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If pests around the home or office are bugging you, then it may be time to call an expert. In this guide, we’ll show you what to look for so that you can make a beeline for a reputable pest control company or exterminator to help you with anything from ant control to termite treatments. Continue reading...

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Best Pest Control Service

Jim's Pest Control
  • Award Winner 2021

Jim's Pest Control

 · includes 8 listings
4.9 from 1,644 reviews

Latest review: The operator explained everything well he undertook the job professionally. There was a thorough knowledge and understanding of the equipment and it's purpose. He was easy to understand as

  • Customer Service
    4.9 (1,027)
  • Transparency
    4.9 (1,007)
  • Timeliness
    4.9 (1,024)
  • Job Satisfaction
    4.9 (977)
2nd Best Pest Control Service
5.0 from 123 reviews

Latest review: Matt took great care in doing a thorough clean which resulted in the carpets looking the best they have for years. He listened to my concerns regarding the tracking marks, explained what he would do

  • Customer Service
    5.0 (21)
  • Transparency
    5.0 (21)
  • Timeliness
    5.0 (21)
  • Job Satisfaction
    5.0 (20)
3rd Best Pest Control Service
Dawson’s Pest Control
4.5 from 224 reviews

Latest review: Contacted Dawson’s 5th April in the afternoon regarding a wasp nest at an elderly relatives home. Dawson’s were able to send a technician the next day, called prior to visit to inform what time the te

  • Customer Service
    4.8 (190)
  • Transparency
    4.8 (186)
  • Timeliness
    4.9 (188)
  • Job Satisfaction
    4.8 (175)
North Brisbane Building & Pest Inspections

Latest review: Brett was fantastic. He was able to assist on relatively short notice and very enthusiastic to help me digest content of the report. I felt like I was in good hands with Brett who comes across very

5.0 from 48 reviews

Latest review: We have found Exopest always professional and thorough. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. We've used them regularly for various pest problems over 10 years and have always been very satisfied

5.0 from 32 reviews

Latest review: I feel so much better, Danny with his machine showing inside my walls, and DANNY thanks for crawling right under my house, hey can't of been pleasant Told me abit about termites, like if you see,

Mr Pest Controller
4.6 from 46 reviews

Latest review: Used a credit card for rat man to come to 2 adjoining ground floor units. Despite asking 3 times could not get a credit card receipt or a paid invoice. Work was carried out on 7th May. It is now

Flick Anticimex
3.9 from 435 reviews

Latest review: James was fantastice - arrived on time, really good communicator, reviewed our issue and explained what was needed. He dealt with the treatment promptly and efficiently, and the results happened

Peter the Possum & Bird Man
4.8 from 29 reviews

Latest review: Service was prompt, friendly and efficient. Rid me of our paper wasp infestation and gave a 3 month warranty. Job was so good there are no wasps coming near us now

Proven Pest Control
4.5 from 37 reviews

Latest review: Highly recommend Proven Pest Control. Mike was extremely thorough, and provided valuable advice and recommendations. We had one bed bug travel from a relative's house, but when the inspection found

Protech Pest Control
5.0 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Thank you to the Protech team for being so helpful Alicia was great to deal with in the office she really looked after my needs and got things done and Panos the technician was really

Proactive Pest Solutions
5.0 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Thanks to Katy and Peter for the wonderful service. Great communication and punctual service. Peter discussed processes and procedures clearly and was friendly and informative. I would highly

Serial Pest Control
5.0 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Doug from Serial Pest (love the name!) came very highly recommended to me by multiple people and now I know why! Doug quickly and efficiently performed a pest service of my 6 br home. He explained

The White Ant Man
4.1 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Follow up annual inspection after previous full treatment. Again excellent service with initial contact & arranging day/time, technician arrived on time & inspection very thorough. Will continue to

Ithaca Building Inspections
4.9 from 14 reviews

Latest review: We use Ithaca Building and Pest inspections for our first home. It was a easy stress free experience from booking the appointment to the inspection to receiving the report in a very short time frame.

