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Nifty Personal Loans

Latest review: No no no no. Another short term loan company that doesn’t get it. No phone call, no customer service, no personable service and poor reasoning as to why my small loan application was rejected. It w


Latest review: The online application portal was very easy to navigate. The information required was a simple process which only took a few minutes to complete. When I took out my loan for the first time with

Cash Train

Latest review: I have been trying all day to contact cash train via email and phone and my email gets rejected by sender because it doesn’t exist and the contact numbers both ask me to dial an extension I have t

Money3 Fast Cash Loans

Latest review: Applied for a loan on Thursday. Supplied bank statements twice. Spoke with the customer service team to answer questions they had. Received an email on Friday stating that my application was approved


Latest review: I have used this service a number of times and have always found the experience to work well for my needs. The customer service is fantastic. I can’t fault i

Wallet Wizard

Latest review: Took out a loan with these guys a little over a year ago now and happy to say it is all paid out. If you love continual weekly interest and no communication to your emails then go for it. The re-draw

Ferratum Group

Latest review: Had a loan paid out and closed early with ferratum, got an email 2 months later saying I had outstanding debt and it was being transferred to debt collection with a credit file deduction! Had to call

Cigno Loans

Latest review: Took the money from my account on agreed date then reversed the money into my account days later and sent me a text that I’ve missed the payment and ask me to pay $80 extra for the late f

Sunshine Loan Centres

Latest review: They processed the loan promptly and are great at sorting problems out with their automate systems. A little slow on the initial funding but overall a good lender and would definitely use them again

Money Plus

Latest review: Applied online and they got my 30 day transactions and I digitally signed the privacy agreement after a week had to contact them only to be told they was waiting to hear from my employer 2 days later

Champion Loans Cash Loans

Latest review: I have been with champion loans for a few years they have always helped out and you can speak to the team and they look at all angles to suit you. I recommend

Pay Express

Latest review: I get loans from this company regularly, never had an issue. I have defaulted a few occasions (bank issues) but paid it back the next day. The people I spoke to at Pay Express are very helpful and

Cash Converters Short Term Loans

Latest review: Spoke to male staff member over the phone who advised situation described would not be an issue. Went into store and was greeted by a female staff member who's tone of voice was immediately abrupt


Latest review: $60 a month on admin fees. on top of $25 and $15 for giving you a call. I've had loans before. the interest might seem ok but all their sneaky extra charges isn't worth it. scrap capfin! just money


Latest review: Approved for a loan, paperwork through like clockwork then suddenly I need to verify something... the site doesn't work. A guy called and made jokes about dogs dying and then told me the funds had


Latest review: This mob are greedy, and doing things under the table. Not to mention the staff which are rude and abrupt. I have been made to feel embarrassed by staff as they refuse to take some items of mine

Direct Finance Loans

Latest review: Spent several days jumping through their hoops obtaining private information, so I could borrow $200. Spoke to two different women who would call me simultaneously for more info. Lacked

Mr Loan Bridging Loans

Australian Lending Centre Short Term Loans
  • Contact Number: 1300 138 188
  • Email Address: info@australianlendingcentre.com.au

Easy Settle Finance Short Term Loans

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