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TP-Link AC1750 Archer D7

Latest review: It will work for weeks without restart, unlike Optus router need few restart everyday. I have more than. 20 devices, still no issue. Lack some expert option, but still one of the best for

Netgear AC1900 D7000 Nighthawk

Latest review: I am now on my replacement modem- as the original one was replaced by Netgear. The replacement modem also freezes up. The 2.4 band drops out- the modem needs to be rebooted e. Please do your own

Telstra Gateway Max

Latest review: I get this Telstra smart modem as part of the cable internet package with Telstra. At first, I was very doubtful whether this modem can deliver the speed as promised. However, this modem has

NetComm AC1600 NF17ACV

Latest review: I have had a Netcomm nf17 for almost 2 years and it has been a solid and reliable unit. For its price it performs very well on WiFi and actually exceeds the performance of the Netgear router my isp

TP-Link Archer VR600 / VR600V

Latest review: Bought this router modem when I was having an issue with the provider supplied model (TPG/Huawei). I was thinking of changing the old modem but unfortunately I will lose my VOIP as I don't have the

D-Link AC1750 DSL-2890AL

Latest review: Great value for money. We had terrible issues with our previous router, this one has given us 0 problems! It just works. The Wifi range is good. We never turn it off and it has lived in the hot

Netgear Orbi

Latest review: I bought one base + one satellite a couple of months ago. Easy to setup. I just follow the manual and complete setup in minutes. (Probably because I'm an IT engineer) It provides mesh network and

D-Link Taipan AC3200 DSL-4320L

Latest review: This is a very expensive piece of equipment, but fails to meet the hype. Now according to Dlink it is no longer even supported in MyDlink. The after sales support on this has been the worst I have

Netgear N300 DGN2200

Latest review: This Netgear modem was purchased because I wanted to connect more devices via wifi and was looking for a good solution. I must tell it was reasonably inexpensive to buy and easy to set up. I just

Asus AC1900 DSL-AC68U

Latest review: It seems that most modems had problems after one year. This one is worse and it last about 6 months, although it's much more expensive than my other modems. My house is good and I was happy to pay

Telstra Gateway Max 2

Latest review: Flashed this with custom Ansuel firmware via SSH and its absolutely the best. Never had a drop out. Can also run transmission for torrents and switch back to the Telstra GUI. Currently with Aussie

Netcomm AC1600 NF18ACV

Latest review: This modem is made of lemon. The 2.4ghz keeps dropping down to 1 mbits. Reboot it and it backs up 50mbts till after hour or so then it goes down again. I’m sending it back to netcomm for a r

TP-Link AC1900 Archer D9

Latest review: Bought this Router as an upgrade to my SP router and was blown away by the stability and speed it can achieve. No drop off, no need resent every day and at 90% speed at all time. Great price and good

D-Link Python AC1600 DSL-2888A

Latest review: Great modem, currently stream to the lounge tv and the bedroom tv and a phone comfortably at the same time, no drop outs. This is our second D link modem I have used 3 other different makes over

TP-Link TD-W8960N

Latest review: There are 3 things to look for in a router: 1. Signal - strength and stability are the two main factors in terms of signal. You need a router with stable signal strength and consistent coverage. 2.

TP-Link N300 TD-W9977

Latest review: Having owned a dlink I wanted a small router. I brought this one from Harvey Norman on recommendation from ISP and it took a few mins to set up and is faster with no lagging at all. For the price it

Telstra Gateways Frontier

Latest review: I currently have an Optus service, and that plugs into this device via Ethernet, with all my network traffic going through this modem. I had tried ADSL with Telstra, however they weren’t able to p

Huawei E5186

Latest review: This is the worst modem I have ever owned! This is a replacement from the last one because it too was doing the same thing after about 6-8 months. It starts dropping the signal and you have to switch

Netgear AC1200 D6200

Latest review: I purchased this router from JB HI-FI nearly two years ago and have not got one single complaint. The router was very easy to set up and its does very well holding up with todays internet speeds. I

Asus RT-AC88U

Latest review: How satisfied are you with the connectivity of the modem/router to your devices? very good. How often do you get dropouts that are fixed by resetting the modem / router (ie. the ISP is not at

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