. I can't be happier than this. My wife absolutely enjoys using this device and doesn't detach it from herself. The quality of this

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Latest review: If I never had to get a new phone again I would be completely satisfied! They are so great and simple to use! My only complaint would be they are not built well, the back screen just shatters at any

Apple Watch Series 4

Latest review: I purchased this after 2 Fitbits failed to deliver and FB finally gave me a sort of Refund and Suggested their product wasn’t for me. I had a Kidney Transplant last year and needed reasonably a

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Latest review: Good phone with decent features but really pathetic reception and there is some issue about the audio. My mate’s Samsung Galaxy is way faster with internet reception and you can actually hear the p

Apple iPhone X

Latest review: I just switched from iPhone 6S to IPhoneX and find it very easy to use. It’s better screen, battery lasts longer and great look and feel, overall better choice as step forward from 6

Apple Watch Series 3

Latest review: If you are looking for a watch you can use as a phone the Apple Watch will be the best purchase for you. But if you are hoping to upgrade your FitBit to some thing you are able to swim in and track

Apple iPhone 7

Latest review: Screen is good and application is great, customer service is really accessible easily. Refund processed very quickly. Loving the Apple products thinking of getting the iPad and more accessories

Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac

Latest review: It's a shame that Apple isn't making Airport routers anymore. They are an amazing product and I have been using them for many years with no faults. I probably only have to reboot an Airport base

Apple Pencil

Latest review: Draws well, drawn line follows tip on the screen, pressure sensitive for strokes, recharges by plugging into iPad (original version), Bluetooth setup. I’ve discovered these recently - just great for A

Apple iPhone 8

Latest review: This phone is perfect. Runs smoothly, has a good screen and incredible camera, it’s durable and the button is great. This is by far the best iPhone on the market, I wouldn’t get a newer one unless I

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