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Ryobi RLM36 Series
Latest review: I have two medium lawn areas and this mower just powers through them. The battery gives me about 3 complete cuts of both lawns before needing to be recharged. I live on a very steep block and 2

Honda HRU19
Latest review: I purchase this mower, Buffalo Buck, back in February 2005 and it was the best thing I did. It is unstoppable, unless it runs out of fuel, just kidding. What I meant is that if you take care of

Victa Classic Cut VCS467
Latest review: We got this victa lawn mower the other week. And we are loving it. For a smaller size it goes really well. There is a peep hole, to see how far the grass is in the catcher, which is really

Bosch Rotak LI Series
Latest review: I purchased this little mower for my front small yard. It does a great job, I mow regularly so am able to leave the catcher off. My only criticism is that the 2 mainonoff switch needs to be held in

Masport Bunnings 490 4'n1
Latest review: So I bought this along with a new whipper snipper ready for the rainy season. Our old one still usable but struggled to keep up. This machine does heavy duty works, large and heavy enough to stay on

Ryobi RLM4619SMB
Latest review: I've put it thru some tough work, keep the blades updated, oil check. Has never given me any trouble. Clean the air filter etc . Don't use the catcher much, the mulched works

Honda HRU196
Latest review: Our Mower is used weekly and has had minimal maintenance and even so, has been very reliable and my wife can start it easily first or second pull every time. Only issues we have had is when the air

Victa Mustang
Latest review: My old (16 years) Victa Razor with a 4 stroke Honda still starts first pull and has never missed a beat. Just change oil, spark plug and air filter once a year. If only was self propelled I would get

Stihl RMA 370
Latest review: After buying multiple brands over the years, Stihl definitely wins in the battery and reliability although I haven't had it for too long. Charging is quite quick and is very efficient for small

Honda HRU216
Latest review: I purchased my Honda HRU216 new about 4 years ago and have been using commercially 5 days a week ever since in my lawn and garden business. The machine has never let me down. I change the oil twice

Ozito 18V PXCLMK-018
Latest review: Ozito mower that takes 2 x 18V batteries - Very light mower - super easy to manoeuvre. I bought 2 add. batteries so between the 4 batteries I cut around 250-sqm of buffalo lawn. Great if lawn was

Sanli LazerCut LCS400
Latest review: Although it is a Chinese brand but very easy to use Mowing effect is good, push it will not be difficult to push. It should be easy to use Mowing effect is also very good, the price is good, "I

Victa 82V 1687892
Latest review: Terrible product. Didn’t even get one use out of it. Tried to charge the battery before first use. Battery charger flashing red, followed trouble shooting steps. No good, battery is faulty from f

Honda HRX217
Latest review: Anyone contemplating this model should do some comparison research. Top of the line HRX21 - - - - with electric start, self propelled, bag or mulch clippings and clutch driven blades are an

Ryobi OLM1836H
Latest review: With two small areas of fine-leaf grass, I thought this mower would suit well. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, however the power is terrible. It cuts out as soon as it hits a patch of thick

Victa Corvette
Latest review: Self-propelled mechanism is not sealed after a while the clutch does not release anymore. The mower was just over 2 years old and I was asked to pay for the repairs. After pointing out a 4 year

Gardenline (Aldi) Petrol Mower
Latest review: very easy, great to operate to cut the law normal grass low i refill every three months No recharges required, check oil and the petrol its all you need its large enough to hold large quality of

Rover Pro Cut 560
Latest review: I got this two years ago at Masters and chose it mostly based on the name, but also took advice from the sales staff. It ALWAYS starts, never failed to start or been difficult. The weighting is a bit

Ozito Push Reel Lawn Mower LMP-301
Latest review: i bought the mower 2nd hand, previously it was used for a small lawn. I have a big lawn, the only bug bear I have is the lawn needs to be clean before you start, meaning removing all twigs as it just

Latest review: 1) Only fills 1/4 of the catcher before spewing grass everywhere and needs emptying. 2) Inside blade area clogs with grass clippings and requires constant cleaning out. Even during small mows. 2a)

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