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Toyota Corolla

Latest review: Purchased it 6 months ago and it already become the family’s favourite. Mostly use it for family goings and everyone in the family live it. No any issues find in the car so far and love i

Kia Sportage

Latest review: Purchased new SLi 2 litre petrol model in Jan. ‘19 . Have traveled 13000 km in 6 months (50% expressway use and 50% on suburban and city roads) Car seems to have been thoughtfully designed and b

Mazda 3

Latest review: We often use our car going to work and travelling during weekend and it is really a nice car. We use this everyday. We do get a service every 10K kilometer. The mechanic was good the check the

Suzuki Swift

Latest review: Car is an absolute gem to drive. Smooth, comfortable, zippy and economical what more could you ask for. It has many options and features for its price point. Handles very well as a day driver and on

Hyundai i30

Latest review: My aunt and uncle had Hyundai's, they proved to be pretty good cars with little going wrong with them. My aunt had a 2000 model Hyundai Getz, and my uncle had a 1990 Hyundai excel manual, and that

Mitsubishi Pajero

Latest review: Great car in all aspects except the front seats! I have a 2017 model but after some long drives on and off road, I have found the seats to be uncomfortable. It might just be me, I'm not a large man

Honda Civic

Latest review: I had purchased this car brand new from Honda in the UK. With only 2k on the clock I had to sell for half the price as I relocated to Australia. After 6 years here I re purchased the Honda Civic FN2

Mazda 6

Latest review: Bought secondhand 2 years ago with 80k on clock and a full service history. Country car, used for daily commuting. No unsealed roads. Now done 110k and every service has needed non service

Mitsubishi Lancer

Latest review: I use my CE Mitsubishi lancer frequently to and from work, long drives down the coast to see family and occasional surfing trip. I have had the car serviced on the due dates with no faults mentioned

Toyota Yaris

Latest review: I love Daisy she goes when she hot or cold she runs through the trees Daisy sees things before me left or right Which way I want to go .turns in circles which way I go We stand together at a sight

Toyota Camry

Latest review: Purchased 2019 SX Camry on 23 August for $38000. No Android car play. No problem as Toyota link was available. Toyota Link worked until 5 September then Toyota updated app. Now no longer works. Have

Subaru Forester

Latest review: Picked up a nice S Edition Foz last month. It's had some extras put into it, such as bigger intercooler, cold air intake, brembo brakes, full stainless system, upgraded coilover suspension, heavy

Mazda 2

Latest review: 2003 model, 150,000km on clock - demo with 400k when bought, cost 16,000 with anti rust and tinting. pro's- never failed, regular service every 10,000 till 100,000 then every 20,000 by Kmart after

Hyundai Accent

Latest review: I bought my Accent sport just over a year ago now and am loving all the comfort and sporty features. It gets me from point A to point B in

Ford Mondeo

Latest review: I purchased this car in February 2018. It had 22,000KM on it, and was 14 months old. When I purchased it everything was tight, no noises, no squeals, no complaints! Fast forward 14 months and it's

Honda CR-V

Latest review: I purchased my 4th Honda car (CR-V - AWD) in June this year. I travel long distances regularly on highways with speeds of 100 - 110kms. About a month after purchase, the safety camera was faulty

Hyundai Tucson

Latest review: My wife has had an i30 since February this year, I was very impressed with it, and, seeing my 2008 Ford Territory was getting a bit old, and starting to cost lots, decided to have a look at a Tucson,

Mitsubishi ASX

Latest review: Mileage 41000km 2.0lt Petrol CVT AUTO, FWD Full house (panoramic roof, folding mirrors, rear PDC and camera, climate control etc. Likes: Xenon headlight light up road nicely; comfy; roomy inside:

Mitsubishi Outlander

Latest review: We are a family of four and this car is great, comfortably fits two car seats at the back however it's too tight for a 3rd adult in the middle. You would have to buy more slim line baby car seats. I

Kia Sorento

Latest review: I have recently received a new GT Line as a company car and was going to leave a review earlier about just how great this machine is. Everything works, everything is in the right place, all controls

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