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ANZ Cash Packs
Latest review: Just did a quick check on the big 4 banks and Travelex for Thai baht and ANZ had the best rate. Will definately order when required. Great to have some cash on you for small things when you first

ANZ Access Advantage
Latest review: We have been long term customers of the ANZ, both personally and with our business, but when we found it necessary to refinance, it was a flat out 'No'. Even the broker we engaged to speak on our

ANZ Progress Saver
Latest review: When you eventually have to take money out you lose the interest for that month (if you leave the funds in the account), so say with $100,000 in the account you earn 0.1% interest for that

ANZ Platinum
Latest review: This card was a great product for the purpose of balance transfer, as it was a 0% balance transfer for 12 months. I did purchase overseas flights on it because of the included travel insurance. I

ANZ First
Latest review: Not a bad product once you get past the initial application stage. Very poor customer service, had to send my payslips to verify multiple times only to be told that they never received them? Took me

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum
Latest review: I recently saw that I was charged around 300.00 per year for this card. When I asked if they could do better since I was a long standing customer, they were not interested. So card cancelled and I

ANZ Low Rate MasterCard
Latest review: I applied for credit card with excellent credit rating and was asked to send payslips which I did immediately. Then never received any response! No rejection no approval no acknowledgement

ANZ Online Saver
Latest review: Like other reviewers, my wife and I visited the Mandurah branch of ANZ yesterday to update the interest rate on the online savers we were encouraged to open some years ago. We were promptly told the

ANZ Term Deposit
Latest review: I rang for a 3month/6month term deposit rate for a large deposit. Some banks contact their treasury departments and give you a rate over the phone with a reference number (eg. NAB) or if you have

ANZ Frequent Flyer
Latest review: Applied for card and was denied. That's not why I'm unhappy. The credit I was applying for was 15k to use for international travel. That's the minimum limit stated on the application. I checked my

ANZ Rewards
Latest review: The access to lounges has never worked anywhere. The related “Veloce” website is atrocious. The only value add it the one with travel ins

ANZ Travel Card
Latest review: Two week holiday in New Zealand. No difficulty with acceptance of card or finding atms for withdrawals. Huge problem topping up the card. It took 3 working days for the online account to show an

ANZ Bank Home Loans
Latest review: I was helping my daughter with her first home purchase and approached ANZ. It was the mobile team that we had. The process overall was very stressful, and unprofessional. Every time when we email to

ANZ Car Loans
Latest review: Applied for a car loan as I have a new job and no longer work in the city and require a car to get to work. Thought I would apply through ANZ as that’s also who i bank with. Wasn’t applying for much -

ANZ Landlord Insurance
Latest review: After with them for more than 10 years, ANZ emailed to say they would not renew our policy because we made too many claims.

ANZ Personal Loans
Latest review: I got declined with proof that I get more than $15000 income and a 100% capability of paying this off. Their excuse was that I had too many loans. MATE, that is the point of trying to apply for this.

Latest review: Service centre asked to go to branch to identity and he said he will note. But branch staff said to go home and do through internet adding it is very simple. What the terrible pingpong

ANZ Esanda
Latest review: Poor service, I asked for a car loan payout letter. They issued one with $2000 higher than Principal+early termination fees, called 3 times no one could explain to me why i got charged extra. I have

ANZ Smart Choice Super
Latest review: ANZ clients need to be reimbursed and compensated with interest for this historical rip-off they call ANZ Smart Choice Super. I've had this fund for a bit less than 2 years with default investment

ANZ Car Insurance
Latest review: Third year with ANZ car insurance. Lady Pensioner: Haven't had a claim ever. Surprised that my insurance increased an extra $160.19 for the coming year. Value went down excess went up. Hardly use the