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Whether you need odd jobs done or more difficult home improvement projects that require a helping hand, you may find that handyman services are just what you need.

Finding a reliable, local handyman who’s up to the challenge can be a daunting task, but when you know what to look out for, you can effortlessly choose the right person to entrust your home with. Continue Reading...

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Jim's Pool Care

Jim's Pool Care

4.9 from 438 reviews

Latest review: Malcolm came to site he was most helpful, honest to the approach to what I needed and what needed to be done,very considerate and patient and we are currently reviewing the options and

  • Customer Service
    4.9 (191)
  • Timeliness
    4.9 (181)
  • Job Satisfaction
    4.9 (164)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.8 (166)
Hire A Hubby

Hire A Hubby

4.3 from 1,755 reviews

Latest review: James was a life saver. We had organised another handyman That promised the world but let us down so badly I felt like I was living the life of faulty Towers. But then we found James he took all

  • Customer Service
    4.4 (479)
  • Timeliness
    4.5 (473)
  • Job Satisfaction
    4.5 (453)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.5 (438)


4.5 from 74 reviews

Latest review: Over the years we have tried many trades and were lucky to find ASNU. They did work involving roof rectification, guttering, painting, electrical, cement rendering, timber floor repairs and

  • Customer Service
    4.9 (36)
  • Timeliness
    4.9 (36)
  • Job Satisfaction
    4.9 (35)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.2 (33)
The Installers

The Installers

3.7 from 57 reviews

Latest review: Buyer beware. Preys on customers knowledge equipment systems. Would not cover fault was sold copies 6mp paid for got 4 and 6mp. Told needed new nvr unit. Not! Repaired systems myself. Beware lying

Jim's Handyman

Jim's Handyman

4.6 from 17 reviews

Latest review: My Jims handyman Judd was a very friendly and knowledgeable guy Easy to deal with Good price for a great job I will definitely use this service again thank you again

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What kind of work do handymen do?

Handyman drilling into a window pane

Handymen and women can do a huge list of projects, which could involve anything from simpler tasks like changing light bulbs or furniture assembly to more complex tasks such as installing home fixtures and repairing appliances. They don’t work on electrical, plumbing, gasfitting, or major building tasks, such as working on the structural integrity of your house.

Here are some common jobs that a handyman can accomplish for you.

General home repairs

A handyman can perform general and minor repairs in your home, such as repairing a fly screen or patching a hole in the wall. Generally speaking, a handyman should be called when you know why or how something has broken.

For example, a handyman can fix a cracked tile, but they won’t necessarily be able to identify any structural issues that may have caused a cracked tile (such as water damage), and they aren’t qualified to address these structural problems as a plumber would.

General home maintenance

Handymen can perform a lot of general home maintenance for you. These can be tasks as simple as tidying and cleaning, in which case a handyman is particularly useful if you want cleaning done that requires certain equipment - such as a pressure cleaner.

They can also perform slightly more complicated tasks, such as basic paint jobs (such as painting a wall, fence, or door) or regrouting tiles in your bathroom.


A handyman can perform some installations, such as installing a TV or home entertainment system, or connecting appliances like washers and dryers, however a handyman cannot do jobs like replace an electrical outlet - working with a home’s wiring requires a licensed electrician. They can also do things like mount brackets and frames on a wall, put up blinds and curtains, and assemble furniture.

Outdoor maintenance

Pruning, cleaning gutters, and replacing a few fence palings are some types of outdoor work that a handyman can do. If you’re looking to redo your whole or a significant part of your garden, it may be best to talk to a landscaper who has knowledge about plant growth and outdoor design.

General carpentry

A handyman can do some basic carpentry, such as fixing your deck or building shelves, but cabinetmaker or carpenter services should be called in the case where building furniture or built-in wooden fixtures are needed.

The list goes on...

The term “handyman” covers a wide range of services that goes well beyond the scope of this list. You should check with a handyman to see if they’re able and equipped to perform the task you need to be done before booking their services - this will also save you paying an unnecessary call-out fee in the event that they cannot complete the job.

