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Kambrook Mix & Store KSB70WHT

Latest review: Does a great job, has a mixing container that is also the cover that you can pack it away on the bench in. Easy to travel with and good for nuts and seeds in

Kambrook KPF849WHT

Latest review: A really stable fan, excellent for sleeping with, the fan on lowest mode is silent, just enough air movement without being annoying while trying to sleep in this awfull heat! Have just bought

Kambrook KKE620RED

Latest review: I like that this kettle is cordless and red in colour. It fits easily on the bench. Ir boils quikly. And very easy to clean. I would recommend this to most people . Price is very reasonable and

Kambrook Pressure Express

Latest review: Used a pressure cooker for years most used kitchen appliance in our house. Lately the timer starts after coming up to pressure, but goes backwards instead of going towards off it goes backwards to

Kambrook Pressure Express Digital Multi Cooker KPR820BSS

Latest review: When and if it seals it cooks amazing very to use and clean. Simple easy features easy to read. Very simple to clean like non stick service. Seal has been a constant issue so bit disappointed

Kambrook KFA624

Latest review: bought this fan because my old one broke. always a difficult decision for me how much to spend on a fan because you don't need the whole year and i didnt wanted to spend hundreds and hundreds of

Kambrook Essentials KEW5

Latest review: Quite a good sized wok which heats up fast, perfect for everything from stir-frying to scrambled eggs, nothing sticks and it's easy to clean inside. My only small complaint would be the handles

Kambrook KCE95

Latest review: Heats quickly for small rooms. Use it for motor home as well. Very efficient for the size. Great value for money. Option for isolation is good as it distributes the heat well. Easy to use and

Kambrook BZB427WHT

Latest review: This is a very efficient blanket. It is energy efficient, keeps me warm and cosy in winter. I do not need to have the heater on all the time and just use the blanket to warm up my bed before going to

Kambrook SwiftSteam KSS20

Latest review: This little steamer is such a gem. So quick and is ready to use in no time. Works well on all materials. I dont even iron anymore. I Definitely recommend

Kambrook Soup 2 Simple KBL620BSS

Latest review: This makes amazing soups and I have made many versions of soup and some following recipes and some through trails of left over veges in my refridgarator. It's has three major modes to make the soups

Kambrook Aquarius BPA Free KAK60

Latest review: I found the kettle quite noisy and it does not switch off soon enough when water is boiled. The long overboil means it is not energy efficient. Kettles being one of the most costly appliances to

Kambrook KCE240

Latest review: We bought a smaller heater and less powerful. It doesnt suit the requirements we wanted. Kambrook KCE240 is good for small area and especially in the bathroom. It heats up the entire bathroom and

Kambrook Profile KSC450

Latest review: This slow cooker is a great addition to the kitchen. The instructions are helpful. It is a stylish design and the removable inner bowl is not out of place on the dining table and is easily washed.The

Kambrook KMO400

Latest review: I'm very happy and satisfied to purchase this model of microwave Oven it's easy to use by functional buttons with shown of each food to easy understanding, it's very quiet fan and easy to clean up

Kambrook KTA270BSS2JAN1

Latest review: The Sunbeam Cafe toaster went to the other half in the seperation but I couldn't extend myself to spend +$100 again despite how great that product is. So $50 was my budget and after reading every

Kambrook STEAMini KFS200BLK

Latest review: I'm replacing my still-working unit because it is infuriating. The steamer doesn't pump out steam consistently. A thermostat or similar switches the heating element on & off, as a result I either

Kambrook KFF611

Latest review: A bit expensive at $45 (hey this is Australia) but not a bad little fan and better than the $20 version from Target, etc, one of which we have as well. I recommend esp if you can get one under $40.

Kambrook Captiv11.0V

Latest review: No bells and whistles on this. It has a pretty powerful lithium motor which does the job on small areas. Good for the car, a chair or sofa. Solid construction with wall mountable

Kambrook KRH500

Latest review: With our old heater dying suddenly, we had to buy a new one, and this is the one we settled on. I’ll jump straight into the pro’s and con’s. Pro’s • Fairly compact in size. • Generates a decen

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