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Sunbeam Cordless Filter KE2350

Latest review: Why does the walls of the kettle turn black after a few months using Penrith city water? What can I do about it? Light weight,boils quickly and has a handy flip top for easy refilling! Always used

Sunbeam Belle-Aqua KE7110

Latest review: nothing special about this little kettle, it does what it is supposed to do. I don't find the water level indicator placement a problem at all, however - it is crucial to hold the handle in the

Sunbeam Cool Blue Glass KE9500

Latest review: My kettle is brand new and it shows somewhat of a ring of blue light at the bottom of the kettle and on the switch. BUT it's not showing as advertised. I.e. it doesn't illuminate the boiling water-

Sunbeam Cafe Series Kettle

Latest review: This kettle was replaced twice. First time the lid stopped opening and the inside plastic started disintegrating with pieces being located inside the kettle. The second time we had the same issue,

Sunbeam Maestro KE6451

Latest review: Pro's: Pours well no drips Handle comfortable when pouring Books 2 cups of water in 2 minutes Cons: It's a touch quieter than the Kambrook kettle it replaced, but to call it 'quiet' is a real

Sunbeam Quantum KE3560

Latest review: My second same jug, and I find it very good....boils fast, has an easy-pour spout, never had any leakages, light to handle, no tainted taste, never had a problem with jug getting too hot to handle,

Sunbeam Aquella KE6400

Latest review: Bought the Sunbeam KE6400 kettle 3 weeks ago from Myer. We noticed water leaking from the base nearly every time we boiled the kettle, a water trail of small puddles was left behind all over the

Sunbeam London Collection KE2210

Latest review: Nice kettle, looks good, works well, sounds like a plane landing. Light inside that makes the water level easy to see, easy to fill, ergonomic. Sadly, you don’t get to test run a kettle in the s

Sunbeam KE8850

Latest review: I paid $199 for a kettle that doesn't even have a water level gauge, is so heavy that its hard to tell if its empty or full, and the lid is so impossible to remove that if you wrangle with it while

Sunbeam Gallerie Collection KE2600

Latest review: We bought the Sunset Orange Gallerie kettle and toaster. Both are excellent products. The kettle boils fast and look great on our kitchen bench. The noise level is good too. Price is really

Sunbeam Maestro Glass KE6450G

Latest review: So the positives. From a distance this looks good. There is a blue led light that provides a ring of light inside the kettle when operating - which is both visually appealing as well as lets you know

Sunbeam KE6100

Latest review: Faulty product, 24 hours old and leaks significantly from the base. I was also surprised by the bright blue light (which cannot be turned off), the packaging didn’t indicate this in visual or w

Sunbeam Short Pot KE4520

Latest review: Very happy with this kettle. Good design on handle makes it easy to pour. I won't buy another kettle with the handle on top as this is much better. Only thing I can fault is the design of the lid -

Sunbeam Diamond Collection KE1600

Latest review: Price discounted attracted my attention to buy Sunbeam's kettle after my mother's interest in my reviewed Kambrook electric jug I gave her after nearly a year's troublesome-free use, as I use

Sunbeam Express KE1600

Latest review: I only fill up the minimum as it is only for me and I don't like leaving water sitting in a kettle, so I am quite happy with it. I could not put it under my tap to fill as you can't open the lid on

Sunbeam London Collection KE2110

Latest review: Probably the worst kettle i have ever owned, i also have the toaster which is not much better. Kettle does not boil to correct temperature anymore but on odd occasions it will not turn off either.

Sunbeam EXE100

Latest review: Purchased the 'Everyday' kettle by Sunbeam (EKE100) from Coles Supermarket for $20. White plastic and cordless with auto shut-off. This kettle holds 1.7 litres of water and has a sturdy, wide base

Sunbeam Aspire Quiet Shield KE9151

Latest review: Pretty basic kettle. It serves its purpose effectively though it was only quiet for a a week or so. Since then it’s as loud as any other kettle. Loud enough to not be able to hear the tv in the same r

Sunbeam Breakfast Essentials Pack PU5201

Latest review: Picked up the Sunbeam TA5201 toaster yesterday as one of those 'pair' deals with a kettle. The kettle (KE5201) works fine. It boils water. The toaster however, does not toast the top 3 cm's of the

Sunbeam Simply Stylish KE6350K

Latest review: This kettle was supposedly top of the range at Good Guys but after two years it has water pouring out of its underside. Good Guys tell me the warranty is only for one year. Surely a $70 kettle should

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