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Dyson Pure Cool Desk

Latest review: On sale at half RRP I went ahead and purchased. I’m mostly interested in the air purifier and this works very well, noting you do take its performance on faith. It purifies the air in a bedroom very q

Dyson Car Cleaning kit

Latest review: Purchased this today to clean a car. Turbine attachment worked really well on the flat surfaces. The car had medium to long dog hair, and it picked up majority of the hair. The hair it missed

Dyson V6 Mattress Tool

Latest review: Surprising what dust and hair this tool removed from my mattresses & lounges. It didn’t get stuck like the normal head does. Good value for money and it’s nice and lig

Dyson Airwrap

Latest review: Bought this for my girlfriend at Christmas and she has not stopped using it. She loves the attachments. She really likes the results of the styling and uses it in conjunction with her dyson

Dyson V8

Latest review: Love this vacuum - recharges really quickly and does the job effortlessly. Had an issue with it going on and off - rang Dyson and fixed the problem over the phone it was just something caught in the

Dyson Supersonic

Latest review: Quite light, works so well with a lot of power. I can try my hair in a third of the time. Even my husband who never used hair dryer also uses my Dyson daily. Just found it extremely expensive,

Dyson V6

Latest review: I would've thought it would last more than 4 years to be honest. I have a Miele vacuum that has lasted longer and cost half of the price of the Dyson. Apart from the fact the we need to spend $85

Dyson V7

Latest review: Bought on special for $399 Hands down the best value for money you will get. I am a fan of dyson products as they have proven to be very high quality and high continuity of service. We had the

Dyson DC58 Animal

Latest review: I love this little Dyson! It’s perfect for cleaning the car, or giving a quick whip around small spaces. The battery life is excellent and charges quite quickly also. There are a range of n

Dyson Cyclone V10

Latest review: Works very well on carpet, I’m always shocked at how much dust/dirt is sucked up! Very good in an asthmatic household. Also works well on tiled floors. Easy to charge, and battery life is quite long f

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link

Latest review: The product can be used via wifi, which is one of my favourite features. it means that I can remotely control it if it is in the nursery and I haven't wanted to wake the baby. I suffer from asthma

Dyson Pure Cool Tower

Latest review: While pretty expensive, these Air Purifiers are a pretty amazing piece of kit. Great to look at, take up minimal space, do a pretty decent job of moving the air around a room, are fairly quiet

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Stand

Latest review: I purchased this along with my Dyson hair dryer and I’m glad I did. The attachments stick by magnet underneath, the stand is great quality and very sturdy. It holds my hair dryer very well. The price

Dyson Tower Fan AM07

Latest review: Powerful fan, but in Australia, collects a lot of dust. Unable to clean it properly around the motor. The vents get really clogged, not even a compressor can blow it out. If it could be designed to

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

Latest review: Use this over couple of moths now. The multi floor attachment is like a suction cup and it does not move on the floor. We have vinyl planks and tiles and it sticks to both. Vacuuming with this is

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk

Latest review: I bought this Dyson because of my partner who saw it and said it looked good and had good reviews. Unfortunately it does not cool enough especially on hot days so we were having the fan on as well

Dyson Big Ball Origin

Latest review: Great vacuum, makes vacuuming the house seem like less of a chore. Great suction, no smell and it doesn’t blow dust in the air which means I don’t have to open the windows to air the house. Great for

Dyson DC50

Latest review: I use this on all floors, I have two cats and the spinning brush thing works great picking up hair off couch tops and carpet/wood floors. I feel this vacuum lacks suction power compared to other

Dyson Desk Fan AM06

Latest review: Do not buy these products Especially from their own webpage 1) bought the table fan it broke within 2 hours of normal use 2) after waiting 30 mins on the phone to get through to someone they

Dyson Small Ball

Latest review: My old vacuum was not picking up all the dog hair. Having 2 border collies I needed something more powerful. I brought the Dyson pet ball vacuum and was blown away with the results! I had no idea how

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