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Click Energy
Mint Telecom
Exetel Broadband
MATE Communicate
AGL Energy
Aussie Broadband
Alinta Energy
Tangerine Telecom

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Mint Telecom

Latest review: TL;DR: Excellent and experienced staffs, be patient and helpful with you. nbn speed is as promised currently. I switched to Mint from another company. However, the last one was too slow and


Latest review: I joined Launtel after researching Internet Companies for a while , Customer service is fantastic and they even stay in touch on the weekend ! Took 9 mins to connect !! What are you waiting for

Aussie Broadband

Latest review: The staff are brilliant to talk to, and only have you, the customer as their focus. Some VoIP drop outs in first days but rock solid since. Only drama that annoys the heck out of me & my wife is how

Australia On Line

Latest review: I was with another provider. I was paying for 10GB per month. When the NBN came on, this was no longer enough. However, they only had 10GB or 100GB. I did not need 100GB. I went and searched.


Latest review: I called around 3pm on a Saturday afternoon to find out what was available at my place. I was a bit apprehensive as didn't know much about NBN, and wasn't sure about using a company I didn't know

Barefoot Telecom

Latest review: On the early morning of Thu the 16th of May, my phone line went dead yet again after a few days of dwindling. The fix phone was absolutely silent while the modem ADSL light was permanently red. I

Tangerine Telecom

Latest review: Cost was the only reason that drew me to Tangerine but then I realised it was a complete lemon. My personal experience can be summarised as below: POI: Civic(Canberra) Plan: 50/20 Date: Tuesday,


Latest review: Great personel. Errors have been made people like [name removed] FIX them. A really valuable frontline employee. I am in dispute I have over paid $8,000. CovAU refuse to repay they suggested credit.


Harbour ISP


Latest review: Connection is crap, can’t even watch a movie on Netflix without the internet connection dropping out every 5 minutes what a joke for $49 a month and no phone after hours g f

Click Energy

Latest review: Was a billing issue which was quickly resolved ... i have both utilities with the company and have no issues with pricing or billing and customer service is great....thank you very


Latest review: Were experiencing drop out issues but one phone call to Lizzy and subsequent visit by NBN fixed all our issues. I want to personally thank Michael Buthune for all of his patience and assistance with

More Telecom

Latest review: Transferred after Mynetfone on sold us to Southern phone. Noticed the difference straight away. Went looking for someone new and saw the reviews here so thought I would give them ago. Hanna was very

Diamond Energy

Latest review: Admittedly I did not do my research prior but just got a bill for $424 for 4 months - one bedroom flat, no air con, lived there for 2 months, for sale for 2 months with Real Estate Agent turning


Latest review: Staff have been helpful on every contact since signing up to organising a technician to visit the house & have been reasonable with the service they provide. - NOR WA, Alkimos


Latest review: No answer on their phones just asks to leave a message and currently need a new meter as my solar feed in is actuallly adding to my buy in

Uniti Wireless


Click Broadband

Latest review: Customer of Click for 6 months, speed tests all over the place, random buffering, friends who visit commented on crap speed. No how to guides on how to setup your router or VOIP, and everything

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