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Uniden SS E45+1
Latest review: I purchased this new model cordless phone for my 88 year old mother who has sight impairment and arthritis in the fingers. The phone has large numbers and special features that would be beneficial

Uniden DECT 1015
Latest review: My other phones are Panasonic older models which are great but one if them died. After purchasing other brands I was frustrated and didn't know what phone to buy , I was a bit hesitant to buy this

Uniden DECT 2145
Latest review: After connecting to the NBN, our home wiring became redundant leaving us with only a single phone point that meant we had to rush to answer it. We wanted a simple multi-point home phone service split

Uniden UBCT-9 TrunkTracker III
Latest review: Generally a great product, comes with a mounting kit for the car, and also the Cigarette charger and a window mount antenna. Well worth the price. Trunktracking, good quality unit. Comes with

Uniden UBCD396XT
Latest review: Undien Australia - RRP $499 - Top of the line Digital Frequency Scanner - lets you listen/monitor everything from Police to UHF CB Radio users (Some Police are encrypted). Once you work out the

Uniden SS E45
Latest review: Problems : The on-line flutter, flashing red light on the handsets, and the voice mail icon displaying on the handsets when there is no message. Phone 1300 366 895 for emailed instructions to fix

Uniden UBC245XLT
Latest review: Good Unit!!! 300 channels, not that you use them all but it's great if your into planes! Also, listen into what the police are doing at night!!! Easy to use! Interesting what you can do with it I've

Uniden EZI30XLT
Latest review: I was after a small portable scanner for listening to air band transmissions and was going to buy a cheap chinese one off ebay until I found the EZ130XLT. Absolutely brilliant. Great reception and

Uniden UH5000
Latest review: An Easy to USE CB Radio, simple to program with a few added features, It covers all the stations. Customisable 7 colour display with a flip screen , external speaker jack, very compact and light I

Uniden BW 3451R
Latest review: I haven't found many reviews on this product and I have had it a while so thought I would review it. It has some great qualities and some flaws: Pros: - You can zoom in and out and move the

Uniden Guardian GDVR4240
Latest review: I’d tried those eBay systems before. Some were good, some were bad, some were…to be honest I don’t know how they managed to sell. The issue with buying a CCTV system is that you need a solution th

Uniden UBCD396T
Latest review: I was given one of these things a couple of months ago as being surplus to requirements so I cannot really comment upon price/performance, but it seems to live up to its reputation if you ignore the

Uniden UWS 1101
Latest review: This is a great monitor day or night, it has zoom and u can move around in zoom mode. Has good sound and can turn up quite loud if required! Only down side is when monitor screen is in dark room

Uniden UWS 1100
Latest review: Loving this product! Previously had the Cocoon monitor and the image cut out constantly and was vary temperamental. In comparison (and in its own right) this is a brilliant product. Image is great

Uniden XDECT 8315
Latest review: Purchased this phone recently from Harvey Norman. Phone works very well and was easy to set up. We linked an iPhone 7 and a Samsung Galaxy s8+ without any problems and they both answer and receive

Uniden DECT 3136BT
Latest review: We bought this cordless phone due to our old Panasonic stopped working, it was a great choice with two hand sets and answering service, we have had the phone for approximately one month now and it

Uniden FP1100
Latest review: I bought this phone two days ago and thought it seemed very good but on my second call it just went dead---now have to go to the nuisance of returning it. I wanted a small corded phone as prefer

Uniden VP100
Latest review: I have been a voip user for the last 20 years ever since it came out my biggest problem was Telstra would chop the internet to save bandwidth now NBN has arrived it appears to work fine.

Uniden XDECT 8355
Latest review: Quality is A1 (typical of Uniden). Bluetooth function is fantastic. Easy to set up & understand functions. Read the manual a couple of times though. Sound quality is very good and display screens are

Uniden DECT 1735
Latest review: These phone system is easy to set up and connect to your modem for use through the NBN. The 3 handsets have there own charging stand, this is handy to have in different parts of the house. You will

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