If you have a more specific, complex project, it may be a better idea to contact a licensed tradesperson who specialises in the work you need done. Even if a handyman feels like they can perform a certain task, be aware that if they do work for you for a task that a licensed tradesmen would usually be called for, any relevant warranty you have (such as for a dishwasher that you’ve called a handyman to repair) may be void if in the future something goes wrong.

Which jobs can I do myself?

If you don’t mind spending a portion of your weekend figuring out how to do work you can realistically attempt without any kind of training or qualifications, then you or a family member might want to try DIY some tasks. This is usually only a good idea if you’re also willing to invest in some tools (you can get a basic tool set for as little as $30) and equipment yourself.

Tasks like furniture assembly and basic repairs are reasonably practical to do yourself. Even installing appliances such as a built-in dishwasher are also possible to do yourself, and save for the cost of a tool kit don’t incur any additional costs, but may take you the better part of a day to finish.

Handymen have often seen it all, and because of this, they’ll know immediately or relatively quickly how to go about tackling a problem - this experience and speed is what you’re paying for.

You should still leave any kind of major work to licensed tradesmen. Some types of work, such as electrical work, are not only dangerous for an untrained person to do, but is illegal without proper certification - even if you’re doing it in your own home.

What should I look for in a handyman?


The rules on licensing for handymen vary from state to state - some states don’t require them to have a licence, while others require a licence only if a handyman completes a certain amount or type of work. For example, in New South Wales, a handyman must obtain a licence if their work is valued at over $5000 (including GST) in both labour and materials.

Ensure you double check local guidelines against any handyman you’re considering hiring to ensure optimal safety.


Ensuring your handyman is fully insured is a crucial part of protecting you, your home, and your handyman. Some types of insurance may seem excessive to look out for when you hire a handyman, particularly if you only need minor work done, but it’s better to be prepared for anything that may happen.

Handymen should have public liability insurance, in the event of property damage or personal injury as a result of their negligence. They may also have professional indemnity insurance, which protects them if their client is unhappy with the services they’ve provided. Most will also have their commercial vehicle and their tools and equipment insured.


It may be a good idea to find a handyman who specialises in the type of work you need completed. Even if your state doesn’t require certification for certain jobs, it’s good practice to ask the handyman about their previous experience in the type of work you need done.


Reviews speak volumes about the quality of a handyman’s work - look up reviews of different services online, and if there are poor reviews, look out for how the handyman responds to them. It’s common for a great service to still have a few negative reviews - if the handyman is gracious to these customers and offers to right any wrongs then this type of feedback may not be as much of a red flag as you initially think it is.

When reading reviews, look out for comments about customer service and whether or not the work was completed to a high standard.

Commonly asked questions

This varies greatly, so it’s best to consult an individual handyman yourself on their hourly fees, however costs often range from between $40 to $90 per hour - but you should expect this number to increase if you require more complex work to be done. Some handymen also charge a flat rate for a job, but this is more common for simpler tasks.

In addition to labour, you’ll need to pay for materials. Sometimes you can buy these yourself if you’re certain of what’s needed. Handymen will often charge a markup for materials they buy for the job - this is normal, you’re paying extra for the convenience of not having to make a trip to the shops yourself.

Yes. It’s generally a good idea to look for a handyperson who can give you a written, itemised quote (some often offer a free quote, particularly for more routine tasks) and in the case of a service performed, a tax invoice. This lets you see exactly what you’re paying for, as well as keep evidence of the job which may be needed if any issues arise in the future.

Yes, most can do a one-off service as well as ongoing work depending on what needs to be done - you’ll have to discuss this with the individual handyman.

No, having a police check isn’t a requirement for the job. However, having this extra peace of mind may be important for some people who are particularly concerned about their own and their home’s safety. Some handyman companies, such as Jim’s Handyman services, have all their handymen undergo police checks - if a handyman or company doesn’t have this information available online, then you can ring them up and ask them directly yourself.