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Madame Flavour Tea

Latest review: Very weak tea for being in the pyramid "loose leaf" tea bags. Smells wonderfully of chocolate, but you can only taste mint and LIGHT flavor of Rooibos, and no trace of chocolate! Won't be

Lipton Green Tea Vanilla

Latest review: This is an amazing cup of tea, the Vanilla green tea is unlike any other, however it becomes hard to find! I wonder why it keeps disappearing? It is the best vanilla green tea ever made! Nothing

Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla

Latest review: It's a subtle rose flavour. I sweeten it and add a splash of milk. The vanilla adds a beautiful aromat. Has become a family

Dilmah Earl Grey

Latest review: I love Dillmah’s flavour so much. I first had their tea on a Qantas flight and was blown away by the quality of tea. It’s so beautifully fragrant and flavourful. When I returned home I went to the nea

Republica Instant Organic Decaf

Latest review: Republics decaff is excellent! The reason I bought it was that is decaffeinated only by air and water. This is so important as most decaf is decaffeinated with very harmful chemicals. It tastes so

Nerada Organic Rooibos & Vanilla Flavour

Latest review: Omg we buy this tea and go through it weekly mybtqo teenagers are addicted and now have 3 others on it ! Best flavoured tea ever made

Twinings Lapsang Souchong

Latest review: I will always remember the moment I first tried this tea. It was the day after Black Saturday, less than ten metres from where the fires had passed. No. Wait, no it wasn't. It just tasted exactly

Twinings English Breakfast

Latest review: Love the extra strong tea but the bags often break - that’s a nuisance and a waste, as the tea isn’t cheap! Please address this problem - not the first to com

Madura Premium Blend

Latest review: What's happened to this once amazing tea? For years it has been the most amazing tasting tea. The last 2 boxes have been awful and tasteless. This no longer the great tea it once was. Very

Nerada Cup / Pot

Latest review: I Have used Nerada Tea bags almost exclusively since 1989 and would normally recommend them. However, I recently purchased several packets of 100 teacup teabags in the local supermarket, but upon

Twinings Lemon and Ginger

Latest review: I travelled to Sri Lanka and realised that most of these tea companies blend their teas elsewhere, rather than inhouse. Tea is sold off at auction houses. If you are going to market a 'tea' then it

Twinings Lemon Scented

Latest review: Hi... I have been drinking Only this tea for 33 years and now it's vanished from Countdown and New World in NZ... Nor is it in Paknsave or Fresh Choice... I was very upset with the 30 down to 20

Lipton Green

Latest review: The green tea is ok for everyday drinking, but the tea bag is terrible quality. I have to throw every second one away as the string breaks or the bag opens up and the leaves fall out Its a shame


Latest review: I have been enjoying Lan Choo leaves for several years now only to find it has disappeared from Coles. I will continue to look for this delicious and affordable tea in no-waste leaf

Lipton Chai Latte

Latest review: Woolworths select chai latte is far better, more flavoursome and satisfying. This just tasted like water mixed with cinnamon

Dilmah Premium

Latest review: Dilmah seem to have fixed the problems with their teabags at long last! I will buy again now and update if the quality goes downhill

Lipton Quality Black

Latest review: After 3 cups off tea full of tea leaves gave up agree with Judy. Lipton need to address this. Last year there tea bags where so weak know the leak leaves very

Dilmah Premium Extra Strength

Latest review: My favourite tea in the Dilmah range was the extra strength tagless square teapot & cup bags - these had good flavour without the need to leave them “brewing” which provided a good hot cuppa without t

Tetley Tea Cup

Latest review: So much better than the rest, enjoy it every day, thank you Tetley - it’s great for breakfast and friends who visit enjoy it too - luv your fruit teas also, especially Passionfruit with H

Nerada Leaf

Latest review: Nerada loose leaf is too grainy ,dusty and tastes weak..cant find a dried leaf anywhere . Actually looks like instant coffee.Dusty aftertaste..not

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