Hitman Pest Control
3.8 from 32 reviews

Latest review: A technician I had been using for many years left Hitman and I like that the Management of Hitman took the time to inform me that this technician had no hands on experience doing termite

The Local Guys Pest Control
4.9 from 13 reviews

Latest review: I seen the termite problems in house, Shaun done the inspection and fix the termite bait station around the house with 5-year warranty how wonderful job he done it for us. He is following up every

Complete Termite Solutions
4.6 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Glad to back on board with Jacob had a termite infestation 12 months ago that was handled by Jacob and he now does my regular inspections great peace of mind with my home in good hands from such a

Who Who Carpet Cleaning & Pest Management

Latest review: Had a Turkish rug picked up at time stated. Even though there were water marks from a leaking skylight, the rug was returned and can't find where it was damaged

Happy Tradie

Happy Tradie

 · includes 4 listings
2.8 from 96 reviews

Latest review: Clean was rubbish, Goldie never came back to honour bond clean. Real estate was unhappy with place, floors not clean, cupboards not cleaned. Whatever was used to wipe benches left them sticky.

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What kind of work do pest management services do?

A pest control technician kneeling next to a cabinet and spraying insecticide around it

In treating pests, a pest control technician carries out a pest inspection on a home or commercial property, identifies the pest problem, and applies the appropriate pest control method.

There are a variety of treatments available, but here are some that are widely used for common pests.

  • Pesticides are chemicals that are generally used to eradicate insects - such as ants, cockroaches, and spiders - as well as animals, fungi, and plants. They’re fast acting and are particularly effective in small spaces.
  • Fumigation involves using a gas pesticide to kill pests, and is often used for termite control and other bug infestations. Fumigants are used in a sealed environment, which is why tents are sometimes set up around the home or area that needs to be treated.
  • Poisoned baits and traps are generally used for rodent control, such as for exterminating rats and mice, and sometimes bugs. After being baited or trapped, the pests are then carefully removed.
  • Animal capture or removal is usually used for larger animals, and doesn’t involve killing the pest. For example, possums are usually removed from the site, and then entry points in the building are repaired so that the possum can't get back into it after its release.
  • Heat treatment is usually used for bed bug treatment, and involves raising the temperature of a room to kill bugs - no chemicals needed.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of pest control.


Can reduce the risk of contracting diseases that some pests carry.
Can protect your property from damage. For example, getting rid of termites can protect the structural integrity of your home.
Can prevent food contamination.
Can make your home or office more sightly.


Some pest control methods use toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans and the planet, particularly when used improperly.
Can be inconvenient. For example, in the case of fumigation, you’ll need to relocate during treatment.

Who needs pest control?

Below are some signs that it’s time to call a pest control expert - however, they don’t necessarily mean that you have an infestation on your hands, so it’s a good idea to provide more details to a specialist and seek their advice.

  • When you see mud tunnels, as this could point to termites, or white ants.
  • When you get bitten in bed. This means there may be a bed bug or flea infestation.
  • When you hear scratching, tapping or chewing sounds coming from the walls or roof. This could indicate that rodents, birds, or bats are present.
  • When you see trails of ants in clean environments.
  • When small holes appear in clothes or papery items. These could be silverfish damage.
  • When you see small droppings in the corners of your house, or small gnaw marks on things in the kitchen. This could mean you have mice or rats in your home.
  • When you see nests or hives, or there is a swarm of insects or bees around your ceiling - this usually indicates that there is either a food source or a nest.

Before deciding on whether pest treatment is necessary, try to find out more about the species of pest you have. For example, the mud-dauber wasp is a harmless native that is a great pollinator and can also help keep spider and bug numbers at bay, so you might want to reconsider whether removal of a mud-dauber nest is necessary.

The bottom line

Pest control is important, but only when you actually have a problem on your hands. Seeing a few bugs around the place doesn’t necessarily mean you should call a professional, however if they start to bother you, or have a harmful effect on your food or living conditions, then you should start considering pest control solutions.

