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HESTA Super Fund

Latest review: 7th attempt to contact HESTA to get ONE simple thing done. Each time = torturous. Last nite got a text "need some more info please call!". AGAIN i have to go through the standard call line waiting

Rest Superannuation

Latest review: Since 1999 trying to claim TPD made 4 requests rest say I need to talk to the insurance team but the AIA insurance team tell me I cant talk to them this is ridiculous I have been on the phone for


Latest review: I don't know a long time many years. Very Happy. Let me go l have to work. The only thing I could say would be to give a little more guidance. Thank


Latest review: I transferred to Hostplus 2 months ago. I was previously using a retail fund who delivered poor returns. So far I'm extremely happy. I declined the insurance option so can't comment on that aspect.


Latest review: I've been with LUCRF for over 15 years and have just received a letter advising me of the 'Moderate' changes about to happen to my Death Cover. The 'Moderate' changes are - my Cover is about to go up


Latest review: UniSuper, incompetent, liars and thieves. Since university employees to do not have a choice of superannuation funds (forced into UniSuper), I have been with UniSuper for approx. 12 years. I received


Latest review: It is interesting to find a Super company that does NOT want me to contribute to the fund. On 8 May 2019 I sent an enquiry to CareSuper on how I could make a pre-tax contribution to my super. Since

MTAA Super

Latest review: I tried to call the service line for 5-6 times, it was more than 20-minute wait every single time I call. Some of the calls disconnected by themselves, while I have to terminate the rest due to time


Latest review: Had two super accounts with them. When I left Australia I tried to get the money back for weeks. Tried calling but you wait 30 min and they hang up on you before you can talk to anyone. Disgusting.


Latest review: I have been a member for over 6 months. I have had previous issues with CBus relating to critical policy changes on investment strategies that were hidden in 40 page product information booklets and

Kinetic Super

Latest review: Several years ago I contacted kinetic and asked them to cancel my insurances because I was already covered elsewhere. Almost 3 years later I discovered they had still been taking out almost 6 dollars


Latest review: Unfortunately I was giving no choice to join Tasplan and at times I feel they don't really care about their clients. I can also give examples of how the senior management have treated some of their

Prime Super

Latest review: I am a financial adviser. I have my own advice licence so I can look after my clients properly and deal with any super fund on their behalf. In my dealings with super funds I have found that Prime


Latest review: Despite contributing every week for years, the amount in the account does not even remotely equate to the contributions made by my employer. No doubt the unions have made a backhand deal to force


Latest review: Waited over 40 minutes to get through, rang back again and waited another 30 minutes - with so many funds to choose from - I am looking

Cruelty Free Super

Latest review: Moving onto Cruelty Free Super was just another important step to take to live as close to cruelty free as possible. I couldn't continue staying with a fund when I knew the money was being made

REI Super

Latest review: REI Super have looked after my affairs for both my employees and for myself as the principle. The returns that are received are fantastic and whenever we have an issue they have been quick to respond


Latest review: Went through a difficult divorce and ESS paid out my ex with what they told me was MY money. As it turns out the money handed to my ex was a loan and they had me paying the interest. It appears all I

Club Plus

Latest review: Wasn’t even with them for a full day and was charged fees on top of fees with no service provided. Customer service isn’t helpful with every staff member contradicting one another with mostly inc

Catholic Super

Latest review: I ended up with Catholic Super because my employer at the time sent my super to the wrong fund. Both myself and my employer tried unsuccesfully to transfer the misplaced funds to my usual super fund.

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