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Latest review: I had a landline problem. I couldn’t received or make a phone call at all. I tried to call to call center and explained this is a business number, I had this problems for 3 days pls fix for me ASAP. A

Dodo Home Phone

Latest review: We have been with DoDo for quite a few years now. NBN and home line. Good customer service and good connection. As good as Telstra and


Latest review: I recently had internet with them & got rid of it after 4 days it was extremely slow took for ever to download & kept crashing staff were useless & no help at all useless

Primus Telecom

Latest review: My brother has had a Iprimus account for 15 years in Adelaide. He recently moved home just a couple of kms. He kept his phone number with Telstra but couldn't connect on the internet through Iprimus.


Latest review: Went with Astron for NBN connection. Service dropped out numerous times, one time due to a drop out which I was unaware I had to reboot the modem. A new modem arrived in the mail a few weeks ago

Optus Home Phone

Latest review: My parents had their Optus land line service cancelled for no known reason. I called Optus and when l finally got through to them after 20 minutes of waiting they directed me to their sales

Telstra Home Phone

Latest review: My elderly, visually impaired father didn't want a private number but Telstra didn't care. They gave him one anyway. Apparently there are only private numbers with Telstra now? Lots of lies, weeks

Southern Phone Home Phone
  • Phone Services Offered: Business and Residential
  • Free International Calls Plan: No
  • Plan Type: Home Phone Only

IF Telecom

Latest review: Zer0 Rating!! We've had no internet for 3 weeks now.. Original fault not theres, but another company duligging through cable. Their handling of this though has been slow and un communicative. I'm

SOUL Home Phone

Latest review: Eight months ago I moved house and disconnected by home phone with Soul and did not reconnect it anywhere else. After 3 months of calls to stop getting bills I did not generate and debt collection

Harbour ISP Home Phone

Latest review: Will see how we go this time with home phone connection. Still unsure if I will be charged a reconnection fee tho. Still unsure why I was disconnected last

Internode NodeLine

Latest review: Have ADSL+2 without problems. Accounts have always been accurate. Always had helpful staff with occasional technical problems that I have had. Been with the company for around 10


Latest review: I signed up on a Thursday if I remember correctly and they called me up the next day. Confirming about my application that they will go through with it. 2 days later I got my internet up and

ACN Pacific Home Phone

Latest review: I've had a landline through ACN for over 10 years. I think most people have left landlines behind, but we still need it as we're on ADSL. We'll be switching to ACN NBN in a couple of months.

Phone Business

Latest review: Fast and reliable. Knows their work and able to assist without delay. Product fits right on the budget and the staff were very helpful. They have a variety of support that a small enterprise can rely

Telecom Connect

Latest review: Very Poor Service. Dropout Calls. Poor Service. Poor Communication. Dishonest Company. Very bad explanation of lock in contracts which has cost us a huge sum of money. Get your solicitor to double

FYI Telco

Latest review: I have found their service to be excellent. Ashleigh was happy to help and answered my questions on setting up our services further. We have never had any faults with our 1300


Latest review: rubbish company, spoke with Graeme every week for a month. he was useless, never replied to emails. always promised i would get an update in next few days, and never actually updated me after a month


Latest review: I signed up on 10/11/17 and was unable to get their service working over the next 5 days. I wrote to them on the 15/11/17 requesting cancellation of the service. The service was never cancelled and


Latest review: They are the worst and I wish I never met them. Customer service is horrible. They inflate their services so much. I encourage all businesses to stay away. Go to Vocus direct and stay

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