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Russell Hobbs Brooklyn RHAF5COP

Latest review: Onto second airfryer after the original was replaced. Again lots of smoke and then randomly stops working. Russel Hobbs will replace again but really I just want a product that does it’s job. Pro - l

Russell Hobbs Express Chef RHPC1000

The Russell Hobbs Express Chef offers 8 handy one-touch settings for pressure cooking, and 2 settings for sauteing and steaming - not a bad investment for $149.95.

Top performance for all cooking functions
Generous size
Sturdy build
Russell Hobbs Addison Digital RHK510

The Russell Hobbs Addison RHK510 Digital Kettle has 5 variable temperatures and a keep warm function, letting you enjoy tea the way you like it, when you like it.

Quick to boil
Simple to use
Can be loud
Russell Hobbs Multi Processor

Russell Hobbs Multi Processor

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2.1 from 159 reviews

Latest review: my daughter and I bought one each. one worked for two seconds. The other one never worked. we have no reciepts has we moved from broome to perth shortly after purchase...

Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle RHK92

Latest review: The kettle was at first soft boil and I was really impressed, but that didn’t last. About a month after purchase….it was a noisy kettle. It’s a pity as it’s a beautiful looking kettle and I like the b

Russell Hobbs Seal Fresh RHVS1

Latest review: This machine lasted 18 months & now won't vacuum. It's hardly had any use. Not recommended..I'm looking for something that will last & keep working. Total waste of money. Not unusual for Russell

Russell Hobbs RHSJ100
2.3 from 7 reviews

Latest review: My wife and I are extremely happy with the RHSJ100 we have both had a read of the booklet supplied with our juicer and have had absolutely no problem with it at all. We have used it for the first

Russell Hobbs RHSC650
4.3 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Good if u just want a slow cooker - inner not compatable in an induction cook top stove - nearly all modern electric stove tops are induction. No warning on box just when u read the instructions are

Russell Hobbs Steamglide Ultra 20551AU

Latest review: Loved this iron while it worked only had it 5 years doesn’t get used a lot mostly work uniforms, my last one I had for over 20 years, I chose this one as Russell Hobbs was meant to be a great a

Russell Hobbs Addison 4-Slice Toaster RHT514BLK

Latest review: We bought this toaster based on a Choice recommendation. 2 months in and I have no complaints, it toasts very evenly and consistently. If you have very thick bread (which it will accommodate) you

Russell Hobbs Brooklyn 4 Slice RHT94COP

Latest review: The options of browning work great . Hi lift function and wide slots for bagels very good . Toasts even I'm very happy . Looks lovely on the bench too , better than the photos

Russell Hobbs 6 Litre RHSC600

Latest review: My review is on the actual product rather than the cooking capability. When I got the unit home and unpacked it I found that the lid did not sit properly on the insert. IT felt as if the lid was

Russell Hobbs Classic RHBL2
3.1 from 28 reviews

Latest review: Purchased yesterday from bigW for smoothies. Despite frozen fruit already chopped up did not blend them. Despite saying it crushes ice, it does not do this. Will be returning

Russell Hobbs Classic Chopper RHMFP2

The Russell Hobbs Classic Chopper RHMFP2 is an affordable, compact 1-litre food chopper that can chop onions, puree baby food and makes dips.

Russell Hobbs Legacy Toaster RHT445

Latest review: Slow, slow, slow. If you've got 15 minutes too spare it will lightly brown a piece of bread. I'm not that patient. Build quality isn't great either, the push down leaver feels flimsy and often

Russell Hobbs Stick Mixer

Russell Hobbs Stick Mixer

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1.8 from 49 reviews

Latest review: Christmas gift used chopping bowl once and blade wouldn't locate properly and chewed itself up, on inspection I'm fairly sure that the blade supplied not suited to the bowl supplied but if it's the

Russell Hobbs RHRC1
3.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: Rubbish item. Rice burns and sticks every time, and creates a thick burnt crust. In addition this is an extremely fiddly and awkward item to clean. No design elegance. Waste of

Russell Hobbs RHTOV10
3.3 from 4 reviews

Latest review: The unit will not heat above180 degrees on bake and I refuse to pay five dollars to talk to an expert about the problem. I have tried to get it to work on two occasions in the five days I have owned

Russell Hobbs Satin Salt and Pepper Mill Set
2.5 from 45 reviews

Latest review: Purchased through the Good Guys lasted about a year before the salt one seized up and also battery terminal rusted inside unit. Rust marks also show on outside of the mill despite cleaning

Russell Hobbs RHSP801

Russell Hobbs RHSP801

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1.7 from 7 reviews

Latest review: I've thought hundreds of times about writing this review, and now I'm here I'm a little disappointed there isn't an option with less than 1 star. When I got this sandwich "press", I never for once

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