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Latest review: Rio helped me solving my billing issue and i'm totally satisfied what you have done to me. Your support was very quick and helpful. once again, thank you very much for your

Sumo Electricity

Latest review: Great honest service by Laura. Followed up enquiry I had with change of plans. Very pleased that it was noted and actually acted up Will see how plans stack up after first bills

Click Energy

Latest review: Electricity to the house was the service installed Electricity was accessible the day prior to our moving in to the house Service Completely reliable never been a dropout with the

Diamond Energy

Latest review: I have been with Diamond Energy for some years now and have found them to be consistently pleasant, helpful, efficient and cheap. Apart from short breaks in supply during the occasional electricity


Latest review: No answer on their phones just asks to leave a message and currently need a new meter as my solar feed in is actuallly adding to my buy in

Sumo Gas

Latest review: I have been Sumo customer for about 6 months. In those 6 month I went through hell and back, bills were through the roof and wouldn't arrive on time. Customer service was poor. I wouldnt recommend

Arc Energy Group

Latest review: Moved into an Arc Energy embedded building and so far I'm VERY happy with the service. Great customer service - phone answered instantly and all questions answered. Good discounts offered without the

Tango Electricity

Latest review: Just signed up with Tango Energy, very happy with the process good customer service and rates. As we have a solar system installed I monitor our power consumption and solar credit carefully. Very

Pacific Hydro

Latest review: I am with Pacific Hydro with last one year. Straight forward electricity price. You no need to calculator for discount rates (one time pay), no discount movie tickets-ETC. i am very happy with them.

Enova Energy

Latest review: recommend Enova as only local community owned provider. Great feed in tariff, statements are very informative. Their Wider ethics need support eg their support of local PV and green

Globird Energy

Latest review: GloBird provide me not only with competitive rates, but were very patient with me over the phone whilst we compared my then suppliers bills and GloBirds rates. Explained the process very


Latest review: Accidentally overpaid a bill. Process to get a refund was easy and painless. Much appreciated. To avoid having to bulk pay a bill or manually pay in installments, Kleenheat could implement a weekly

Energy Locals

Latest review: Following a disappointing experience with Click, I was careful when selecting my currently energy retailer. Using Wattever.com.au to find the best prices, Energy Locals made it to the short

Locality Planning Energy

Latest review: I have just wasted 45 minutes on the phone with Energy Australia and Origin trying to arrange some options for paying bills whilst on holiday and incommunicado. Contrast this with about 5 minutes

Mojo Power

Latest review: I took the word of the door to door sales guy, and decided to change. How hard can it be? My interaction with a retailer is simply 'pay the bill'. But with Mojo, shortly after signing up, the monthly

Powershop Australia

Latest review: The way the billings, estimates, app and notifications are set up is confusing and disjointed. By the end of 6 months I was charged over $1300 for a small apartment of two people. They've now charged

ACN Pacific Energy

Latest review: Click Energy, it take me 1 business days for installation and so great value for ordinary people without bargain and great email bills with no lock in contact and exit

Momentum Energy

Latest review: Been with Momentum energy for house electricity and gas for many years. Were good at the start. Had a 3 year contract finish(each one in turn) and when I talked to them about a new deal they said the

Red Energy

Latest review: You need to read all of your bills with a fine tooth comb, since sign up they have been wrong, then you get some idiot on the phone who plays dumb & only pretends to help. A manager will not take

Alinta Energy

Latest review: I receive alot of telemarket calls, I asked how they get my number. one of them stated " because you connected to alinta gas" they even know my name and address aswell. Stay away from

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