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EvoHeat EVO270

Latest review: When I researched this I realised that many of these units were difficult to operate - you had to keep looking at a manual. This is the first unit I have seen that has a touch panel. It's made it


Latest review: I love my showers, they are the best part of my day, turn on the hot water, close my eyes and let the hot water soothe my body, they wake me up in the morning and relax me at night, so the horror of

Sanden Eco Heat Pump

Latest review: Installed six weeks ago in suburbs of canberra. I've had my Solar in now for 2 years 10kW and my Tesla was installed just 6 months ago now. The final thing dragging me down on energy was the gas

Dux Proflo

Latest review: Old Dux system lasted 14 + years so couldn't go past replacing with the same system. We have hot water again and without fear of running out! Here's to at least another 14 years with

Chromagen Midea 170L Heat Pump

Latest review: Bought May 2019 with some rebate, it cost $799. Replaced Rheem 325 heat pump that was unreliable. Really energy efficient during warm months and serviceable during cold months. So far a definite pass

Dux Always Hot Continuous Flow

Latest review: From the ordering at Bunnings, through the installation, to two months of heavy use, everything has been perfect. No problems with two showers running at the same time. Couldn't be happier with the

Stiebel Eltron WWK 222 / 302

Latest review: Installed in 2008, replacing old electric storage unit. We have a family of 5 and ran it on a timer from 9am to use the heat of the day and it will only run for around 2 hours max in the coldest

Stiebel Eltron WWK300A / WWK300AH

Latest review: Inherited this hot water service when I purchased the house 4 months ago ,and was happy to have a German manufactured system. Found it to be noisy but happy with the pressure and temperature of the

Rheem Rheemglas Water Series

Latest review: This unit has been a great choice for many years of supplying Hot Water to my home, I am confident in the reliable service over years of operation and this has proven correct so that I have installed

Dux Airoheat

Latest review: Installed in 2009, hasn't missed a beat. The only negative is the fan on top rust away (l've replaced it once and rust-proofed the 2nd) but l'm right on the beach. Cheap to run and quiet enough that

Wilson SuperX

Latest review: I've had no problems with the water heater in my own apartment, apart from being extremely hot and sometimes hard to get the hot to work (which is probably to do with my mixer tap), however the

Stiebel Eltron SimpleX Instantaneous 3 Phase

Latest review: I had a new Stiebel Simplex hot water system installed in my unit in Perth in February. I have just had it removed as it doesn't give a decent supply of hot water. It fluctuates and in the winter is


Latest review: I saw all the negative comments here and decided to let everyone know that my Rinnai electric HOTFLO 250L purchased July 2019 is wonderful, good narrow dimensions, made in Australia, Victoria new

AquaMAX E160

Latest review: Bought an Aquamax after my old Saxxon hotwater unit decided to die after 12 years of service. Since Saxxon is no longer around to make me a new one, I decided to upgrade. So far, so good. This

Stiebel Eltron DHE 18 AU / DHE 27 AU

Latest review: When the 2nd DHE18AU failed in our Noosa Holiday unit inside 10 years Simon organised a plumber and replacement circuit board quickly and a no cost. This was despite the unit being out of warranty.

Stiebel Eltron DHF Instantaneous 3 Phase

Latest review: Don't want to have a huge water heater at my place and received some compliments on this brand that why I bought it. So far so good. The best thing I like about it is that it heats up water fast, and

Gleamous GL5

Latest review: This unit has been an absolute god-send. We replaced a Hocking unit which was the same three phase 20 amps per phase supplied unit however the difference in control ability of the heat out is chalk

Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel

Latest review: So as i just got my new Rheem stellar 160Lt Stainless steel tank im about to install it over the weekend so far my old unit 18 years old its 120Lt it's a duk fort as some may not be aware of that u

Gleamous DSL - 30N

Latest review: Worked okay for about 7 months then stopped working rang Gleamous in regards to my warranty got a complete run around saying we get back to you later never rang me back every time I rang them it was

AquaMAX E315S36

Latest review: I have had the 315 for 3 year's and had 4 elements leak and now they can't get the elements out so hot water services useless warranty department run by children they dont even documents each time

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