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Best Camping Shops in Victoria Melbourne and Geelong

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Snowys Outdoors

    Snowys Outdoors · includes 2 listings

    4.7 from 622 reviews

    Latest review: When I called their customer service about my order with “fast delivery in 1-2 business days” to find out whereabouts 3 days later when not delivered and nil tracking status, was basically told bad lu

    • Product Quality
      4.7 (161)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (16) · No (166)
    4WD Supacentre
    • Award Winner 2021

    4WD Supacentre · includes 2 listings

    4.6 from 16,450 reviews

    Latest review: Sleeping bags -5 look very thick and warmer can’t wait to try them out! Postage was super super fast so happy!!!!

    • Product Quality
      4.2 (1,272)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (140) · No (1,227)

    Tentworld · includes 2 listings

    4.5 from 864 reviews

    Latest review: Purchased Travelmate TDMZ80 from Townsville Aug'20. Fridge stops working in WA in May'21. Call store to arrange repair/replace/refund. Told to take it to a repair centre. Nearest is 1000km, whom pays

    • Product Quality
      2.8 (24)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (19) · No (18)
    Vic OffRoad

    Vic OffRoad

    4.6 from 212 reviews

    Latest review: Purchase the towing mirror and the h4 headlight globe and both work well and best value of money,will defeinetly recommend my friend to

    • Product Quality
      4.8 (120)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (5) · No (115)
    Australian Direct

    Australian Direct · includes 2 listings

    4.2 from 541 reviews

    Latest review: I bought a 75l dual zone fridge which worked well for approximately 2 years. It then wouldn't stay cold and I contacted Australian Direct for a warranty claim. They were initially very responsive and

    • Product Quality
      4.4 (349)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (56) · No (353)
    Survival Supplies Australia

    Survival Supplies Australia

    5.0 from 41 reviews

    Latest review: Bought a Tops BOB bushcraft knife, was surprised to receive a knapped stone arrow head as a token of appreciation,!! outstanding , will shop here again. fast postage

    • Product Quality
      5.0 (18)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (19)


    3.9 from 479 reviews

    Latest review: Bought, received, quickly. Assembling easy. Strong, quality item. Exercises all body parts. USE, SIT IN CHAIR, NOT STAND ON EQUIPMENT.

    • Product Quality
      2.5 (58)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (20) · No (45)
    Outback Equipment

    Outback Equipment

    4.0 from 152 reviews

    Latest review: I ordered a rescuemate from the website and the order was not updated in the system even after 3 business days. Since I have an upcoming trip, I called them up wanting to know the status of the

    • Product Quality
      3.7 (34)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (7) · No (34)
    Everything Australian

    Everything Australian · includes 2 listings

    4.5 from 33 reviews

    Latest review: Order Blundstone Boot. They were on my feet with in 4 days. So happy with them and the free gift as well. Which came at a good time as son 21st is coming

    • Product Quality
      5.0 (12)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (7)


    5.0 from 15 reviews

    Latest review: I'd been looking to purchase this particular transplanting spade for several years & had no luck tracking it down. I stumbled across the Botanex site and found it listed. It came promptly in the

    • Product Quality
      5.0 (12)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (12)
    Extac Australia

    Extac Australia · includes 2 listings

    4.0 from 28 reviews

    Latest review: Ordered knife, took 2 weeks to receive and they had sent the wrong product. After a week or so of waiting for a response to my email they said they would send the correct knife with a return post bag

    • Product Quality
      3.0 (2)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (1)

    Campsmart · includes 2 listings

    4.3 from 18 reviews

    Latest review: I bought the waterproof screens. Fantastic! Its a great idea and kept us dry on our last camping trip The staff were really nice I highly recommend the product and service

    • Product Quality
      4.3 (7)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (3)
    Kulkyne Kampers

    Kulkyne Kampers

    3.2 from 41 reviews

    Latest review: Swags are good. Bags are average. Prices are high. The price increases and lack of free shipping are an issue, I’ve started buying the Sahara drover swags and the canvas is 15oz plus they come with a

    • Product Quality
      4.5 (2)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (3)
    Freedom Travel Gear

    Freedom Travel Gear

    3.9 from 18 reviews

    Latest review: I received my orange travel satchel as well as the anti-theft backpack within 1-2 weeks. Very happy with it! I was very skeptical about ordering things online at first, especially from seeing an ad

    • Product Quality
      4.7 (9)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (9)
    Paddy Pallin

    Paddy Pallin · includes 2 listings

    3.5 from 11 reviews

    Latest review: Bought a pair of SCARPA nitro GTX hiking boots from the Perth store Oct 2019. These were comfortable and were recommended as a good boot for light hiking. Less than 9 months later with little use

    • Product Quality
      3.0 (2)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (2)

    Kathmandu · includes 2 listings

    2.0 from 343 reviews

    Latest review: Purchased a black lightweight rain jacket with a hood which has had a defective zipper from the beginning. The zipper is a cheap one and not a worthwhile purchase as jacket has been worn twice. Not

    • Product Quality
      2.5 (91)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (26) · No (77)

    Macpac · includes 2 listings

    2.2 from 36 reviews

    Latest review: i bought an item which was faulty. they said it was human error and refused to exchange it. the product was crap, and the customer service was crapper. will not buy

    • Product Quality
      2.7 (19)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (6) · No (15)


    1.9 from 117 reviews

    Latest review: Terrible rack system i wasn't told about the on road and off road weight carrying difference i was only told it could hold 75kg its really 75kg for on road use and only 40kgs for off road use the

    • Product Quality
      2.1 (65)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (6) · No (61)
    Kellys Camping and Outdoors

    Kellys Camping and Outdoors · includes 2 listings

    2.8 from 12 reviews

    Latest review: I ordered product 3 weeks ago. I checked the tracking information on my account page, it's never been changed from "not available yet" for 3 weeks. I contacted them by email 3 times, call them 3


    Anaconda · includes 2 listings

    1.6 from 550 reviews

    Latest review: This is the second time in a month this has happened. If you don’t have the stock don’t say you do

    • Product Quality
      2.4 (108)
    • Return Claim MadeYes (48) · No (112)
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