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Fisher & Paykel WashSmart Front Loader
4.1 from 494 reviews

High energy and water ratings, 13 different programs, and a timed dispenser to ensure detergent is put in at the optimal time are some of the features that help the Fisher & Paykel WashSmart Front Loader effectively clean your clothes.

  • Easy to use controls

  • Gentle with delicates

  • Relatively quiet

  • Some parts not highly durable

Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer

Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer

 · includes 20 listings
3.0 from 310 reviews

Latest review: We moved into a retirement place and have all new appliances. Even though we own the house and all the appliances, all the receipts and warranties have been registered by the Building Company with

Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle CPAP SPSCAA

Latest review: I had a Phillips dream station but the f&p machine is by far, better. I highly recommend the Fisher & Paykel sleep style as it is more efficient and very quiet when running…… I rate it 9/1

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L Bottom Freezer (RF522B Series)
  • Award Winner 2020
4.0 from 85 reviews

This spacious fridge by Fisher & Paykel is ideal for storing a large grocery shop for the week without racking up an overwhelming energy bill.

Fisher & Paykel 614L French Door RF610A Series
3.6 from 287 reviews

Latest review: I really wanted a French door fridge when the time came to replace our old one and the Fisher & Paykel 614 litre fridge was perfect. I love the width of the shelves which is great for large items. I

Fisher & Paykel DH8060

Fisher & Paykel DH8060

 · includes 2 listings
3.9 from 127 reviews

A high energy rating, 13 different programs, and auto sensors that shut off the machine when clothes are dry make the Fisher & Paykel DH8060 Heat Pump Dryers an effective and economical addition to your laundry room.

Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart Front Loader
3.8 from 248 reviews

Latest review: Being a mum of three, I do a daily wash usually a 30 minute quick wash we mainly wear cottons, nothing is ever clean with three young children. My husband works in earthmoving so most of his clothes

Fisher & Paykel Series 5 Top Loader Washing Machines
3.5 from 410 reviews

Latest review: This is my 2nd Fisher & Paykel top loading machine, previous one lasted about 15 years. I have had this machine for approx 1.5 years and it hasn't missed a beat, it is quiet and cleans beautifully

Fisher & Paykel 605L Quad Door RF605Q Series
2.6 from 22 reviews

Latest review: Very poor quality/technical design - the condenser in fridge compartment repeatedly ices up so badly, the cooling fan is blocked from running, and the fridge is unable to maintain correct

Fisher & Paykel WH8060J3
3.1 from 8 reviews

Latest review: I upgraded to this after my old 10+ year old machine started to die. I love it so far, I can fit a whole basket of washing in and don't have any fluff or dust sticking to the clothes at the end of

Fisher & Paykel Series 3 Top Loader Washing Machines
3.8 from 186 reviews

Latest review: I had a MW512 since 2007 when I sold it to upgrade to a bigger model the new MW513 is very similar so I’m sure it will be the same. While I had this machine it was great nothing ever came out u

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L Bottom Mount (E522 FD Series)
4.1 from 90 reviews

Latest review: Has plenty of space to organise your groceries etc. the deep freezer is pretty good with 3 trays which all come in handy. I mostly store Flat breads in the middle one. The ice maker is always full

Fisher & Paykel 60cm Single 11 Function Built-In - 90L
3.7 from 47 reviews

This sophisticated built-in 11-function oven provides plenty of versatility in cooking, while giving an aesthetic boost to your kitchen design.

Fisher & Paykel WD7560P1 / WD8560F1

Fisher & Paykel WD7560P1 / WD8560F1

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2.8 from 22 reviews

Latest review: With the negative reviews around, I must admit I was hesitant to buy a washer/dryer combo. But as I have a one bedroom apartment, space is a premium. The Fisher and Paykel washer dryer combo has been

Fisher & Paykel
1.4 from 465 reviews

Latest review: Our fisher and paykel fridge needed repairs and from the onset the service was fantastic. The staff member was so helpful. Thankyou Gloria you are

Fisher & Paykel 519L French Door RF522A Series
3.6 from 142 reviews

Latest review: After 45 years of marriage we are only onto about our third F&P fridge. The dimensions are perfect as it needed to fit into an existing cavity. It’s very quiet, even ice making during the night is n

Fisher & Paykel DW60FC Series

Fisher & Paykel DW60FC Series

 · includes 8 listings
2.9 from 93 reviews

Latest review: I was totally satisfied with this machine for 25 months. Just after the 2 year warranty expired the seals leaked. Had them replaced. One week later the element went. A call out fee to have a

Fisher & Paykel WH1060P3
4.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: The F&P WH1060P3 is easily the best Front loader machine we have had yet! It has a ton of features, and the big 10kg capacity is super helpful given we have two kids (upgrading from 8kg). The key

Fisher & Paykel 90cm Gas on Glass Cooktop
2.1 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Even though this is an older model which we've had for 5 years or so, surely the whole glass top shouldn't shatter for no apparent reason? F&P were reasonably helpful on the customer services call

Fisher & Paykel Vented Dryer DE Series
3.4 from 23 reviews

Latest review: Small buttons on shirts, cord on shorts get caught between drum edge and plastic trim on dryer wall. Only way to remove is to break them off/cut. Leaving loose pieces behind drum. Small items, ie

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