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SMAART Recruitment

Latest review: Justin and the crew at Smaart have been fantastic. Very welcoming and do everything they can to help and point you in the right

Premium Graduate

Latest review: I fran, was on a three-month internship in Adelaide organized by Premium Graduate. I worked for up coming Solar copany, a subsidiary of larger American Solar and Clean Energy Solutions organisation.


Latest review: When I confronted them over their lack of communication about the role that I was put forward for I was met with excuses and no solutions, having worked as a recruiter in the past I can say that this

MAX Employment

Latest review: Max Employment Woy Woy. Tried to tell me I needed to look for 20 jobs per month. Even though the law clearly stated as single parent and undertaking full-time study for 6 months that this satisfies


Latest review: I was contacted by an agent via sms regarding upcoming opportunities. I followed up via text, phonecall and email and never got a response. It seems they were just phishing to get names for their


Latest review: Do not upload you information to the direct website. The employer is NOT asking for this information Seek.com and seek.com trading as Certsy are!!!!! I am still waiting for mine to be deleted as


Latest review: It is perfectly okay to not contact candidates if we're not successful. But if we're shortlisted, advised we're "strong candidates" who will "definitely" have their applications put forward... why

First People Recruitment Solutions

Latest review: If you are looking for a dedicated recruitment consultant, please call Laura at First People Recruitment Solutions. In a casual conversation with a contractor colleague who mentioned Laura, I

Ivory Group

Latest review: I was so impressed and happy with the performance of the team, they actually do what they promise you. Michael is a great person to work with and would do his best to ensure the employer and the

The UK Pub Co.

Latest review: I had a great experience with the UK pub Co. When I arrived in London I decided to sign up and within 6 days I have been placed at an amazing pub in Central London. Gregory was an amazing help and he

KIT Consulting Group

Latest review: I found Kit Consulting to be highly efficient and responsive when it came to finding me a role in my desired industry (IT). Would highly recommend the KIT

Ostara Recruitment

Latest review: Ostara have been particularly effective at finding employment for me. They have been extremely understanding and courteous in coping with my disabilities. Special thanks should go to the staff for

Nova Employment

Latest review: Fantastic and Excellent agency that help people who have disability's look for work .they are very positive and supportive with the work that they offer and provide for there


Latest review: Sinclair recruitment nationwide are the worst recruiter you can work with! They drink on the job, do not call back candidates and even bag employers and candidates behind their backs in group emails

West Recruitment

Latest review: Bad experience over the phone. I got a call from [name removed] on 02 9689 8914. He asked me "is it a good time for me to talk about my application?". I said "can you please call me back after 5pm


Latest review: They only focus on sell you the candidate so they can get a good commission. They negotiate on candidates' behalf for a fat package so they get more commission. Once the candidate is placed, there is

WorkFocus Australia

Latest review: I tried to work with these people on several different occasions with several different people and found they were just terrible. They have dodgy practices and are incompetent. I have no Idea how


Latest review: The Tursa I attended in my previous suburb had issues, but were pretty quick to fix what went wrong. But when I had to move, I was faced with nothing but issues. Be prepared to be treated like the

Bluefin Resources

Latest review: An incompetent bunch of unprofessional racist... I never understood why they hire and keep Charity cases especially the joke of a lady who leads the contract team, who can't add 2+2, let alone use an

Robert Walters

Latest review: Really disappointed in their service. I was contacted by their consultant for a interview and when I followed up with calls and emails, the consultant could not even be bothered to reply back to say

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