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Apple AirPods

Latest review: Having had the Generation 1 version of these AirPods, I had high expectations for the new Generation 2. While very happy with my original set, their battery performance had suffered over the

Apple iPad (6th Generation)

Latest review: Please, if you are searching for a tablet device to purchase, just save the stress and money of annoying slow Android tablets and wait a little while longer to get an iPad. After having both a

Apple Watch Series 4

Latest review: Anyone who is a fan of apple should buy this - easy to use, helps you manage your day to to day phone related activities without the need of taking your phone

Apple iPhone XR

Latest review: Great phone! The camera is amazing. The storage is great for keeping all my photos in one place. Functionality and ease of use is also really convenient. The battery life is great, easily lasts a

Apple iPhone 7

Latest review: The general quality of photos etc is good its easy enough to use Has had numerous periods of slowness. The battery often went flat with limited use. I often had to restart the phone. How can an

Apple iPhone 8

Latest review: I use the camera at horse shows so its always day but in poor light it has been great love the video on it. clear and pixels are good for action

Apple Watch Series 3

Latest review: The apple watch series 3 is an absolute pleasure to wear. the watch is so light and it doesnt feel like you are wearing one. Very comfortable. I have the nike edition which gives us few more

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Latest review: Very smooth drive and fantastic fuel economy. Power a little less compared to other SUV's but if you push it hard it gets up very nicely. . Seating comfortable and visibility really good. Overall

Apple iPhone XS

Latest review: So far the phone runs well and seamlessly pairs with all my Apple Products, LG TV, Car etc. The Camera is good, but not as good as Samsung mobiles. This is coming from a Apple fan. Battery is the

Apple Store Australia

Latest review: Hi Just wanted to let you know my terrible experience at your Chadstone store by a apple assistant named Nick H. I went in to get my iphone replaced, but he was either helpful or knowledgeable. It

Apple iPhone X

Latest review: The biggest annoyance for me is the lack Of an audio jack. I have had the battery die twice on long calls at the end of the day. Not possible to charge and talk unless you have a charge pad. I don’t n

Apple TV

Latest review: Pros: Small, powerful, reliable streaming, it does 4K images. Voice control makes life a lot easier for example "resume xyz" will start where it left off for series xyz, no need to remember season,

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Latest review: I am so addicted to the camera settings and clarity of the pictures. With Iphone 8S+ I feel so secured and I use this phone for lots of purposes. Very strong and

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13-inch

Latest review: This is my first MacBook, and my previous laptop was a had a 19" screen and was not a Mac. I love my Mac, as I have other Apple products and liked that I could sync all my products. I have a small

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Latest review: Camera is good the only issue is making sure that the settings are right so that you don’t get a light in your photo. Photos come out with high quality. My mobile is used for emailing, playing music (

Apple iPhone XS Max

Latest review: Camera quality is excellent besides the fact that sometimes when taking selfies, the phone doesnt detect my face and creates a really ugly lighting. but thats something thats easily fixed. Durability

Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

Latest review: Great artistic functionalities for professional or amateur artists. I love the crystal clear visual on photos I now use on my Pro in painting portraits. The results are surprising as the details are

Apple iMac 21.5 inch

Latest review: I've bee using Mac for almost 20 years and recently bought this latest iMac but was huge disappointment. Compare to the one I had, bought back in 2012, this was way better computer. Worst

Apple iPad Pro (3rd Generation)

Latest review: So, my old iPad kept shutting down and restarting so I thought I would upgrade to a new one and see how I go. First off, I will say this one to me feels hard to hold on to. I hate how it won't sit on

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch

Latest review: Using usb c as a charging port replacing the MagSafe is a terrible idea: can’t tell when it’s full charge except to look at the display and different to plug-in without adequate ambient lighting (do

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