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Latest review: I was amazed to notice the money has been transferred instantly this time. It was really an awesome experience. Few of my friends already experienced the same with Instagram money transfer, but this


Latest review: Our personal account manager walked us through the entire process and made something that is completely foreign to us a breeze. We initially used a competitor and learnt the hard way that the


Latest review: I used this service on several occasions when transferring money to Europe. Initially there were a few documents to fill in to verify ID. But once that was done the transactions were smooth and


Latest review: Easy to set up Great instructions and feedback Inexpensive I set up an account after years of using bank transfers that were associated with large fees and poor exchange rates. The OrbitRemit


Latest review: Recently made a transfer to a bank account . 4 day later the funds have still not gone through! This was funds for a medical emergency. Talked to three different agents who all reassured me that they


Latest review: tried to send money to friend in US. he could not get the money . I checked with money gram and I was told they would not forward the money because there were scammers in the area. they are very


Latest review: Customer service was no help and rude when I asked why my account was suspended. I had been using them regularly for over a year but all the fees I had paid them in that time was not enough to earn

Xe Money Transfer

Latest review: I have used XE for some years now for regular transfers from Australia to our bank in Italy, using the IBAN account code. There are no charges either by XE or by the receiving bank, and the exchange


Latest review: Paypal is holding my money for a month eventhough the shipping company and customer have confirmed to get my money released. I have called up to report the issue, however, nothing changed. At first,


Latest review: From (2 different but associated banks) my online transaction account, I can see the BPAY View list of current and paid bills. Today, if I click to view a bill, I am redirected to

Western Union

Latest review: Asked me so many documents including receiver after that cancel my transection. I have to send a money urgently. It is the worst experience. Worldremit is best site for remit

World First

Latest review: Had a great experience making an FX transfer with WorldFirst. The staff were helpful and understanding and ensured that I got a great rate. Thanks

GMT Money

Latest review: This website is a simple international money transfer website. You sign up, provide required 100 point IDs and use it to transfer funds to family or friends internationally. The website seems to

Rocket Remit

Latest review: Worst possible remit company going around. They will actively seek to hit you with extra charges and fees wherever possible and make these fees unfair and unjust. I will never do business with them

Orbit Remit

Latest review: I have used these people with reasonable results over 6 months and numerous transactions. My current one has taken a complete day so far to locate funds their system seem to have lost. My recipient

Travelex International Payments

Latest review: I placed an order on their web page for NZ$ 2000 to be collected by them at Canberra Airport on the 3rd of March before my parents departed for Wellington. Paid for it by bank transfer and got the

Danesh Exchange