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Victa SPX
Latest review: Now 2 years old . Still cuts smooth as silk. Never missed a beat . 349 hrs still original belts and blades . Best deck on any mower in the market .victa finally got it right , why is the model

Victa Vforce+ 40Volt
Latest review: unbelievable that a battery powered chainsaw has so much power. dont have to muck around with mixing fuel, i have 2 batteries and i can fill my gator tray full of wood. Ive cut 16" cuts. Its light

Victa Pace
Latest review: I purchased this mower as it was well priced but soon realised that the expression "you get what you pay for" is true.it really seams very heavy and hard to move around especially on thick grass.i

Victa 82V Power Cut 883241
Latest review: I bought this mower after talking to the Victa rep at Bunnings. I decided I wanted battery model after owning a corded Ozito which after 2 Years finally died. I have had an immaculate lawn for 2

Victa 82V Blower Kit 1687893
Latest review: This blower is fantastic and powerful yet light enough to carry around. Replaced a corded blower which was heavy and inefficient. This victa is a positive change. Cordless technology is the future of

Victa VForce+ VLG4035 / VLH4058U
Latest review: I bought this hedge trimmer about 2 years ago and it has been an excellent investment. Previously had a two stroke petrol trimmer and I used to feel sick after trimming the hedges due to fumes.

Victa Ultralite
Latest review: Good little mower. Downsized from a ride on to a small yard. Wanted a Victa as grew up with them and reliable. This mower is small but does the job. Starts first go with ease. Only downside iflawn

Victa 82V Rapid Trimmer 1696788
Latest review: Top marks for the Victa’s low vibration. This is the first line trimmer that I have used were my hands are NOT numb after using. Its low noise is also a big plus. The noise is so low that I don’t b

Victa 82V 1687892
Latest review: Terrible product. Didn’t even get one use out of it. Tried to charge the battery before first use. Battery charger flashing red, followed trouble shooting steps. No good, battery is faulty from f

Victa Classic Cut VCS467
Latest review: We got this victa lawn mower the other week. And we are loving it. For a smaller size it goes really well. There is a peep hole, to see how far the grass is in the catcher, which is really

Victa Commando
Latest review: I have just purchased commando 675 motor is ok but my problem is the catcher only half fills up and it starts dropping grass every were and when you pull the catcher out there is always grass stuck

Victa Mustang
Latest review: My old (16 years) Victa Razor with a 4 stroke Honda still starts first pull and has never missed a beat. Just change oil, spark plug and air filter once a year. If only was self propelled I would get

Victa Easy Walker with InStart VAMD486
Latest review: We bought the Victa easy walker 2 years ago cost us $850 loved it for the first season but then once winter came we didn’t need to mow as often. Once we started to need it again it failed to start a

Victa Corvette
Latest review: Self-propelled mechanism is not sealed after a while the clutch does not release anymore. The mower was just over 2 years old and I was asked to pay for the repairs. After pointing out a 4 year

Victa Super Catcher VCS469
Latest review: Victa Super Catcher with 550EX Briggs and Stratton OHV Engine, purchased 2016 I have over 40 years of mowing lawns, and have always bought Victa lawnmowers from new, after my first experience of

Victa Masterseries Mulchmaster
Latest review: This mower has made me so much monny the mulching is just exalent there is no job this mower can not do better then a honda mower hands down power price can side thow and mulch wet or dry honda

Victa Hawk
Latest review: I bought this mower when my old 2 stroke victa died. I’m much happier with a 4 stroke. I really love not having to have to mix oil and fuel anymore and I love the power the 4 strokes have. I find i

Victa Mastercut
Latest review: I have used the 2 stroke victa engines to mow my lawns for at least 10 years. I'd like to address concerns about, difficulty starting and the engine cutting out. In the time I've been using these

Victa Tornado Edger TE250
Latest review: Stay clear of these edgers with the Chinese engines. Won’t run after sitting for sometime and finding a small engine mechanic who can work on them and get parts for the carby is hard. Disposable u

Victa VBP1226
Latest review: Bought around $23X because this model will be discontinued soon, only designed to pick up leaves which is smaller than a $20 dollar note. Best to be used on hard surfaces only. This can be quite

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