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Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Latest review: I’ve owned several small chain saws , the 455 has not let me down. Easy to start and I use it almost on a weekly basis , sometimes everyday when cutting wood or building a log cabin . Knock on wood ,

Husqvarna R 120C

Latest review: Researched many mowers, from cheap to much more in price, and talked to many owners of ride ons, and decided on a 'rider' with the blades at the front. Its my first ride on, and its great,

Husqvarna 135R

Latest review: Great value for money machine. Tested it in some really think grass and the torque drove the line or blade with ease. Some people i know use this same machine commercially and are very happy with it.

Husqvarna Designer Topaz

Latest review: This is a great machine for those who want an embroidery machine but are on a budget. The sewing operation is easy and there are a wide range of stitches both practical and decorative. It is very

Husqvarna TE 300

Latest review: I have owned my 2015 Husqvarna TE300 for almost a year now. It's my first 2 stroke. I love it. I have ridden bikes all my life. I am now 48 years old. I swapped to this bike for a few reasons. 1st

Husqvarna T435

Latest review: If you can afford it this saw it is a real gem. I use it for camping and caravanning for fire wood and it performs on dry aussie hardwords. Starts first time every time and it's light weight means

Husqvarna 536LiLX

Latest review: i use the grass trimmer on about 3/4 acre and it works really good the battery only just lasts the distance eco mode its a bit crap but on full power it works terrific it is rather exspensive but

Husqvarna 525

Latest review: Previously had the 525 RJD , but sold and went with the 525 LST. The dedicated model is better than the break in half feature for whipper snipping. If you mostly do whippersniping get this model the

Husqvarna 450

Latest review: Saw was OK when new but now is a problem. Starts ok when cold, not when hot. Due to the single nut bar tightening used on this saw it is not possible to keep the bar from retracting. This causes the

Husqvarna 395XP

Latest review: Great saw - Light, powerful, and easily maneuverable - and the filter never gets dirty!! Bad Saw - Bury it fully into a log and the exhaust jet cuts the plastic kick back lever completely off like

Husqvarna LC 141Li

Latest review: I bought this Husq LC141li three months ago, the agent let me borrow one to mow my lawn, which hadn't been mowed for 5 months. It takes an hour and a half to mow my lawn and when I'm done (on a

Husqvarna 570BTS

Latest review: I've been using the Husqvarna 570bts commercially for the last few months. It's a beast of a blower, not for the faint hearted. It starts easily and will happily sit on full throttle until it runs

Husqvarna 536Li XP

Latest review: Advantages: High chain speed for a battery operated unit, with plenty of torque without the hassle of starting and stopping for a small cut, this thing is awesome. Battery lasts a while, and charger

Husqvarna K 3000 Cut-n-break

Latest review: I purchased the cut n break because it's the only tool on the market That can cut through Concrete reinforced with grade 60 rebar with ease compared to it's only competition, the Concrete chainsaw.

Husqvarna ST327P

Latest review: I have worked with this machine for 3 years and living in the part of Canada which I do, it gets a good work out. Over all I am pleased with the machine, now that I know of its qirks. Once the snow

Husqvarna Automower

Latest review: I love this mower, when it works! Ive only had it for just over two years and It's been to the repair shop at least three times for three or four months at a time. Husqvarna service is atrocious to

Husqvarna Z Series Zero-Turn

Latest review: I knew someone with a Victa who had deck issues and another with a Kubota who had belt issues. I got recommended a Husky. I wanted the Z254 model but the salesman advised the Z248F as it was a

Husqvarna 576XP AutoTune

Latest review: Short story...less than 1 tank of fuel, it died, correct fuel/oil, dealer got it back said they "adjusted the carb" same problem, got warm, quits, went back to the dealer, then they said I'd "burned

Husqvarna 100 Series

Latest review: Purchased this mower in 2016 had done 80 hrs in that time. Best investment, only ever had one issue with the gear box not engaging into reverse which was fixed under warranty. Just a build up of dust

Husqvarna 445 E-Series

Latest review: The chain keeps on coming off, I think the "no tools" chain tightening system is a poor gimmick that really doesn't work. I consider this to be a waste of money and is now my backup chainsaw. My

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