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Best Diet, Exercise & Weight Loss Services in Northern Territory Darwin

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Step into Life

Bootcamps & Fitness ProgramsStep into Life

4.9 from 674 reviews

Latest review: An awesome workout with great people amongst the awesome setting of St Kilda's Catani Gardens. Charlie is an excellent friendly coach and even trains us through my partner's pregnancy!! He's more

  • Value for Money
    4.8 (6)
CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsCSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

4.6 from 1,645 reviews

Latest review: I lost 9 kilos in 12 weeks and have continued to lose weight after I finished the program. The total wellbeing diet has given me the knowledge to eat healthy appetising portioned meals. I really

  • Value for Money
    4.8 (1,258)
My Muscle Chef
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsMy Muscle Chef

4.6 from 1,407 reviews

Latest review: The meals are a great size, I'm not following a programm, I just order the meals. They are large enough that if I use it for lunch it keeps me going all afternoon til

  • Value for Money
    4.5 (944)
  • Award Winner 2021

Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsChefgood

4.7 from 309 reviews

Latest review: ChefGood is great; the meals are really tasty, the website is easy to use, the delivery is on time and flawless. I use the slim and trim meals and they are yummy and don’t taste “diet” at all. Porti

  • Value for Money
    4.6 (255)
Workout Meals
  • Award Winner 2020

Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsWorkout Meals

4.7 from 158 reviews

Latest review: I bought these meals to keep in the freezer for when I’m short of time. They are excellent - filling, tasty and nutritious and I’d thoroughly recommend them. And delivery was spot on too

  • Value for Money
    4.4 (135)
Lite n' Easy

    Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsLite n' Easy

    4.3 from 5,619 reviews

    Latest review: Ageing, with physical Disabilities, I found It very problematic trying to prepare, and then cook, my main meals. I began to virtually live on Cheese 'Toasties.' My inclusion into a My Aged Care

    • Value for Money
      4.5 (1,526)
    Vision Personal Training

    Bootcamps & Fitness ProgramsVision Personal Training

    4.4 from 434 reviews

    Latest review: Vision PT Blackburn is amazing! I’ve tried a lot of other programs but nothing has worked as well as this one! The trainers are knowledgeable and compassionate and the other members are warm and f

    • Value for Money
      4.6 (221)
    Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic

    Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsCohen's Weight Loss Clinic

    4.4 from 217 reviews

    Latest review: The first few days are a little tricky but you soon forget about that as the food is balanced and energy is amazing. Its great knowing that every day, week and month there's no need to think to

    • Value for Money
      4.4 (37)
    Hypoxi Australia

    Fitness & Leisure CentresHypoxi Australia

    4.3 from 395 reviews

    Latest review: At the same time, I ditched alchohol completely for 6 weeks, fine tuned my already good diet and still did weights 3 times a week. I followed the eating chart and lost about 2.5 kilos and 22 cms

    • Value for Money
      4.1 (79)
    Back to Basics by Lyndi Cohen

    Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsBack to Basics by Lyndi Cohen

    4.7 from 76 reviews

    Latest review: After years of watching the scales and calorie counting I felt awful. I decided to give this a go and my relationship with food has changed so much. I feel healthier, and stronger all while eating

    • Value for Money
      4.8 (66)
    The Healthy Mummy

    Diet, Exercise & Weight Loss ServicesThe Healthy Mummy

    4.3 from 156 reviews

    Latest review: The healthy mummy is the full package! I have lost over 30kg following this program. It works! The meals are easy and delicious. The fitness program is easy to follow and enjoyable. The other

    • Value for Money
      4.3 (130)
    28 by Sam Wood

    Diet & Weight Loss Programs28 by Sam Wood

    4.1 from 119 reviews

    Latest review: I joined the program for the 8 week challenge. I picked the 3 months subscription. I didn't realise that you actually had to tell them you wanted to cancel. They charged my card for another 3 months

    • Value for Money
      3.2 (32)

    Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsMacros

    4.0 from 240 reviews

    Latest review: They've deleted they Google Account exactly because their review was going down from 3.6 starts to 3.1 stars.. then 2.9 stars.. so they deleted it. I know because I wrote a bad review and I looked at

    • Value for Money
      4.0 (209)

    Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsFoober

    4.3 from 71 reviews

    Latest review: This was perfect for me. I went into it with high expectations from what i had read and i loved it. The flavour was incredible and i am losing weight each week. Looking forward to new menu

    • Value for Money
      4.3 (70)
    Ashy Bines Transformation Centre

    Bootcamps & Fitness ProgramsAshy Bines Transformation Centre

    4.3 from 59 reviews

    Latest review: Rip you off there fake and after money so avoid at all costs if men went there they would of been hunted down by now take them to court everyone else does

    • Value for Money
      1.0 (2)
    Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

    Bootcamps & Fitness ProgramsAshy Bines Booty Challenge

    3.7 from 592 reviews

    Latest review: The booty challenge app was free to download at one stage, and I downloaded it. It’s pretty old now I guess, but as a stay at home mum of tiny kids it is perfect for me. Good accompaniment to my j

    The Ketogenic Switch

    Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsThe Ketogenic Switch

    4.2 from 52 reviews

    Latest review: After struggling for years to lose any weight I joined the 30 Day Dress Size challenge in July 2020. I followed all the instructions and lost 8kg. I also lost the pain in my feet, hands and hips.

    • Value for Money
      4.4 (45)

    Fitness & Leisure CentresFitstyler

    5.0 from 21 reviews

    Latest review: We decided to participate in the bootcamp for preseason training. Amazing! Full body workout and got us ready for the tough season ahead! Thanks Volkan and

    Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge

    Bootcamps & Fitness ProgramsAshy Bines Bikini Body Challenge · includes 6 listings

    3.5 from 378 reviews

    Latest review: Complete waste of money, that money was better off just buying veggies to make green smoothies which is a better tip I can give you than what this "business"

    • Value for Money
      1.0 (1)
    Cookie Diet

    Diet & Weight Loss ProgramsCookie Diet

    3.9 from 66 reviews

    If the thought of going on a diet is unpalatable, the popular cookie diet might change your mind. The Cookie Diet claims to help you lose weight by eating your favourite baked goods.

    • Value for Money
      4.2 (27)
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