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Step into Life

Latest review: SIL Kensington Park fitness program is so versatile. My trainers are fantastic and it offers goal attainment, friendly team, and interaction. I am never alone and enjoy the company of my team mates

My Muscle Chef

Lite n' Easy

Latest review: The food is devious and fresh. It is perfectly portioned and helps with staying on track for weight loss. It is not difficult to follow at all! Would 100% recommend it to anyone who is looking to

28 by Sam Wood

Latest review: The food in this program is real and delicious. You have the option to swap meals out if you don't like what's there, and it also caters for many general dietary requirements. I've tried a few

Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic

Latest review: This is my second Cohens programme, I easily lost 15 kilos in 2008 after many years of long lunches and ample wines! I lived the Cohens lifestyle for several years & was trim, fit and full of energy,

Hypoxi Australia

Latest review: During my 3 months at Hypoxi I lost 13.6kg and lost 12cm from my waist. The staff at the Sandringham studio are lovely and I got a lot more out of my sessions that just the exercise, it really helped

Odyssey Lean

Latest review: I am super impressed with the food they offer. We’ve subscribed for 2 months (and a bit) now. Life is easier and healthier. We’ve always been clean eaters and my husband is a former athlete so por

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Latest review: I wasn't looking to diet but turning 50 this year I thought it was time to make some healthy changes. The TWD was easy to follow and the science behind the nutrition and exercise simple for anyone to

Vision Personal Training

Latest review: After two cesareans and 3 years with little exercise I felt weak and scared of doing exercise again. The team at VPT North Sydney have turned that around for me. I feel stronger and happier, and am

Ashy Bines Transformation Centre

Latest review: I stopped going to the Transformation Centre maybe 7/8 months before my contract was set to run out. I called up and told them I wanted to cancel to which they told me I had to wait until my contract


Latest review: Firstly, the delivery guy didn't knock or ring the doorbell. Just dumped the box in the full sun, despite there being shady areas. The food is disgusting. The pictures on the site and what you

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

Latest review: The booty challenge app was free to download at one stage, and I downloaded it. It’s pretty old now I guess, but as a stay at home mum of tiny kids it is perfect for me. Good accompaniment to my j


Latest review: After being dissatisfied with a few different pre-made meal brands, I wasn’t sure how Macros would be, but I am so impressed! We are just completing our first week and can not fault one meal. The s

Freeway Sports

Latest review: Freeway Sports provides fantastic service. It serves quality classes of different varieties and harbours a range of gym equipment to ensure its customers enjoy a great workout. Definitely with

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Latest review: Great program But whenever I send in a question it takes nearly a week to respond Not happy at all with that for the


Latest review: We decided to participate in the bootcamp for preseason training. Amazing! Full body workout and got us ready for the tough season ahead! Thanks Volkan and

Putting Health At The Top

Latest review: I was sceptical at first but seeing the results from others made me give it a go and I'm so glad I did. First 30 days I lost 9.5kg and to date 15.5kg and still going. Having my own mentor is what

Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

Latest review: Being a regular tony Ferguson on and off, I was very disappointed to discover the taste and texture is totally changed. It is gritty and leaves a terrible after taste. It used to be a pleasure to


Latest review: The old website was great. It would generate a menu plan for you for the calories you needed to consume. That does not exist on the new one. I really hate it now. Wont be using it. They got rid

Cookie Diet

Latest review: Very easy to follow the plan. I like each of the 4 flavours. They are conveniently packed in packets of 9 cookies each which is one days worth. Everyone’s different but I haven’t had any cravings or h

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