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Future Super

Latest review: We All have a choice to make for our future but also our children's future too. I like the choice you have in what to invest your Super in & the updates showing where your money is going &

Australian Ethical

Latest review: Just joined Australian Ethical Super tried to work with AustralianSuper who managed to take over $220 off me and leave me with $2.26 for insurance which I did not want and when I tried to opt out

Crescent Wealth

Latest review: I have been with Crescent Wealth for 5 years. I moved all my Super there after I learnt the ethical nature of the company. In addition, the service and communication provided is great, I receive

Colonial First State

Latest review: Consistently lost my money... How is this not a crime????? How are they constantly losing my money.. my balance drops year after year by over 20% Absolutely ridiculous!!! Do not invest with these


Latest review: This superfund is even worse than a Ponzi scheme. I am very upset with this fund after losing $2000 dollars for useless insurances that were sold as a package. Never again! I will change a fund

ING Living Super

Latest review: I had been with ING for a year (2018) before I decided to close the account. So I practically have been through the entire process of rolling over my super, and rollling over out my super and close


Latest review: Been with the fund for 50 years! They refuse to acknowledge I was charged fees for no service and all they are concerned about is avoiding any responsibility and compensation (the critical point I

BT Financial Group

Latest review: Terrible, very frustrating and completely disorganised is how I'd describe dealing with BT Insurance. Last month BT tried to double-charge us $3,825 for a premium we'd already paid, and I keep


Latest review: Mlc would have to be the most dishonest business in Australia. Their premiums are more the ten times greater than inflation. I don't know where they find the scum that work for them. When you ring

AMP Superannuation

Latest review: I first came across AMP in 2003 - a representative came to our company to try to convince us to take up their pension fund. I was so unimpressed by the sales pitch that day that I have had a bad

OnePath Superannuation

Latest review: Trying to rollover into another fund has been absolutely horrendous. The customer service and communication from their call center team is an embarrassment. 5 weeks for a rollover? The care factor


Latest review: I have never signed anything with IOOF. I signed with Spectrum in 2013. IOOF then purchased Spectrum. In 2015 I was forced to resign from my employment. This is the first time I have ever been

ANZ Smart Choice Super

Latest review: ANZ clients need to be reimbursed and compensated with interest for this historical rip-off they call ANZ Smart Choice Super. I've had this fund for a bit less than 2 years with default investment

Mercer Wealth Solutions

Latest review: My company initially set me up with Mercer as the default super and I wish they had not. Every time I call I don't get any of my issues sorted (like confirming contribution dates vs tax years) and

Plum Financial Services

Latest review: Rang 3 times after being verified (Thurs) and told that my money would be released. Now surely with the New Payments Platform they could send to my account on the Thursday once verified after all

Suncorp WealthSmart

Latest review: They do not send you any documents or emails about anything!! You never know what's happening to your money. When you roll your super into or out of Suncorp you get no documents of proof about it,


Latest review: Spaceship makes it easy for me to understand where my superannuation is invested. It's forward focused and they actually care about their customers. I really like how I can see how much I have

Commonwealth Bank Essential Super

Latest review: I rolled over my super to commonwealth becase it was doing terrible elsewhere and they gave me clear options of what would be best for me well explaind easy to understand and it works fine for me

Virgin Super

Latest review: I transferred to Virgin Super 7 months ago, thinking I was doing a good thing,in that period of time I have seen my portfolio lose money for 6 out of those 7 months, even after my own contributions.


Latest review: completely unhelpful, on hold for ages every time I call, won't let me cancel my super account, makes me jump through so many hoops to get any information about MY

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