What to look for in a pest control company


See how many years of experience a company has. Of course, you can feel free to give someone who’s relatively new to pest management a shot, but some people have more peace of mind entrusting expert technicians with their home.

Don’t just check how many years they’ve been operating, but also how much experience they have in the services you need.


It’s important to check that the company you’re considering is licensed, to ensure both optimal safety and that the services they provide are legal. It also helps ensure that the company is environmentally responsible, and performs humane pest control.

Licensing requirements vary across states, so you should check local laws against any pest controller you’re thinking of hiring - in most cases these licences are issued by the health department of the state they’re operating in.

For extra peace of mind, you can also check for certifications and affiliations. For example, PestCert Accreditation is only given to businesses who have been strictly vetted by the organisation and are accredited to the highest industry standards.


Accidents can happen even when you’re careful. What’s more important is how a company handles any damage done to your home or possessions. Make sure you ask them before the treatment what kind of insurance they provide, and what happens in the event of an accident.

Customer service

Ask what you should do before and after the treatment - a pest control company should be clear about what’s needed from you during the whole process.

They should also be prompt and timely with their communication - if they take a long time responding to your questions or concerns, then chances are that they won't provide an efficient service either.

Also avoid pushy pest control companies that try to quickly get you to secure a job with them - they tend to be more money-minded than service-oriented, and you’ll likely have a less pleasant experience dealing with them.


If a company isn’t upfront with aspects of their service such as their fees, what treatment entails, and their business guarantees, then take caution.

You should also be wary of companies who say that one pest control treatment will solve all your pest problems. If you have different types of pests, then you’ll likely need a variety of treatments to control the different infestations.

Job satisfaction

A company may not always be successful in eradicating the pest the first time round, so see if they offer a guarantee on the work they do. If they do, ensure you’re well-acquainted with the terms of the guarantee.

Word of mouth is as good as gold when it comes to choosing who to manage your pest problems. Ask the friend, neighbour, or family member who has managed to control the pests in their home about which company they used and what their experience with them was.

Online pest control reviews are also a valuable tool to see what previous customers have had to say about a business. Of course, the closer to 5 stars a company is, the better, however the way in which a business responds to negative reviews can let you know how committed they are to ensuring 100% of their customers are satisfied with their service.

How much is a pest control service?

The price of a pest control service varies greatly depending on the nature of your infestation and the nature of the treatment required for it. For example, the cost of termite treatment, particularly subterranean termite treatment, can go into the thousands because they can be difficult to locate, whereas wasp nest removal can be as little as a few hundred dollars.

To see whether you’re getting a fair price and aren’t being overcharged, try to get at least 2 or 3 quotes - most reputable companies will offer this free of charge, no strings attached.

Tips for keeping your home or office pest-free

Whether or not you’ve enlisted the help of a pest control technician, there are a few methods of natural pest control you can do to help keep your home or business pest-free and prevent the need to call a pest control company in the first place.

  • Ensure the roof, eves, and fascias of your building are well maintained, and that any gaps or holes are repaired.
  • Avoid keeping large amounts of rubbish indoors overnight, to avoid attracting rats and mice.
  • Fix mesh over holes in screens, walls, doors, and other building openings to prevent rodents and insects from entering.
  • Ensure any leaking pipes or broken gutters are fixed, as the moisture around them can attract termites.
  • Remove discarded timber from the home and seal untreated timber - this works as a form of termite protection.
  • Check that any grocery bags and cardboard boxes you bring into your home are free from cockroaches and their egg cases - this is a common cause of infestations.
  • Keep all food items in your pantry in an airtight container, clean food scraps off surfaces promptly, and wipe down your sink every day to avoid attracting ants.
  • Install a termite barrier (either physical or chemical) around your home.

Keeping your home or office clean and well maintained, treating minor problems yourself with pest control products, and consulting an expert as soon as you suspect you may have an infestation will help you avoid a huge headache down the road, and will help you keep comfortable at home and at work.