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Finance One

Latest review: Just like to thank everyone at finance one,you guys are amazing,the process was so easy,also like to have a massive shout out to mikala,you are such a legend I give you all

Money Now

Latest review: As their business name says, 'Money Now' were so quick and so efficient with organising the finance for our new caravan. They were incredibly thorough and an absolute pleasure to do business with. We

First Rate Car Loans

Latest review: Thanks to Eddie's help we were able to get a second car and he was super helpful and went above and

Alpha Finance

Latest review: I was impressed by the customer service, the costs are great, the Alpha team were spot with my needs and I didn't get any hidden extras added upon my


Latest review: Ethan was totally fantastic when I applied for my car. He went above and beyond to get me my car and I couldn’t be more thankful and dealt with my million questions professionally and in such a p

Stratton Finance Car & Ute Loans

Latest review: Very satisfied with it all of from start to finish with the help by Peter and everyone involved made my first large financial endevour a complete walk through the


Latest review: BUYER BEWARE. Paul quoted a 4.7% interest rate - in fact the interest rate was 6.7% per annum of the amount owed (as in a 6.7% a home loan interest rate). I believe he deriberately mislead me, with

Fastlane Finance

Latest review: Highly recommended Charles, he was very helpful with getting everything sorted as quick as possible and was happy to answer any questions that I had to ask. Thank you heaps

Finlease Car Financing

Latest review: Even though I used another company for my previous car, I was pleasantly surprised to find I got better rate with Finlease. On top of that, the professionalism and warm demeanor displayed by Chris

360 Finance

Latest review: I had a great call on my initial enquiry for a car loan. I was surprised at how much personal information was required in order to obtain an interest rate quote based upon the information I gave. In


Latest review: As you can see from other reviews, the transparency of this business comes down to the morality of the representative you talk to, not from company-wide values. There are many problems with this

Go Car Loans

Latest review: I contacted Go Car Loans as I wanted to be able to just go out and get the car I needed and have the freight at hand to negotiate. I found the car that suited my purposes regarding work and life and

Finance Ezi

Latest review: I explained about my defaults on 1st call. Still Tim took my application and applied on Monday. I kept calling on Tuesday but no reply thn he called me back on Tuesday that due to ur credit file it’s

Aussie Car Loans

Latest review: Applied online, I make 90k a year and have good credit. Was called back days after I asked to be called. When I called up they said they were sorry and the person who was assisting would call

Macquarie Leasing Car Loan & Vehicle Finance

Latest review: Always on time and ahead with payments as soon as a payment needs to be delayed it’s a massive problem forget sending emails they are ignored completely continue to take payment regardless of your r

RACV Car Loans

Latest review: The ad says 5 hrs to complete the process, what a load of rubbish. 3 weeks later and we're still jumping through hoops. They make it impossibly hard. Having a house, cars, a business, and assets

Capital Finance Motor Vehicle Loans

Latest review: very very bad company. they just stealing my money. and took my car without letting me know. they are really so rude. don't deal with them. their customer service is so rude especially girl her name

ANZ Car Loans

Latest review: Applied for a car loan as I have a new job and no longer work in the city and require a car to get to work. Thought I would apply through ANZ as that’s also who i bank with. Wasn’t applying for much -

Latitude Financial Car Loans

Latest review: They told me they could pay of my existing car loan and add that amount to the new car loan so we would only have one low loan to pay of. Now we have to high loans to pay of and she said the

Suncorp Car & Personal Loans

Latest review: When looking for a personal loan to purchase a second hand car we chose Suncorp over our regular bank (commbank) because the interest rate was a little was lower. After taking a look at our finances

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