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HP Pavilion 15
1.7 from 75 reviews

Latest review: In one word "GARBAGE" Biggest waste of $1000. HP ought to be fined by federal police for fraud. People, please DON'T BUY HP rubbish. Like in the heading my old 486 Toshiba runs faster. This thing is

HP Pavilion x360
2.1 from 44 reviews

Latest review: I was excited about it at the beginning but I found the fan is so Noisy, heated quickly. Just finish 1 year warranty, black screen, motherboard issue. I tried many places to fix it, but more than 7

HP OfficeJet Pro 9010
2.2 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Print quality is okay for basic printing of colour and black and white documents. The paper tray feels light and cheaply made as it doesn't hold the paper in well. This printer came with spare print

HP OfficeJet Pro 8020e All-in-One

Latest review: This is the third time in 30 years I have purchased a HP product and each time I swear I will never again purchase HP. I am not tech savvy to start with and can only imagine that HP products are for

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740
2.8 from 18 reviews

Latest review: First one failed to load paper from tray 2. Replaced and worked from day one. Print quality is good. I only print plans in black but now find it's been using colour as well in the mix and two

HP Envy 13
1.9 from 8 reviews

Latest review: I have had it for about a year and half and it was great up to about 13 months (ie out of warrenty). The keyboard does not work sometimes and sometime it works but what ends up on the document is

HP OfficeJet 8010 All-in-One

Latest review: This printer is the worst ever, everytime you use this printer you either have to reset it or sign in, it never just works, I would never recommend it to

HP Spectre X360
2.7 from 70 reviews

Latest review: I purchased this laptop 2022 and I regret not reading the reviews. Although it’s nice and sleek, it is also difficult to use. The touch pad is not easy to use and most of the times I have to find a m

HP Envy 6220
1.9 from 7 reviews

Latest review: Always shows an error signal when trying to Copy a document, which requires removing the power plug and putting it back in again before the copy function will operate. Happens every time. Also does

HP Notebook 15s-fq1055tu
3.5 from 6 reviews

Latest review: I bought an HP less that 7 months ago. 3 months into using it, the battery is completely unusable. If I remove the power cord, the computer shuts down. When I contacted HP support, they want me to

HP DeskJet 2722
2.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I purchased this printer to replace my old Canon printer. One reason for choosing it was the offer of free ink for 6 months. The first (of many) issues started at setup. It will not connect unless

HP Envy 6020
1.2 from 5 reviews

Latest review: This printer is constantly going offline with no way of bringing it back online without having to unplug it and reconnect it. And it is constantly telling me the paper tray is getting low when it has

HP Smart Tank Plus 551
1.6 from 5 reviews

Latest review: By far the worst printer I have ever owned. Comes up with paper jam e4 error when there isn't a paper jam. When printing if it has sat for a week without printing the print nossels are blocked and

HP Wireless Classic Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

Latest review: I wish id seen the other reviews before buying not one but two of these keyboards. The first one worked for quite a while with no problem, but then the keys started lagging. Initially i thought it

HP OfficeJet 8012e All-in-One

Latest review: I bought this printer about a month ago. I have already gone through the ink it came through and an XL 915 HP. the printhead gets blocked all the time had it takes cleaning the print head 4 or 5

HP OfficeJet Pro 9020 All-In-One

Latest review: This is the worst printer EVER! Takes extended periods to turn off and on again (which you need to do often as the first tep in problem solving). Often fails to connect with PC, despite utilising

HP 245 G7 Notebook
1.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Even when running a linux system, this laptop is so sluggish that it cannot run videos over 720p. It is frequently laggy, riddled with glitches and bugs, and often struggles to perform even the most

HP LaserJet Pro M15w
3.2 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I bought printer around 2 yrs ago. It's OK if plugged into power but only works using Bluetooth occasionally. I don't have WiFi so don't know if that works. Sometimes Bluetooth will work fine and

3.0 from 10 reviews

Latest review: New HP Envy has performed very well. Easy set up, super fast and responsive. Screen display is bright and vibrant. Touch screen and tablet mode work better than expected. Makes the most of Windows

HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 800

Latest review: Got this combo to go with the HP laptop and monitor.... call it brand loyalty or whatever but I’ve been very happy with all things HP. This keyboard and mouse are so comfortable to use for long days.

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