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Apple iMac Retina 4K 21.5 inch
Latest review: Having only used windows based operating systems based computers I can see why Apple is better. Everything just works. The clarity of the 4k screen, the tactile perfection of the keyboard and smart

Apple Magic Trackpad
Latest review: I got this trackpad to try it when it first came out. I haven't been using a mouse since. The thing that annoyed me the most about a mouse was the noise it was making when being dragged on the table.

Apple iPod Touch (6th Generation)
Latest review: I like the size of the screen, I like the colour of the case, I have had an apple product for years now and I would never change, Thank

Apple iPod Shuffle (4th Generation)
Latest review: My kids bought it for me for father's day. Was surprised by how easy it was to use.Now I'm walking around the house singing like an idiot and I think they're regretting buying it for

Apple iPad (5th Generation)
Latest review: I love this iPad due to its flexibility on being so small and slim line, that I can take it anywhere with me. It’s so easy to slip into my hand bag or hold on my hand (in a case) and take to uni. It h

Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
Latest review: I use this for artwork, studies and leisure activities. It’s great to use, apps work smoothly especially with the Apple Pencil- Apple is very innovative and continue to develop b

Apple iPhone XR
Latest review: Recently got the iPhone XR. Waited over a month to post this review to make sure how well it works. I am super impressed. Great screen display great battery life and excellent speed shifting between

Apple iPad (6th Generation)
Latest review: I weakened and bought an iPad 6 after saying I wouldn't' I will start off by saying that I have always found iPads very Quirky and this one is no exception. Setting up would have been OK except for

Apple AirPods
Latest review: This head phones are really good for when your always gonna walking around so u don’t have those wireless earphones dangling from your body I think the volume is pretty good and perfect for he ears m

Apple Watch Series 4
Latest review: I previously had the Apple Watch Series 1, however I wasn't quite impressed and sold it off after a couple of months. Seeing great improvement in Series 4, I finally decided to buy one for myself

Apple iPhone XS
Latest review: Changed from android to iPhone XS. Performance and photo quality are excellent but lacks in terms of app download over 4g . I get 200 Gb but can’t use to download more than 100 mb app unless c

Apple iPad mini 4
Latest review: I upgraded from an IPAD2 which was working perfectly after 2 years. I can't be happier than this. My wife absolutely enjoys using this device and doesn't detach it from herself. The quality of this

Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Latest review: The iPhone 8 Plus has lots of great features one that I love is the portrait function of the back camera. This is really like having a profesional cámara always available! The fact that the

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Latest review: I love this phone. I’ve had it for 2 years this month and prior to that I haven’t had a phone longer than 3months without breaking it. Works just as well as the day I purchased it and no cracks or den

Apple iMac Retina 5K 27 inch
Latest review: I was confusing for one month what to get A WINDOWS 10 OR IMAC after all advice from friends I decided to go to apple highpoint and purchase my baby computer 5K 27 INCH ,I was nervous at first with

Apple iPhone X
Latest review: Phone did not met expectations and very unreliable. Apple support via phone useless, spent hours attempting to fix faults. Will never purchase another Apple device, not value for money

Apple Watch Series 3
Latest review: I was a little disappointed with the product. It was great for the first month but soon realised that I spent more time charging the watch then wearing it which was a disappointment. Would I buy

Apple iPhone 7
Latest review: Camera quality isn't great however it does the job. Durability and brightness are good and sometimes apps crash however mostly run smoothly without any glitches and I'm overall happy with this

Apple Airport Extreme 802.11ac
Latest review: It's a shame that Apple isn't making Airport routers anymore. They are an amazing product and I have been using them for many years with no faults. I probably only have to reboot an Airport base

Apple Pencil
Latest review: Draws well, drawn line follows tip on the screen, pressure sensitive for strokes, recharges by plugging into iPad (original version), Bluetooth setup. I’ve discovered these recently - just great for A

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