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Step into Life

Latest review: SIL Kensington Park fitness program is so versatile. My trainers are fantastic and it offers goal attainment, friendly team, and interaction. I am never alone and enjoy the company of my team mates

My Muscle Chef

Lite n' Easy

Latest review: Why not trying to cook at home ? I know somebody who religiously uses this and shes thin People on a budget cant afford this . If u go into coles u will find weight watchers meals. Personally i

28 by Sam Wood

Latest review: The food in this program is real and delicious. You have the option to swap meals out if you don't like what's there, and it also caters for many general dietary requirements. I've tried a few

Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic

Latest review: I signed up with Cohen's 15 years ago and I can see from the negative reviews of others that Cohens have not changed their extremely questionable practices. Cohens put you on a low protein starvation

Hypoxi Australia

Latest review: Amazing results with minimum efforts required, very low impact. Staff are amazing and very helpful. I have lost nearly 10 kg in the 4 months I’ve been doing hypoxi, and I still eat all the food I l

Odyssey Lean

Latest review: I have been doing Odyssey Lean for a while now and I never get bored cos they add new menu items pretty often. The new miso chicken is really yum and tastes really clean and not

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Latest review: The "I" in CSIRO stands for Industry. Make no mistake, this is a diet designed to support the food industry, with sponsors being companies like Nestle, which is why you'll find snacks like Milo in

Ashy Bines Transformation Centre

Latest review: I stopped going to the Transformation Centre maybe 7/8 months before my contract was set to run out. I called up and told them I wanted to cancel to which they told me I had to wait until my contract


Latest review: Firstly, the delivery guy didn't knock or ring the doorbell. Just dumped the box in the full sun, despite there being shady areas. The food is disgusting. The pictures on the site and what you

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

Latest review: The booty challenge app was free to download at one stage, and I downloaded it. It’s pretty old now I guess, but as a stay at home mum of tiny kids it is perfect for me. Good accompaniment to my j

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Latest review: Great program But whenever I send in a question it takes nearly a week to respond Not happy at all with that for the


Latest review: We decided to participate in the bootcamp for preseason training. Amazing! Full body workout and got us ready for the tough season ahead! Thanks Volkan and

Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

Latest review: Ordered online and arrived in only a few days. I ordered the classic shakes 28 pack. Loving all the flavours (especially chocolate and salted caramel). When I bought the shakes I was also signed up


Latest review: Commonwealth Bank of Australia announced a final dividend of $2.31 per share for the second half of the financial year ended 30 June

Vision Personal Training

Latest review: I was a client of Vision PT Surrey Hills Vic last year and although I liked my actual PT the owner was dodgy. Firstly I was speaking directly to the owner about coming in to visit the club and when I

Cookie Diet

Latest review: Well today is the 4 week mark. So happy with this diet. I'm down 7.1kg and lost 34cm around my belly (happened in the first 2 weeks cause I was badly bloated) This is a very easy diet. I don't have

Xclusive Female Fitness

Latest review: The staff and so friendly and helpful always smiling and motivating it has really made me wanna get back into my training mode again just love


Latest review: Food is very tasty. Once again, can pick up the food. Always fresh, and the menu for my budget isn't too expensive. I couldn't complain. Not perfect, but better than a lot of the other ones I have

Fitness Passport

Latest review: This is literally the best thing thats happened to me! The flat fee really motivates me to gym to get the most out of what I’m paying. Easy to use and very straightforward joining and suspension p

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