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Latest review: I had a landline problem. I couldn’t received or make a phone call at all. I tried to call to call center and explained this is a business number, I had this problems for 3 days pls fix for me ASAP. A

Dodo Home Phone
Latest review: We have been with DoDo for quite a few years now. NBN and home line. Good customer service and good connection. As good as Telstra and

Primus Telecom
Latest review: My brother has had a Iprimus account for 15 years in Adelaide. He recently moved home just a couple of kms. He kept his phone number with Telstra but couldn't connect on the internet through Iprimus.

Latest review: I signed up for Westnet's NBN 6 months ago after having their ADSL connection for 3 years without issue, though not terribly fast. I work from my home office and need fast & reliable internet, so I

Latest review: Went with Astron for NBN connection. Service dropped out numerous times, one time due to a drop out which I was unaware I had to reboot the modem. A new modem arrived in the mail a few weeks ago

Optus Home Phone
Latest review: Firstly, my modem arrived four days after they took control of my service. I had transferred from another telco. This left me without internet for four days. I found out, by accident, that they

Telstra Home Phone
Latest review: So Telstra where do I start ? Have always had Telstra since forever but now I can’t wait to get rid of it. Emailed bills never arriving,constant phone calls to find out where the bill is,trying to c

Southern Phone Home Phone
Latest review: I have been ringing them for 4 months now trying to swap over from the current provider to Southern, on behalf of my parents' All we need is a land line in a nursing home. I ring them weekly and

IF Telecom
Latest review: I really don't know why i joined If Telecom, it use to be called Telco. I have been sent a message 3 times you have an outstanding account, & the rest will be paid off next week as i explained to

SOUL Home Phone
Latest review: Eight months ago I moved house and disconnected by home phone with Soul and did not reconnect it anywhere else. After 3 months of calls to stop getting bills I did not generate and debt collection

Harbour ISP Home Phone
Latest review: Will see how we go this time with home phone connection. Still unsure if I will be charged a reconnection fee tho. Still unsure why I was disconnected last

Latest review: Very reliable and no drop outs Moved from southern phone due to issues and the best choice it was Pay a premium but you get what you pay for Fast support and helpful support no wait times Ported

Internode NodeLine
Latest review: Have ADSL+2 without problems. Accounts have always been accurate. Always had helpful staff with occasional technical problems that I have had. Been with the company for around 10

ACN Pacific Home Phone
Latest review: I've had a landline through ACN for over 10 years. I think most people have left landlines behind, but we still need it as we're on ADSL. We'll be switching to ACN NBN in a couple of months.

Phone Business
Latest review: Fast and reliable. Knows their work and able to assist without delay. Product fits right on the budget and the staff were very helpful. They have a variety of support that a small enterprise can rely

Telecom Connect
Latest review: Very Poor Service. Dropout Calls. Poor Service. Poor Communication. Dishonest Company. Very bad explanation of lock in contracts which has cost us a huge sum of money. Get your solicitor to double

Latest review: - Siptalk appears a rebrand of Telecube. we use the toll free number and redirection services - No notification was given of the date of change over from Telecube to Siptalk and only one email was

V4 Telecom
Latest review: Everything about this company is terrible. Advertised $90 connection fee for 25mbps and $25 for a VOIP connection BUT does not advertise the access fee of $17 which is scarcely mentioned in the

Latest review: I signed up on 10/11/17 and was unable to get their service working over the next 5 days. I wrote to them on the 15/11/17 requesting cancellation of the service. The service was never cancelled and

Latest review: They are the worst and I wish I never met them. Customer service is horrible. They inflate their services so much. I encourage all businesses to stay away. Go to Vocus direct and stay

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