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Bondi Boost HG

Latest review: Started using Bondi Boost because my hair was destroyed from foils. Within a week, my hair was smoother and not dead. The mask is really great too! Plus they smell

SAS Hair Straightener

Latest review: finally a hair straightener that works with my hair! i have thick hair thats very hard to tame and have tried many brands but it never stays straight for long. im very happy with my sas as my hair

Real-u Beauty Bundle

Latest review: After a month my skin had a beautiful texture it was smooth and glowing , I now hardly ever break out anymore and i have confidence again thank you real u

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron

Latest review: I purchased my Karmin straightener several years ago and it is still going strong. It heats up very quickly, stays hot and allows me to straighten my hair quickly without having to go over each piece


Latest review: Great little hair straightener here I love this because it heats up in seconds and it is so great on the hair feels like heaven great budget for the price

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Latest review: This product is 100% quality. This is my everyday lip moisturiser, it is the only one that keeps my lips from chapping. Also great on burns to help heal and relieve

Dyson Supersonic

Latest review: This is my first time buying a that expensive hair dryer and i love it so much. The hair dryer is less noisy than all the other ones when i try it out in the actual store! The hair dryer is light and

Parlux 385 PowerLight

Latest review: I love this product it is sleek elegant and simply amazing it blows my hair dry in about 10 minutes way better than i expected i also really like the colours of the Parlux

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Latest review: I absolutely love this product and the results I got from it. The product only takes about an hour to settle into my skin and 15 minutes to apply. This self tanner left my skin with such a beautiful

Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin

Latest review: My skin feels smooth and bright every time I use it ...it actually glows after I use this product I usually don’t use things like this cod my skin is pretty sensitive and breaks out in redness or r

Parlux 3200 Compact

Latest review: Love this hairdryer, I bought this to replace my similar Parlux model I had had for 15 years, drying everyone in the household's hair as well as my several dogs could not fault it this one I've had


Latest review: The straightener stopped performing well after 1 year very minimal use. I did contact glampalm but they were not really very helpful. Even though I was within 24 month warranty the response they gave

Bondi Boost Intensive Growth Spray

Latest review: This product is amazing, it smells great and is so easy to use..! Just spay it on and leave in to make your hair feel and look 10 times

SkinB5 Next Generation Clear Skin Range

Latest review: I want to go off the pill but my skin broke out when I did last time. So I was howling starting this would contain the pimples and the chest Break outs as right now being on pill my skin is

Loving Tan 2 Hr Express

Latest review: I absolutely love using Loving Tan! It took me 10-20 minutes to apply it to my body and dried within minutes after application. It’s the only self tanner I use now. It never leaves streaks and l

MooGoo Scalp Cream

Latest review: I brought the MooGoo Scalp cream after stumbling across it in my local pharmacy. My 8 week old had as my GP put it ‘next level’ (REALLY BAD) cradle cap that we had tried everything on and nothing was

Breeze Body Beauty Sleep Mask

Latest review: After using this product several times, my skin has been responding very well. The mask glides on evenly and feels great on. I wake to smooth and supple but most importantly clean skin. I will


Latest review: I have been using Moxie products for the lat 7 years and sometimes tried other products but always come back to their pads. They are packed nicely and in luxury form and have the best quality, there

Muk 230-IR

Latest review: I have purchased so many brands of hair straightener for my family. This is the only one that everyone fights over to use. It works very well and I dont think my daughter could live without it.

Remington Aero

Latest review: I bought this late last year. It was great at first. After about 3 months, the high speed slowed down. Shortly after, if I put it on high speed and hot, it would overheat in seconds. It still works,

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